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Every day I'm Pegglin'

Hit 10000 blue pegs

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07 Jan 2014
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First things first... This solution isn't entirely necessary.

However. If like myself you complete the Peggle Master
Peggle 2Peggle MasterThe Peggle Master achievement in Peggle 2 worth 164 pointsComplete every Celestial Realm level

cheevo and feel like saving the trials Cheevos for a rainy day but still want to get this one just now this solution is for YOU!!

Ok so load up the Mountain Highs trials and go to level six '10% of a billion'. Take Jeffrey as your master. In this level you get unlimited wrecking balls and should net about 50 blue pegs per restart.

To add a bit of speed be sure you do not hit the very last orange peg and restart the level. This way it won't take forever to end and reload. Also the orange pegs(45-49 depending on your aim) in this level will contribute towards the 'Orange Crusher' achievement which Calex dEUS has posted an excellent solution for here--->
Peggle 2Orange CrusherThe Orange Crusher achievement in Peggle 2 worth 18 pointsHit 5000 orange pegs

After completing Peggle Master I had 8752 blue pegs and 4015 orange pegs hit. After about 35-45 minutes of this I hit the 10k blue with 4616 orange pegs hit.

Also, finally, if you are lucky enough to have a pro account with TA you can use the trackers on the main Peggle 2 page to see how many pegs you still have to go by doing a quick 'request update' every now and then.

Hope this helps,