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Stunt Constructor

Earn a 5 star ranking in all Constructor Challenges

Stunt Constructor+1.3
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08 Feb 2014 15 Feb 2014
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As the achievement says, you must achieve 5 stars in all 12 challenges, 4 in easy, 4 in medium and 4 in hard, the difference is in easy you have to do 3 actions, in medium 4 actions, and hard 5 actions, and all in a time of 30 sec or less.
The actions you have to do are also a bit harder with the difficulty.

I have asbsolutely no idea what the previous videos from the other guide looks like, so maybe my guide and my videos are not good as this, but, it's still something.

I'm also not a stuntman ignition pro or something like that, the way i made my obstacles are probably just ok, but at least it worked.
It took me around 5 hours from i have no idea what i have to do, to the achievement.

General tips and the way i approached each challenge :

- Take a look from away ( LT trigger ) , and check what you have to do, and try to see what is the shortest " road " for doing all actions.
- Start to build the biggest part of the challenge, the actions ( the stunts, drift, etc ) imposed by the game.
Adjust your obstacles, check if you can make all the actions in 30 seconds, if there is no way you can make it, change the road.
- From this point, check where are the parts than you can loose your multiplier, add randoms objects on theses parts, so you can get " close " bonus and you will not loose your multiplier.
- A good way to increase your multiplier is to make a " tunnel " with the useless objects left.
At the start of the run ( it's easier ) , a front your vehicule, put object on the left and the right on a car, the chance by getting a low score with this method is reduced. ( the video from challenge 7 is a good exemple of what i'm talking about if you didn't understand what i mean )
- Something good to know is you can put object on another with the " RS " button.

Now the video for each mission i made.
Good to notice that is the not the only way or the best, so if you think your method is better, do it, my videos are just here to show you which obstacles i used for make these jump, get over some parts etc.., and my road, and make you gain time because you will not start from nothing.
The videos are not from the editor, just my runs.

Easy difficulty :

Challenge 1 :

Challenge 2 :

Challenge 3 :

Challenge 4 :

Medium difficulty :

Challenge 5 :

Challenge 6 :

Challenge 7 :

Challenge 8 :

Hard difficulty :

Challenge 9 :

Challenge 10 :

Challenge 11 :

Challenge 12 :

Good luck and it's not a very hard achievement as the ratio would suggest.
I would like to add that english is not my native language, and it's my first guide, so please be indulgent. toast
AffenpullerGreat solution, thanks man.clap
Posted by Affenpuller on 18 Feb 14 at 00:05
Tms45Thanks, glad it helped. smile
Posted by Tms45 on 18 Feb 14 at 23:54
redknightnz81And a big thanks from me as well clap
Posted by redknightnz81 on 09 May 14 at 11:05
Real Riggs 09In the 4th challenge, how do you get the car to start from on-top a prop?? Really stuck here, would appreciate a little info on that.
Posted by Real Riggs 09 on 16 Dec 14 at 17:09
Tms45In the editor if i remember you have to pick up your car like any object and just put your car in the area you want and press the RS, the car should go at the top of the plateform.
Posted by Tms45 on 16 Dec 14 at 17:29
Angels Kill Toothe vids are great just REALLY would wish that you also including where you placed the objects lol
Posted by Angels Kill Too on 22 Jun 17 at 14:01
LamboSVinMT 369I second that notion.
Posted by LamboSVinMT 369 on 25 Jun 17 at 03:35
HealttiVery helpful vids! Thanks!
For the challenges that require you to climb/jump up, I planned a route starting from the top and then descending. Worked for me. :)
Posted by Healtti on 14 Oct 18 at 08:07
KameraIf anyone is having trouble with Challenge 12 after the :21 mark, just move that platform closer to the 5th action and not use the Nitro.
Posted by Kamera on 16 Oct 18 at 15:52
Donietschestill in the process of getting these challenges done, your guide has been great so far. Thank you!
Posted by Donietsche on 15 Jan 19 at 13:11