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Master of Barrage

Kill 100 enemies with the Barrage special move

Master of Barrage0
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11 Dec 2008
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This must be done through out the single player campaign.

While playing the game you will notice that In the lower left hand corner of the screen is a meter in the shape of the D-Pad. Every kill and paper crane you get adds to this meter.

The Barrage special move is on the right side of this meter. When the bar passes the right side (going clockwise) hit right on your D-pad you will activate the barrage special move.

While in this limited time effect get as many kills as possible. Every kill you get counts towards this achievement. Basically just keep using the barrage special move when you can and get as many kills as you can. As soon as you get your 100th kill using the Barrage special move you will unlock this achievement.
II RedDwarf IIIf you want to get this without doing another play through go to chapter select and start mega restaurant on casual. Start from the first checkpoint and work your way through the level using barrage as often as possible. It will come very quickly as it doesn't take much to build your meter back up.
Use the same method for the spin attack.
Posted by II RedDwarf II on 22 Mar 12 at 07:25