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Distinguished Combat Medal

Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting.

Distinguished Combat Medal+0.2
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Adz j74Adz j74158,041
01 Mar 2010
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I did this one by starting as soon as i finished on normal,i started a new game and used my existing shepherd from the previous game,the best place to change the difficulty setting is just near the begining after you have talked to joker for the first time,you are told to go and talk to the captain in his office,this is the first oppurtunity you get to control your character,press start,go into options,the difficulty setting is at the top of the list,change up and DONT FORGET TO GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST AND 'SAVE CHANGES'otherwise it will just go back to the previous difficulty setting,i did the same thing for my play through on Insanity,the main benefit of course is that your not starting right from the begining with no skills or having to level up from 1,this makes the game much easier,hope it helps.