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Purchase all skills in all categories.

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02 Feb 2014
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No quick fix here. Everything you do in tomb raider lands you xp. Hunting, Killing, head shots, looting bodies, collectibles and challenges.

It is possible to get it all in one play if you do all of the above the best you can. Every full ex meter is worth 1 skill point which you can use to upgrade skills at any camp site.

If your just shy 1 skill point after you've finished the game re-visit areas and hunt animals
Battlefield V3TUnlocked all skills but achievement won't unlock, same with bag full o' cache, very frustrating!
Posted by Battlefield V3T on 09 Dec 14 at 15:01
xAHAx SkywalkerAll my skill categories in game say 100%, but achievement is locked. Not even in the "done!....unlocking" stage, just straight up locked. Hope it pops in a few days!
Posted by xAHAx Skywalker on 04 Jan 15 at 16:15
xAHAx SkywalkerAnd of course it just popped while playing Rayman. Just another confirmation that pretty much all achievements will pop eventually, just keep at it
Posted by xAHAx Skywalker on 04 Jan 15 at 17:23