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When the pattern 1-2-1 is revealed, uncover the center safe tile within 3 seconds... 20 times.

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11 Jan 2014 09 Jun 2014
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EDIT 2: The recent Patch appears to have fixed the glitch so this achievement should be available for all now smile

WARNING: This achievement is currently glitched for those who have this achievement already on the WP version. I will update this guide should a patch come available, but for now it seems to be unobtainable cry

Original Solution

Very simple achievement to get if you know what you're doing.

From the main menu choose Classic mode on Easy or Intermediate. You are looking to click on a blank space on your first go so that it opens up a large section of the board. If you don't get it on the first click, I would restart.

External image

When you have opened up a large area, look for the numbers 1-2-1 in a row. This is a special combination in minesweeper and the mines will always be in the same place. All you need to do is click the square in the middle, the one next to the number 2, within 3 seconds. You don't need to flag the ones with mines only reveal the empty square.

Once you have done this, deliberately hit a bomb to fail the game. This version of minesweeper will let you restart the board you just failed, so click Play same board again. Now all you have to do is open up the same area again, click in the middle square again, and then deliberately fail. Repeat this process 19 more times and voila, you have your achievement!

All in all this process took me about 3 minutes.

Hope that helps. I have tried to be as clear as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions!
bean is not properfect solution! thanks! +1
Posted by bean is not pro on 11 Jan 14 at 23:06
Fancy Bacon"All you need to do is click the square in the middle of the 3"

This was a little confusing, I was looking for a 3. I think it's clear enough to say "click the square in the middle, the one next to the number 2.

Great solution - thanks for writing it.
Posted by Fancy Bacon on 12 Jan 14 at 15:42
JonnyBlazin5Thanks for the feedback, updated solution.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 12 Jan 14 at 16:16
MILINKYOI don't know why but this isn't unlocking for me, I've done everything correct because I have the achievement on the wp8 version
Posted by MILINKYO on 12 Jan 14 at 17:20
JonnyBlazin5K4rn4ge mentioned something about this on the solution for the 1-2-2-1 achievement, but I see that he has the achievement unlocked now. Maybe there is some way to get around this glitch? Any info let me know and I can update the solution.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 12 Jan 14 at 17:24
Homunculus FuryI have this on WP and I can't get it on the WIN 8.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 12 Jan 14 at 18:14
SashamorningThis is DEFINITELY glitched. If you have it on the WP, you cannot currently earn it on Win 8. This is a serious problem.
Posted by Sashamorning on 12 Jan 14 at 23:28
K4rn4geIt's because I didn't do the 1221 achievement on WP first. This one unfortunately I did do on WP so I can't unlock it on Win 8 now
Posted by K4rn4ge on 13 Jan 14 at 01:25
JonnyBlazin5Well that's bad news :/ I've updated my solution to include that too, I hope they can find a way to patch it soon.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 13 Jan 14 at 02:14
ZerophymI've done neither on WP and have yet to get them to pop on WIN8. This is unfortunate.
Posted by Zerophym on 13 Jan 14 at 18:01
ReaboHi great guide. I made a video using your method and gave you credit.

