The Beatles: Rock Band Review by Yazite

18 Jan 2014 18 Jan 2014
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The Guitar Hero and Rock Band games have always been a big part of my gaming career, so I felt I had to pick this up sooner or later. I personally think that some of the band collaborations with Guitar Hero or Rock Band games don't particularly work. This is not the case with The Beatles Rock Band. Being a big Beatles fan myself the song list is obviously pretty epic. From Hello Goodbye to I want to hold your hand, I always found myself singing along to the songs . Although I had heard about this game before, I was always fairly reluctant to pick it up because I thought it would be a let down. If I'd had known it was this good I would have picked it up a lot sooner for sure. The general vibe to this game is great. The menus have adopted a very flowery and sunny theme which is perfect for a Beatles themed game. This theme adds a very fun and interesting feel to the game. It's much better compared to some of the fairly mundane and simple menus of other music games.

Another great thing about this game is that in the loading menus or before a song, you can listen to real life conversations and phrases said by the Beatles and also the commentators who introduced The Beatles at their real life gigs. The career mode is also good. I found that some games like Guitar Hero World Tour had a career mode which wasn't particularly fun to play through. I felt it was too long and a little boring. I suppose that's down to the long lasting gigs and song choices. With The Beatles Rock Band I am currently excited to keep playing it. As you progress through the career you start to earn photos that were actually taken from moments of The Beatles' lives, which are pretty cool to look at.

If you are a fan of The Beatles or a regular Guitar Hero/Rock band player then this game is a must buy. Seeing as its a fairly old game now you can pick it up really cheap which is a bonus. I'm still kicking myself for not picking this game up years ago. You will still have fun with this game if you are not a Beatles fan however.

A fantastic game based on one of the biggest names in the history of music. A must buy!