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Wonder Boy

Win a race by crossing the finish line in reverse.

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02 Mar 2010
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You can do this with a second controller.

- Start a split screen / multiplayer race with 2 players
- On the track selection screen press y (settings)
- Set difficulty to: off (so no cpu players are present)
- Set rounds to: 1
- Drive a round and cross the finish in reverse and get the achievement!!!

(player 2 does not have to move 1 inch and gets a "Project Rub" achievement for free)
aikapoejkasweet boost that shit !
Posted by aikapoejka on 03 Mar 10 at 08:10
DunzoFunzoHow do you reverse? That's the bit I'm stuck on.
Posted by DunzoFunzo on 03 Mar 10 at 12:30
xxxDarkRuleRxxxI used a small car/driver like AiAi (Super Monkey Ball).
When you reach the finish, stop your car and keep to one side.
Hold the LS all the way to one side (depents on the side you stopped) an press LT to reverse.
Try not to touch the walls (they straighten you out and prevent reversing)

When you set difficulty to: off (so no cpu players are present) you have plenty of time to practice this any where on the track.

Good Luck!!!
Posted by xxxDarkRuleRxxx on 03 Mar 10 at 12:59
assassinDMGWorked perfectly - thanks
Posted by assassinDMG on 05 May 10 at 00:32
wayland247You also get the 'Super Hang-On' achievement!! :-)
Posted by wayland247 on 11 Apr 13 at 18:18