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Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3

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31 Jan 2014
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This achievement is obtained on Operation A Mission 3.

The whole mission is to protect 2 Wolverines from being destroyed. You will want to stick with the tanks and don't let Grunts hop on the turrets as they will take out the tanks pretty quickly. Also do not walk in front of the Wolverines they will run you over and kill you.

This was recorded on The Xbox One but the achievement is completed in the exact same way.
Havoc NLI did this a load of times. Worked on Windows 8, worked on Xbox One, won't unlock the achievement on 360.
Posted by Havoc NL on 23 May 14 at 12:10
kenjisugita7Achieved This achievement. Done
on Xbox one X. No Not SERI X.
Posted by kenjisugita7 on 13 Aug 20 at 09:43