This may help others that prefer to see it visually happening

Feel free to use it in your guide
Posted by Reabo on 14 Jan 14 at 00:16
GWebb77zerophym go to the w8 store and see if there is a manual update for this game, its what I had to do before I could unlock anything, but unfortunately I did this one on WP first as well
Posted by GWebb77 on 15 Jan 14 at 17:21
QuickMythrilhas anyone tried going into the game settings and choosing Reset Statistics? i would do that myself but i am still working on 100 doors and enemies in adventure mode...
Posted by QuickMythril on 18 Jan 14 at 05:40
JakeythedudeQuickMythril I tried that. No luck.
Posted by Jakeythedude on 18 Jan 14 at 08:40
LeiChatAdding my tag to those who earned the achievement on WP first. :(
Posted by LeiChat on 18 Jan 14 at 20:02
VegaDark541Has anyone who already had it on the WP8 tried deleting both the WP8 and Win 8 versions, redownloading the Win 8 version, and seeing if it will pop?
Posted by VegaDark541 on 19 Jan 14 at 03:01
Homunculus FuryI will as soon as I finish the wp version, just have the bombs and score left to do.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 19 Jan 14 at 03:27
Draco YorikI have not been able to find a way to reset stats on the WP version. And unfortunately the Win 8 version requires internet connection to earn achievements meaning a patch is needed for those that played the WP version not realizing they were adding DLC to the Win 8 version.
Posted by Draco Yorik on 19 Jan 14 at 09:14
Yok GoodlighterIt didn't work for me. I never played at the WP version.
I have done all you explained (I have the 1-2-2-1 achivement) but it never poped-up.
Is there another glitch?
Posted by Yok Goodlighter on 19 Jan 14 at 10:52
Homunculus FuryI was just going to uninstall the WP version when I finished and then reset my stats on the WIN 8 version to see if that would work.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 19 Jan 14 at 13:55
HolyHalfDeadInstead of deliberately hitting a bomb you can click "Menu" -> "Play same board" instead.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 20 Jan 14 at 22:57
icytower381-2-2-1 unlocked, but this one won't unlock no matter what I do...
Posted by icytower38 on 24 Jan 14 at 04:01
Bjarke Briegreat tip. Worked like a charm. Thanks! *upvoted*
Posted by Bjarke Brie on 25 Jan 14 at 21:57
Erickson187I have been unable to get this. I have the WP version but on my phone it says I am at 2/20 and I have one this on the Windows version a lot more than 20 and it doesn't pop.
Posted by Erickson187 on 25 Jan 14 at 23:05
Homunculus Furythe requirements for the WP version and the WIN 8 version are NOT the same. one you can't cord and one you have to cord.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 26 Jan 14 at 00:37
QuickMythrilphone version specifically says "without chording". where does it say you HAVE to chord on win8?
Posted by QuickMythril on 26 Jan 14 at 01:19
QuickMythrili tried it with chording and i still couldn't get it. maybe i am doing something out of order? i get a row with 121, put a flag next to one of the 1s then i chorded it and flagged by the other 1. i also tried flagging them both first. still never popped after well over ten times.
Posted by QuickMythril on 26 Jan 14 at 01:30
Draco YorikIt is stated in the solution and in the comments above for those that can read. But I will mention it once again here. If you have the achievement in the WP version then you cannot get it in the Win 8 version until a patch gets released. The same goes for the 1-2-2-1 achievement.
Posted by Draco Yorik on 26 Jan 14 at 01:32
Homunculus Fury@quickmythril it says for the windows 8 version that once revealed you reveal the pattern with the chord.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 26 Jan 14 at 01:43
Erickson187I do not yet have the achievement in the WP version and must be doing something wrong since I have yet to pop it on the Windows version.
Posted by Erickson187 on 26 Jan 14 at 02:47
Homunculus Furyyou chord then look for 1-2-1 click the space next to the 2 then blow the bomb replay the same board repeat 10 times. if it doesn't unlock then it's glitched because you already played the WP version and it has nothing to do with you not unlocking it yet.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 26 Jan 14 at 03:06
Yok Goodlighter@xMidget Furyx I have not the WP version and never played it. I have done everything according the video and I still don't have the achivement.
Posted by Yok Goodlighter on 26 Jan 14 at 11:59
SinimeAdd me to the list of glitched WP users.
Posted by Sinime on 27 Jan 14 at 03:33
shelbygt5252Has anyone contacted Microsoft regarding the glitched achievements for WP users?
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 28 Jan 14 at 07:11
xMagicMunKixThis is also glitched for me...
Posted by xMagicMunKix on 28 Jan 14 at 08:33
Taz B IRLyay thank god i didnt understand what 2 do on WP, top solution man
Posted by Taz B IRL on 31 Jan 14 at 14:11
JeffMommFor what it is worth, I am another WP8 user that has this glitch...
Posted by JeffMomm on 03 Feb 14 at 16:22
JeffMommI did some searching on the forums and found this thread: A support moderator filed a bug report on 1/21/14, so maybe there's hope? :-)

