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Battle-worn Sadira

Win 20 ranked matches with Sadira

Battle-worn Sadira+5.3
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26 Jan 2014 25 Jan 2014 17 Mar 2014
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All credit goes to The Dark Liege and oooo yeah.

Im currently boosting this now with Payload and we've found each other every time without fail. So i thought i would help and share this with the rest of you lovely TA people dance


Once you have done the steps once, you can just search for each other again, by pressing Next Challenger at the same time. No need for the party steps over and over.

Update 2 (16/3/2014)

after getting to the next challenger screen, click the invite player to game option. You can be in parties and start a ranked match now just can't be in same game.

Boosting method:

1. Play a ranked match.
2. When you get to the "Next Challenger" screen WAIT THERE.
3. Get into party chat with your friend.
4. One person "Turns Off" party chat.
5. Both hit "Next Challenger" at the same approximate time.
6. Turn party chat back on and just wait to be matched.
7. When match finishes continue steps 2/4/5/6 over and over as long as you please.

A few notes from oooo Yeah -

When It says "Turn Off" party chat It doesn't mean leave the party. I'm actually referring to the new XB1 party system where you can turn it off but remain in the party. (Your gamertag goes from green to white in the party screen).

One person should have party chat snapped throughout the entire process. A quick way to switch between the snapped party and the main screen is to double tap the guide button.

How I did steps 4/5/6 was start a countdown (so my friend and I could coordinate our searches) 5...4...3...2 and on 2 I would turn off party chat - double tap guide - hit next challenger -double tap guide - turn party chat back on

The above can also be used of course to get to lv 5 so as to unlock the extra skins. (Skins stay unlocked even after dropping below lv 5 in case you were wondering).

You don't actually have to search at the EXACT same time for it to work. We sometimes stuffed up by not being ready or whatever and our searches were 5 or more seconds apart and it still worked.

I think it's an exploit of the party system where it will try to match you with your party first and foremost before anyone else. The fact you can click on "Next Challenger" while still technically in a party is the reason this works. You can't be in a party at all when clicking on "Ranked Match"

Like i said all credit goes to The Dark Liehe and oooo Yeah for finding this out.