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Finish the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Expert

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04 Mar 2010
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I'll add to the last comment... vocals can be a lot easier. A lot of people seem to be afraid to even try vocals. (I actually used to sing semi-professionally, so I'm ok with it, but I know a lot of my friends are afraid to even try.) Some pointers:

The game can't tell if you're singing the words or not, just the pitch of your voice. Even if you're not used to singing, you can practice moving your voice to follow the pitch without the lyrics.

Also, don't sing too loudly; that will push off your pitch. Instead, sing right into the microphone at a normal level. (Don't do it too quietly, either. The game can't pick it up.)

Like the last comment said, each person will have difficulties with different songs. The problem is when a song is over your "break." In those cases, you can switch octaves in the middle of the song, singing higher or lower depending on the song. Falsetto works too, and I found myself switching to falsetto during some songs because the whole song was right on my break. The game doesn't care, again it's all about pitch.

Good luck with it!
Sid KafizzExcellent advice here. I was very shy about vocals until I realized that the game doesn't care about how you sound, or if you know the words. After getting my Gold Artist acheivement on Drums, I now wish I had just gone straight to Vocals. Once you get the hang of the techniques that Sasha is talking about, Vox become easy, and often very enjoyable. Give it a shot - it is without a doubt the easiest path to Platinum.
Posted by Sid Kafizz on 14 Aug 10 at 16:07
NastyMastaDaddyThis is so much easier on vocals. The only song I had to play more then once was that guns'n'roses song. Thanks Sasha!
Posted by NastyMastaDaddy on 14 Jul 13 at 03:19