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Mini-game Frenzy Hero

Win 10 Online Battle Mini-game Frenzies!

Mini-game Frenzy Hero0
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08 Mar 2010
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If you get 4 players, you can do over the falls. If no one presses any buttons you all fall off at the sametime and get first place. Do that 10 times and all 4 will get the achievement. Works for custom game too.
Solario32Wish I could have found 4 people who still play this game lol.
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 12:27
If anybody is still on, I can help because I need help too.
Posted on 14 Mar at 11:56
ShalantorIf anyone is still looking, please, contact me.
Posted by Shalantor on 07 Dec at 00:01