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How dare you kiss me!

Use your whip to kiss Marion, Willie and Elsa.

How dare you kiss me!0
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28 Feb 2010 24 Oct 2010
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I take zero credit for the guide full credit goes to Khaos of

You can use your whip by pressing B when playing as Indiana Jones. Face the woman, and use your whip to pull them to you and kiss them. This can be done in any mode, and is easiest done with 2 controllers, that way you can control the girls so that they don't wander.

Marion first appears in the level "Into the Mountains."
Willie first appears in the level "Shanghai Showdown."
Elsa first appears in the level "The Hunt for Sir Richard."
Monkey540Running 2 controllers makes this so much easier, with only one controller active, I could only whip Marion, just could not get the other two.
Posted by Monkey540 on 29 Mar 10 at 18:37
MADVIRUSI tried it using both controllers and the three ladies were kissed by indy but still I did not get.... Shell do it in their location where the first time appears? or it can be done anywhere...
Posted by MADVIRUS on 18 Apr 10 at 04:03
Calex dEUSThis drove me mad , just could not whip them either on my own or with a second controller.

When I replayed the levels in the solution , in STORY MODE got it no problem, i was trying it on freeplay.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 20 Jul 10 at 14:47
fiddlers elbowthe shanghai showdown level you don't start off with the whip in Story mode use the next level after showdown
Posted by fiddlers elbow on 31 Jul 10 at 22:12
RoxasBeatzThanks Dude :)
Posted by RoxasBeatz on 13 May 11 at 19:27
The S bot 9000This should be the best solution since it was the only one that mentioned you had to be facing them! Waited around for 15 minutes trying to get them to idle and then got it in literally 2 minutes after finding out you had to be in front lol
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 03 Jan 20 at 20:01