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Master Sponge

Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for SpongeBob.

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13 Jan 2014
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Hi folks, here is my break down of how to get this achievement in the fastest way possible.

Some things to know: 
This game does not share wealth between each character. Therefore, you will need to follow this method for each character in order to unlock each Master achievement.

Total scrap needed to upgrade all weapons: 39,150. A rather random and overly large number.  

Do not die as your scrap collected will not be saved. Use the upgrade machines to deposit scrap.

Stick to using the Pickle Blaster as its the easiest to upgrade and deals plenty of damage.

It will take you, depending on your experiences, between one hour and ninety minutes to unlock this achievement via grinding. 

I did this solo as your scrap is not split between characters. The more controllers you have plugged in, the more enemies killed via players the more scrap is split between players.


Nearly 40k scrap will take awhile for each character. If you figure at least one hour per character you are looking at around 5 hours to complete all the Masters achievements. The reason the number is so large is because the game designers are trying to get players to basically replay the whole game. No joke! 

In order to upgrade each weapon you will have to do the following. You have two options. 

Option 1 is to replay the whole game as each character. Very slow!

Option 2, the faster way, is to player Dutchman's Hollow and The Bone Yard in Dutchman's Triangle over and over until you have enough scrap. The reason you want to pick these levels rather then other levels is because the enemies are low level; the levels are shorter; and your weapons do more damage to enemies. Each level takes about 6 minutes to beat if you hurry. You can average about 3400  per level. Sometimes more.

Upgrade Chart.

Pickle Blaster -- available from start

Exploding Pie Launcher -- 750 to unlock

Condiment Cannon -- 750 to unlock

Reef Blower -- 750 to unlock

Bubble Gum Blaster -- 750 to unlock

Neptuning Fork -- 750 to unlock

Portable Tartar Sauce Gun -- 750 to unlock
1500/ 2250/3000