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The Chariot

Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to the grave.

The Chariot0
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27 Feb 2010 05 Mar 2010
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This achievement is called 'The Chariot'.

Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to the grave.

You have to buy these pair from the shopping menu. Once bought go to a single race on the Outer Forest track and change the laps to 9. Now the trick is you have to take out the zombies with weapons and drift boost only. Just running into them at normal speed, which will spin you, doesn't count.

Rockets and KO gloves seemed the best weapons. Just line the zombies in your sights head-on and unleash your weapons but don't get too close as you may miss and hit the zombie with your car which will spin you instead. I generally slowed down beforehand to give me more time to take a shot.

All I did was try and kill as many zombies as possible in 9 laps then rinse and repeat the race. I got it on my 6th single race of 9 laps.

You don't have to win the race for the kills to count, just finish the race.

Update 1: Just want to add that there is no in-game tracking of the zombie hits ie under the achievements list within the License menu so just keep doing the race over and over again. Once you hit 100 the achievement will pop.

Update 2: As pointed out by Tallboy2005 (thanks) make sure you turn hazards on cause if you have them off the zombies won't appear. The option to turn hazards on/off is in the same menu where you can set the amount of laps.
Lamboliochendoes this have to be done in on race?
Posted by Lamboliochen on 28 Feb 10 at 14:08
Mumbo Jumbo UKNo, you can do it over multiple races on the same track as stated.
Posted by Mumbo Jumbo UK on 28 Feb 10 at 14:20
SpilnerDammit i read on a shit site (x360a) you can just hit em, bloody hell, thanks for the guide
Posted by Spilner on 28 Feb 10 at 14:52
Mumbo Jumbo UKNo worries, x360a can have some very mis-leading guides.
Posted by Mumbo Jumbo UK on 28 Feb 10 at 15:06
Necromancer2k8As a side note for anyone reading this I did it in 1 race of 9 laps (technically it could be 1 lap). On the outer forest track you will hit a long curve after the start/finish line with about 6 zombies in that area. Get the 1st powerup right under the bridge full of zombies and then use it (bombs, gloves & speed boosts are the only 3 I used for killing) until you get to the end of the zombie section where the next powerups are at. Grab one of those and then turn around and go backwards killing zombies along the way to the 1st powerup under the bridge. Rinse & repeat. I came in 8th place with a total time of over 20 minutes but it was 1 race and you can just keep getting powerups and not have to worry about anything else. The CPU racers just keep running the course until you finish so they ocassionally get in your way but it is not too big a deal.
Posted by Necromancer2k8 on 28 Feb 10 at 16:49
SpilnerExactly what i did, and if you get a bad piwer up you can always charge up your boost from a drift and relase in front of a zombie
Posted by Spilner on 28 Feb 10 at 17:12
Mumbo Jumbo UK@necromancer2k8, fair play if you found a shorter way to do this. Maybe you should post it as a separate guide to mine.
Posted by Mumbo Jumbo UK on 28 Feb 10 at 18:48
Necromancer2k8Mumbo Jumbo - It is not technically a shorter way, just a different variation on your solution. Your method works perfect, I just decided to try it on a single race and it happened to work :)
Posted by Necromancer2k8 on 02 Mar 10 at 13:14
Geo2911 xBBxYou'll get more sega miles following Mumbo Jumbo's original suggestion but it's all about personal preference.
Posted by Geo2911 xBBx on 04 Mar 10 at 00:10
Tallboy2005Also, you may want to add that if you do a single race to make sure hazards are turned on. I had them turned off and thought my game had glitched on me. But turned them on and it worked like a charm.
Posted by Tallboy2005 on 05 Mar 10 at 02:31
Mumbo Jumbo UK@tallboy2005 - added your comment details to the solution, thanks!
Posted by Mumbo Jumbo UK on 05 Mar 10 at 13:12
wwarbyJust to clarify (since this is something I was worried about whilst attempting this achievement), you DON'T have to finish the race, let alone win. The achievement unlocks as you kill your 100th zombie, so there's no need to finish the race and see if you've got 100 zombies yet.
Posted by wwarby on 03 May 10 at 07:06
Mumbo Jumbo UKThats has already been stated in my solution guide.
Posted by Mumbo Jumbo UK on 03 May 10 at 13:51
FLM DFLAhow often do the zombies respawn?
Posted by FLM DFLA on 09 Jul 10 at 20:36
Santar0sI did this in one lap.After you drive through the first set of power ups, under a bridge, there are 4 - 5 zombies to take down. Then when the track splits to go around the fountain at the second set of power ups you can get a weapon then drive back wards and pop the same couple zombies( they will respawn in the time it takes you to turn around. Continue going backwards until you reach the original set of power ups, under the bridge, grab another weapon and head down the track the right way popping those same zombies again. Took me about 20 minutes, its a lot less time in the loading screens.
Posted by Santar0s on 31 Aug 10 at 12:16
ShuttlekakI actually tried the method that necromancer mentioned but ran into an issue....repeated star power ups. U can use zobios star power to knock them over as well but make sure u start the power up behind the starting line so u can come out of it around the fountain and won't have to finish a lap. I was able to pop this achievement as well as the 20 power ups in one lap
Posted by Shuttlekak on 27 Dec 11 at 02:48