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Spinal's Searing Skull

Curse an opponent with Spinal's Searing Skull while in Instinct Mode

Spinal's Searing Skull0
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This can be done in Practice Mode.

The achievement description is misleading after the Season 3 update. Rather than cursing an opponent with Searing Skull, you specifically need to land an Instinct Curse, which is the shadow variant.

Spinal uses skulls as part of his special moves; activating Instinct Mode will give you the maximum amount of skulls and constantly regenerate them. Pause, hit cn_RB or cn_LB twice to get to Practice Options, set Instinct Meter to Infinite or Refill.

Activate Instinct Mode and facing right, use cn_downcn_downrightcn_right+cn_Xcn_Y with default controls, or any two punches. Once it hits, achievement unlocked.
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Ashen Seraph This just doesn't seem to want to unlock for me. How do I know if it hit?
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 05 May 16 at 11:35
Rich swv1 Same problem here.
Posted by Rich swv1 on 05 May 16 at 22:11
Jon81D that's me too
Posted by Jon81D on 17 May 16 at 13:26
Geoffistopheles Without starting the game up, my assumption is that something's changed between seasons 2 and 3. I'll load up an alt later, play around with it, and see what's going on.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 17 May 16 at 21:08
ParadoxReal8 The others achievements like this one pop immediately without even wanted to do it, but this one, I did it on purpose, know that it connect but never pop... Why???
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 19 May 16 at 13:37
ParadoxReal8 Try to do the shadow skull. It worked for me dance
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 19 May 16 at 13:44
OnexWingxAngelx ^me too
Posted by OnexWingxAngelx on 20 May 16 at 22:42
Ashen Seraph Thanks Paradox, worked for me as well.

That needs to be added to this solution ASAP.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 May 16 at 12:26
Shadow Tobuscus Yeah the shadow searing skull is the way to get it now, I kept using the normal one and wouldn't pop until I tried the shadow version
Posted by Shadow Tobuscus on 01 Jun 16 at 06:38
Geoffistopheles Got back to this, it looks like the achievement is misleading now. Prior to Season 3, landing Searing Skull with a skull would result in an Instinct Curse; now the only way to do that is, indeed, the Shadow variant. Solution updated.
Posted by Geoffistopheles on 26 Jun 16 at 13:33
oO Twanger Oo yeah, found getting shadow meter up full then quarter cirle and LB button....bloop
Posted by oO Twanger Oo on 02 Jul 16 at 18:51