Ryse: Son of Rome Review by BOZA BEAST

04 Jan 2014
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I have to step in here after seeing the 3 1/2 star review! This game warrants a 5 star for me.

If your looking for a new title for your new console then Ryse you shall choose! This game is deservedly the winner of best action game of he year. The story is gripping with the story of a Roman Centurion Marius which you play as, meeting a variety of characters throughout that you seek revenge on as the story evolves. The gameplay is ace! The graphics are perfect and on some of the terrains it takes you through during the levels leaves you thinking your watching a Planet Earth documentary on the discovery channel except with the screaming of barbarians as a substitute to David Attenborough. The action packed levels gives you the element of ancient time Rome and the battles of the good old sword and shield along with blood thirsty combos that gives you the ability of hacking limbs off your filthy enemies.
The cut scenes are not wanted to be skipped hence not having the option of skipping. For me they are the best and most realistic cut scenes I've seen on any game so far. Spectacular!
This game also has a Multiplayer aspect which allows you to play with friends and take on the hordes of whatever enemies Rome wants to throw at you.
The game as a whole is a HUGE step up from the 360 and adds a new element to gaming in general. The game lures you in and has you foaming at the mouth for more when it comes to an ever certain end. 5 stars!
SPACE ODDITYI could not agree more, thumbs up.wink

Not having a dig at your review, but because of the shortness do expect a few neg votes on that reasoncry
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 04 Jan 14 at 15:21
Vr EnglishYou can skip cutscenes after you've seen them the first time. :)
Posted by Vr English on 06 Jan 14 at 10:23
Mr v KittyAfter reading so many reviews bashing Ryse, I was a little hesitant to buy, but I absolutely LOVED this game!
The story was a pleasant surprise for me as Crytek is not particularly known for their coherent storytelling.
Posted by Mr v Kitty on 12 Jan 14 at 21:23