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True Commitment

Reach level 60 in multiplayer.

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17 Feb 2014 29 Sep 2015
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This achievement is also solo-able.

*Simply start a Private Rescue Match.
*Make sure your a survivor, not Solarii.
*Put the Number of Medkits to Retrieve to 20 instead of 5.
You can adjust the round time limit as well, but 10 minutes is just enough time to retrieve all 20 Medkits on the Beach map.
*A soon as you get all 20 Medkits and the round is over. Wait until the post game lobby comes up. You can now leave and re make the lobby and start over.

"Make sure your loadout includes the Second Wind offensive skill and then hold cn_B to sprint when you head out to find the kit, which will speed thing up somewhat. Unfortunately, you can't sprint once you have the kit." ~~ Runner7922

This method can also be used to get tons of salvage on the Beach map. I averaged 30,000 exp when retrieving 20 Medkits as a Survivor in under 10 minutes and I averaged 26,000 salvage every 20 minutes as a Solarii ( rope ascender makes it stupid fast ).

This method will take a little over 10 hours to achieve Level 60. (Thanks Uncle BAZINGA )

I'll post a video soon on my actual game play. NOPE
Hunter KahnGlad to see this is solo-able. About how long does it take to reach level 60 using this method?
Posted by Hunter Kahn on 20 Mar 14 at 03:43
Uncle BAZINGASince you need round about 1.800.000 XP to reach level 60 it would take round about 10hrs doing the described method to reach level 60.
Posted by Uncle BAZINGA on 02 Apr 14 at 12:30
BigDaddyUltimaYou only really need to do this method for 10 matches total until you get the 226,000 salvage you need to purchase everything then after that you can just do the first round as survivor, quit out, then remake the match and repeat the process. So doing that youll get slightly more than 150k an hour(factoring in wait/load times)
Posted by BigDaddyUltima on 07 Apr 14 at 17:42
BigDaddyUltimaSo if my math is right, if you are starting the game from lv 1 and use the prescrobed method in the solution then use the abbreviated method i just commented on it will take ~14-15 hours to complete everything. However since you will most likely gain a fair amount of rank from completing the other multiplayer achievements(ranked matches, kill 20 playeds with turrets, etc.) you can cut some time off
Posted by BigDaddyUltima on 07 Apr 14 at 17:49
BKLortzFYI - I just got cheevo, but I did not get the 10,000 salvage that is supposed to be awarded (which I planned to use to buy Lara). Don't know why it wasn't awarded, but I had to earn another 10,000 salvage to buy Lara after getting it.
Posted by BKLortz on 15 Apr 14 at 01:07
GIO42do i have to go prestige in order to unlock this because as soon as i got to 60 nothing happened?
Posted by GIO42 on 28 Apr 14 at 04:02
SpecOp3You don't need to prestige, this game has had some glitches with achievements popping.
Posted by SpecOp3 on 06 May 14 at 13:14
KHKSHow long it takes reach level 60?
please include this
Posted by KHKS on 18 Apr 15 at 03:20
Runner7922You will be spending hours just running around to collect the medikits if you use this method. So as soon as you can, make sure your loadout includes the Second Wind offensive skill and then hold cn_B to sprint when you head out to find the kit, which will speed thing up somewhat. Unfortunately, you can't sprint once you have the kit.
Posted by Runner7922 on 09 May 15 at 15:48
AG Bucky Barnes"I'll post a video soon on my actual game play. NOPE"

Am I missing something but why did you write this in the solution? You were going to then decided not to?

... bit confused.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 16 Sep 15 at 23:10
SpecOp3I've been pretty busy with leading an Achievement Team for Flawless Raider (over 60 successful free runs). Plus, plus I'm getting married this weekend, and well I haven't had the game installed since I completed it ages ago. Now I know how to use the record feature properly though, so I may have reinstall the game and make a short video. Or maybe I'll just twitch it and save the broadcast.
Posted by SpecOp3 on 17 Sep 15 at 14:34
WZRD 179hit me up who ever needs a boosting partner in MP
Posted by WZRD 179 on 19 Sep 15 at 01:52
xRobMugabexI plan on grinding for this achievement solo but I need someone/2 people to help me grind the other MP achievements (20 turret kills, melee kills, etc). Message me.
Posted by xRobMugabex on 29 Sep 15 at 20:22
UNDEADZ3LD4I'm level 41, currently how many hours roughly from here?
Posted by UNDEADZ3LD4 on 09 Oct 15 at 23:08
UNDEADSPYR0Me and some mates decided to use Monastery instead of Beach, and collect salvage at the same time as medikits, there are 2 salvage boxes on route to medikits so makes it easier, and this means you can collect 20 medikits and get 4-5k salvage in 10 minutes, if you do that from the start by level 58 you will have enough salvage to get everything, including Lara when you don't get 10k at level 60
Posted by UNDEADSPYR0 on 19 Nov 15 at 16:49
SpecOp3Thanks for the info! I'll update the OP with your suggestions if you're ok with it :)
Posted by SpecOp3 on 19 Nov 15 at 17:47
UNDEADSPYR0Yeah sure, I finally got the cheevo yesterday!
Posted by UNDEADSPYR0 on 25 Nov 15 at 15:35
TheBlackxRangerI lol'd at the "I'll post a video soon on my actual game play. NOPE"

Thanks the guide!
Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 25 Jan 16 at 05:40
YaziteThe XP you need for 60 is 1,771,100xp. For reference, the half way point is level 45.
Posted by Yazite on 01 Jun 16 at 15:20
MasterTimosGreat solution but let me just add that for anybody going for the salvage, do not equip "Second Wind" on your Solarii runs, as it rewards you with a much reduced amount of salvage.
Posted by MasterTimos on 17 Aug 17 at 12:38
BrutalPandaXI’m getting salvage on Beach along with medkits, just have to follow certain paths and can do it in 9 minutes for 20 kits and 5k salvage
Posted by BrutalPandaX on 28 Sep 18 at 15:53
Koolay87I’m looking for help with achievements if anyone is available. Need 4 people to do the ranked match achievement.
Posted by Koolay87 on 19 Sep 20 at 17:52
GalgaldrNeed players for multiplayer achievements. Msg on xbox if interested.
Posted by Galgaldr on 04 Jan at 01:16
J The AltruistNeed this

Gt; J The Altruist
Posted by J The Altruist on 13 Feb at 01:38