Not sure if adding our names to that thread will help escalate, but I added mine. It is worth a shot.
Posted by JeffMomm on 03 Feb 14 at 17:03
Bully of SmegPatch released today for the Win8 version of the game allowing you to reset stats so maybe that'll allow this to work?!? Not sure but worth a shot if you're in this situation.
Posted by Bully of Smeg on 07 Feb 14 at 12:20
QuickMythrilthere was an update for me today and when i signed in they both immediately popped
Posted by QuickMythril on 11 Feb 14 at 15:18
Mike United 007^^^ wheres this update - I cant see it. I opened up the game, but nothing. do I need to go somewhere for updates?
Posted by Mike United 007 on 11 Feb 14 at 16:53
QuickMythrilgo to the Store app, go to the right hand corner of the screen and when the sidebar appears click the Settings gear. choose App Updates, and press Check For Updates.
Posted by QuickMythril on 11 Feb 14 at 17:28
VegaDark541Thanks, they both immediately popped for me as well after doing that.
Posted by VegaDark541 on 11 Feb 14 at 19:00
JonnyBlazin5Good news! Will wait for a few more to confirm and I will update the solution.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 11 Feb 14 at 22:48
Homunculus Fury@QucickMythril Thanks for the info. I did the update. I had to complete another 1-2-1 and got both achievements as soon as I did one.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 11 Feb 14 at 23:46
LeiChatBoth popped on opening after the update!! Woot!
Posted by LeiChat on 12 Feb 14 at 00:45
Mike United 007i got one update and that was for Skype :-( dammit
Posted by Mike United 007 on 12 Feb 14 at 13:44
AradeenSame here. it popped on opening. =) Good to see they fixed this glitch.
Posted by Aradeen on 12 Feb 14 at 20:16
studlybambiIt just popped for me as well when I opened the app. Looks like the update fixed it.
Posted by studlybambi on 18 Feb 14 at 06:47
JonnyBlazin5Thanks for the comments. Updated the solution and glad everyone should be able to get it now.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 23 Feb 14 at 15:35
mrbellekI still don't have it, and I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the app because Adventure Mode keeps crashing (and reinstalling fixes it). I don't own a WP and haven't played that version.

Weird. Will post again if it unlocks later.
Posted by mrbellek on 24 Feb 14 at 10:18
xXOdessaXxI'm also in the same boat. Only played on Laptop and cannot seem to get it unlocked. Can someone explain if there's something specific to click within the three seconds?
Posted by xXOdessaXx on 26 Feb 14 at 01:50
Mike United 007got it finally.
Posted by Mike United 007 on 26 Feb 14 at 15:27
MagicalChild"Repeat this process 9 more times and voila, you have your achievement!"

You have to repeat it 19 times.
Posted by MagicalChild on 01 May 14 at 09:08
KrassexDoesn't work.
Posted by Krassex on 09 Jun 14 at 20:14
JonnyBlazin5Updated solution, thanks.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 09 Jun 14 at 23:29
SPACE ODDITYDon't know if any one has said, this wont unlock on a custom board, I tried 3 times and nothing. Then I tried on a easy classic board, and it unlocked first try.
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 27 Jun 14 at 12:11
fehaareI have this on my WP and just got it on Win8 after completing a game without touching a 1-2-1 at all.
Posted by fehaare on 20 Aug 14 at 13:15
mrbellekThere has been an update to the Win8 app this week adding a few features, and it also fixed this bug! It unlocked for me just now. :D
Posted by mrbellek on 18 Sep 14 at 07:28
DelithWorked perfectly on Win 10. thanks!
Posted by Delith on 23 Oct 15 at 16:19
KaibaChaosPicture is gone :(
Posted by KaibaChaos on 13 Apr 16 at 20:45
Runner7922Worked perfectly in Win 10. As a matter of fact, I was using the medium board and by luck there were 2 places that had the 1-2-1 combo. I clicked both spots each time (under 3 seconds) and the achievement popped after about 12 tries. I must have missed one or two .
Posted by Runner7922 on 11 May 16 at 03:02
Marcus PigeonSo I did this on my windows phone, and I have the 1-2-2-1 achievement, but the 1-2-1 is locked at 20/20. Any solutions?
Posted by Marcus Pigeon on 01 Dec 16 at 02:55