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Throw Mastery

Use biotic Throw 75 times

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As previously stated, Throw must be used (cumulatively) on targets 75 times, the earliest repeatable target I found for this was the Prothean Beacon on Eden Prime. At the end of the level, kill all the enemies, and DON'T press A when targeting the beacon. Just hit it with Thrown (and whatever other Biotic abilities you have you need to grind for an achievement) until you ding.
Epic x B1adeive been doing this for nearly 2 hours now and i still aint got it :(
Posted by Epic x B1ade on 07 Mar 11 at 16:55
NynjahhI negative rated because:

Might of been useful to note that you have to be a specific class to get the achievement
Posted by Nynjahh on 28 May 12 at 20:29