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Complete a match in all multiplayer modes.

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c b Usseryc b Ussery98,340
09 Feb 2014
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This can be done in private match so you don't have to worry about finding other players to play with. Just set the time limit to the lowest which I believe is 5 min for all of them and either wait it out and collect salvage or if its rescue or an objective based mode the settings let you drop the captures to 1 to speed up the round. Don't leave the controller though because the game kicks you out of the match for inactivity.
Page DaemonYep, I just did this completely solo. +1 from me!
Posted by Page Daemon on 21 Sep 14 at 05:13
bryan dot exeWill multiplayer achievements like this one pop automatically for you if you've obtained them in the 360 game?
Posted by bryan dot exe on 29 Jun 15 at 14:33
draibano, they will not.
Posted by draiba on 27 Aug 15 at 19:32
SockGORE828Thanks! I was having a hard time completing matches with the crappy servers and lack of players.
Posted by SockGORE828 on 05 Oct 15 at 04:54
JASON3535Thanks for pointers ;) appreciated
Posted by JASON3535 on 06 Nov 15 at 03:55
KNIGHT RIDER187This method does not work I tried it 3 times do u have to play one match in each mode or play all 3 rounds in each mode be more specific?
Posted by KNIGHT RIDER187 on 08 Nov 15 at 03:11
SoH AnarchyYou have to complete it, can't just do one round.
Posted by SoH Anarchy on 26 Dec 15 at 18:56
Mo ShizzyThis achievement glitched for me :(
Posted by Mo Shizzy on 05 Oct 16 at 17:41
ROSE BRIARCan confirm this method continues to work. Sept 2020. Reminder to finish the games, not just the rounds.
Posted by ROSE BRIAR on 23 Sep 20 at 01:58
GalgaldrNeed players for multiplayer achievements. Msg on xbox if interested.
Posted by Galgaldr on 04 Jan at 01:15
J The AltruistNeed this

Gt; J The Altruist
Posted by J The Altruist on 13 Feb at 01:38