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Finish the mission without any Jackal regenerating its shield in Operation B, Mission 3

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31 Jan 2014
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This achievement is obtained in Operation B Misssion 3.

The trick is here to kill the Jackals (enemies with pink shields) before their shield regenerate. When you attack them it will take down their shield so you can kill them. The best way to do this is to avoid them as much as possible. First go south and let you fellow Spartans die to the turret. They tend to take down enemy shields and not finish them off. Then from there focus on killing the elites and healing with the armor ability when needed.

You can use the Cloak ability which can be picked up right at the start of the mission or purchase the Overshield before the mission if you prefer a different option.

This was recorded on the Xbox One version of the game but the achievement is completed in the same way.
xPut Name HerexI also recommend, assuming you have the credits to spend, buying a Rocket Launcher. Pretty much guarantees you can kill the jackals before they run away (kills most of them in one shot even if you hit them directly in the shield) assuming you take your time and don't just charge through.
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 31 Oct 14 at 08:38
TrombonafideMy recommendation is to use and abuse the Stun Blast armor ability. It allows to to stun lock the Marines so they die, as well as stun lock enemies so you can melee kill them.
Posted by Trombonafide on 01 Jan 15 at 03:14
STRUCKED PORTALCan anyone help me I’ve unlocked the achievement on the Xbox one version but the same method I did on there I did on the 360 version and the achievement never unlocked I’ve tried doing it again several times and it never popped
Posted by STRUCKED PORTAL on 15 Apr 20 at 19:31