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Finish an online game in Chaos Mode ranked in first position

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09 Jan 2014
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This solution will help you gain most of your online achievements for this game. All you are required to do is make your own map and find yourself 2 partners as you will need at least 3 people for the multi kill achievement apart from that the rest of the kill achievements can be done with just 2 people, although a group is better and faster but not necessary.

The other multiplayer achievements can be boosted by yourself also with the map you are about to create.


If you are familiar with using the map editor then feel free to skip this part, this is just for those of you that are not.
So first thing first go into map editor from the main menu, select create map and name it whatever you choose or just leave it as “player map”. After that you should now see a small round island surrounded by water.

The first thing you need to do is make your island bigger, so hit right on the D-Pad to make your cursor larger and then move your cursor round just tapping the Y button until sand/grass appears where the water used to be. You don’t want to hold Y as this will make mountains. Also bear in mind that you only want a small map so it’s faster to gain the achievements.

Once you have the desired size of your map you need to add objects to do this hold RT and use your D-Pad to navigate through the different tools. You will need the “Add Object Tool”.


Ok so the required items for your map are:

*A row of about 10-15 trees fairly close together.

*Add an ATV (I placed about 5 just in case 1 gets destroyed.)

*Add 20 sniper rifles as close as possible together and then do the same for hand grenades but separate them from the snipers.

*Add 10 Evolutions. Space these out but not too far apart.

*Finally add 8 player respawns.

The above items will help you with all your killing achievements, the following items will help you with the winning match’s achievements which can be boosted by yourself.


*8 player spawns


* Place a blue sample and a red sample close as possible together this is because this mode is basically capture the flag.

*Then place 8 blue spawns by the red sample and 8 red spawns by the blue sample.


*Place a sonic alarm generator close to the 8 player respawn points

*2 generator lights

*4 predator respawn points close to the 8 player respawn points


*Place 3 Retrieval Stations close as possible to the 8 player respawns

Once this is created press start and choose save map. Exit map and then you need to select publish map.

Now go to multiplayer and choose player match. Select create match and your newly created map will be the last one on the map list. Select it and set your matches up to your desired settings and earn those achievements!
Hope this solution helps smile