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Bird on the Ground

Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an RPG in the single player campaign

Bird on the Ground0
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Ninjah MonkeyNinjah Monkey193,905
24 Aug 2008
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Follow the video:

This is done on the recruit difficulty on the level 'War Pig'
HuGh1212thats how i did it ;)
Posted by HuGh1212 on 06 Apr 09 at 23:49
csilkfor all those disheartened, I was able to do this exact method and on veteran, took a few tries but not that hard
Posted by csilk on 03 Oct 09 at 07:26
z71foxWorked the 1st time I tried it
Posted by z71fox on 13 Nov 09 at 02:23
ljp0390Awesome solution like an idiot i tried doing this on the last level lol good thing i saw this video
Posted by ljp0390 on 24 Apr 10 at 21:36
Solario32Thank you for the guide and video...very helpful.
Posted by Solario32 on 22 Sep 11 at 13:04
MightyPozeSomehow i managed to fly the rockets straight past the heli -_-
Posted by MightyPoze on 24 Oct 11 at 08:01
ChilinOnAToiletThanks for the guide, got it 1st try :)
Posted by ChilinOnAToilet on 02 Jun 13 at 23:29
iWarriorCurry30Damn, I miss this game.
Posted by iWarriorCurry30 on 09 Dec 13 at 20:30
Charlie LimaThumbs up!
Posted by Charlie Lima on 17 Jul 18 at 16:19