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Survive 10 explosions in multiplayer.

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11 Feb 2014 25 Mar 2019
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To get this achievement, you need to nearly die but fully recover from ten explosions in a multiplayer match. These explosions can come from multiple sources (frag grenades, fake ammo boxes, etc.), and the counter is cumulative (i.e. you don't have do it all in the same match). Luckily, this achievement can be done solo in about 5-8 minutes. To do this, use the setup below (either watch the video or use the text instructions):

I have uploaded a video that will clarify the text instructions below, including a great location on the Chasm map where you can easily position yourself for the achievement as well as enjoy an endless supply of frag grenade ammo:!AkoZ5jwD4kM5gblfJbUvdGdLO6gXFw

Text Instructions
(starting from the main screen on Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition)
1. Multiplayer
2. Create Private Match
3. Game Mode: Free for All
4. Map: Chasm
5. Lobby: go to "Loadouts" and confirm that [A] you're in the Survivors faction (if not, press B and go to 'change faction') and [B] you have Frag Grenade selected under the Explosives category. You may have to select the pump-action shotgun as the primary weapon.
6. return to the Lobby by pressing B and then start the match.

1. Locate an area with a stone wall.
2. Position yourself so that you are about 6 feet away, then face the façade.
3. Press up on the D-pad to select the frag grenade, then press the L trigger to aim at the wall and R trigger to shoot.
4. The subsequent explosion should nearly kill you, but you should survive. If you didn't survive, you were too close to the wall. Try again. Likewise, if you survived but it didn't nearly kill you, you were too far away. Your initial reaction should be "Crap, I died. Oh, wait. I didn't." You should hear Lara's heart beating loudly.
5. If you did survive, you need to wait until your health fully recovers (i.e. all 'red' is off the screen), then repeat that same procedure 9 more times. While waiting for your health to recover, locate salvage boxes on the map and open them (press X) to obtain more frag grenade ammo.

This solution was inspired by Healtti's guide for the Xbox 360 version of the game.
RedSVOGreat solution and vid! I would add that you know you were successful when you can hear your heart beating - meaning you are near death. Shooting high like you do in the vid also seems to help, and that is an excellent place to farm the salvage boxes for frag grenades. Well done and Thanks!
Posted by RedSVO on 26 Feb 14 at 07:35
coipThanks! Good point about the beating heart. I'll add that in. Cheers.
Posted by coip on 26 Feb 14 at 07:51
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 14 Apr 14 at 21:10
Toms SpaghettiThis achievement will not unlock for me. I've done this method about 30 times now, not sure why I can't get it to pop
Posted by Toms Spaghetti on 15 May 14 at 21:36
coipHmm. I'd be curious to know why. Is there anything different about your setup that you can think of? I mean, it popped when I did it just as I did it in the video above. Anyone else having problems?
Posted by coip on 15 May 14 at 22:57
Toms SpaghettiI actually checked my multiplayer feats and it shows a check mark beside "escapist" in the "achievements" section. Technically I have completed the achievement but the problem lies in the fact that it didn't unlock. Strange situation.
Posted by Toms Spaghetti on 16 May 14 at 01:21
Toms SpaghettiLooks like it's a lingering issue with this games achievements. The only way to fix it is by deleting my saved data. Thanks for replying though and great guide! Cheers
Posted by Toms Spaghetti on 16 May 14 at 01:28
Page DaemonWorked like a charm! Thanks @range is good, +1
Posted by Page Daemon on 21 Sep 14 at 05:37
xLil SheWolfxAwesome solution +1
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 04 Oct 14 at 17:11
Runner7922This worked perfectly! +1
Posted by Runner7922 on 01 May 15 at 00:10
VaSaMiAnThis solution is awesome!
Posted by VaSaMiAn on 26 Aug 15 at 17:58
SockGORE828Thanks! On Chasm if I came across a red explody container before a crate I just killed myself. You respawn quickly with a grenade and usually with a wall right right near you, and it doesn't count against you so you can still get the 3000 XP for winning if you see it through.
Posted by SockGORE828 on 05 Oct 15 at 05:20
Prince RolfI don't know how much 6 feet is cry nah thanks for the help mate
Posted by Prince Rolf on 24 Oct 15 at 10:44
coip6 feet is 183cm. It's slightly more than Lara's height. Just imagine she is lying down.
Posted by coip on 25 Oct 15 at 05:53
oWxlkerperfect, thanks.
Posted by oWxlker on 31 Jan 16 at 17:38
Theodoricus RexExcellent solution!!
Posted by Theodoricus Rex on 08 Jan 17 at 19:27
Vlados95 MCKStill works perfectly, thanks!)
Posted by Vlados95 MCK on 01 Oct 18 at 12:47
z RagnaroK zLink doesn't work anymore
Posted by z RagnaroK z on 23 Mar 19 at 07:39
coipThe video link still works for me. Is anyone else having problems accessing it?
Posted by coip on 23 Mar 19 at 15:39
z RagnaroK z"This link doesn't work anymore. Contact the owner of this item for a new link."
Posted by z RagnaroK z on 25 Mar 19 at 05:59
coipThanks for informing me of the error message. I've edited the solution above with a new link. Let me know of that still doesn't work.
Posted by coip on 25 Mar 19 at 12:22

Excellent solution and video.

Posted by Twincats on 23 Jul 19 at 18:18
GAMERTAG: olegario96
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J The AltruistNeed this

Gt; J The Altruist
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