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Hail of Glass

Shoot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow

Hail of Glass0
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26 Feb 2014
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This achievement can be unlocked extremely early in the game.

You will need to play up until you have the box, and have picked up a bottle. Now find an open area without enemies, arm the bottle, and then save the game. If you miss, you can "Load Last Save" from the menu, and you will be put in the exact same spot.

Note: This achievement can be easier after upgrading your character, increasing his bow skills, and bottle carrying capacity, so keep that in mind if you are stuggling.

Now that you are set up, aim directly up, press the trigger to throw the bottle, press the trigger again to take out your bow, and then aim for the bottle and use the trigger once again to shoot the bottle. It is easiest to hit the bottle as it is falling and directly in front you, although it still is a trial and error process. Video below:
EklebtikThis has to be one of the most frustrating achievement i have ever attempted.
Posted by Eklebtik on 28 Feb 14 at 09:18
PuckJunkieAgreed. Side note: attempt this somewhere where there are multiple bottles sitting around. Picking them up one at a time to try over and over cuts dramatically down on reload times.
Posted by PuckJunkie on 28 Feb 14 at 18:40
SaintRasmusWhen you have thrown the bottle up in the air, then use Focus. Easy
Posted by SaintRasmus on 02 Mar 14 at 16:18
InfiniteRefrainSaintRasmus is correct about focus; I tried it as well. Didn't pop the first time, but did on the second - lined up the shot and released focus right before the arrow hit.
Posted by InfiniteRefrain on 06 Mar 14 at 07:08
the games mastaAgree with above, with the second speed focus upgrade this is much easier
Posted by the games masta on 13 Mar 14 at 07:35
buschleagueMarksman upgrade. The bottle stays up for an eternity. Simple.
Posted by buschleague on 17 Mar 14 at 03:52
MagnumZeroJust did this with focus after upgrading Marksman and Speed fully. Hit focus, threw bottle, right d-pad for blunt arrows, draw, aim, and release. Done. It gives you a few seconds to hit it with the first shot while it's at the full height of the throw. If you miss the first time, don't bother again just reset the save. I say that because the bottle isn't the only thing slowed by focus. Arrows are effected as well. Also, you don't have to release focus before the arrow hits the bottle to unlock the achievement.

Note: Time will not slow down during focus until your bow equips.
Posted by MagnumZero on 18 Mar 14 at 23:58
DillionDayI've shot the damn bottle out of the sky with focus on 6 times now and no cheeve. They must have patched it. Can anybody confirm?
Posted by DillionDay on 04 Apr 14 at 20:43
DillionDayBelay my last. I just checked my cheeves and it popped with no notification. The same thing happened to me with 3 different cheeves in Dead Rising 3. I would meet the requirements but no notification thinking I did something wrong. I would later do a scan on TA and I had the cheeve. Does this happen to anybody else?
Posted by DillionDay on 04 Apr 14 at 20:47
TrimSkinkI shot mine out of the sky, with marksman focus upgrade and I was so frustrated that it didn't pop. I reloaded the checkpoint, threw the bottle in the air and it popped before I shot the arrow... so I didn't. +1 for me. :D
Posted by TrimSkink on 12 Apr 14 at 23:06
TNelson1995used an explosive bolt worked first try.
Posted by TNelson1995 on 15 May 15 at 22:55
angelskMaka, your guides are awesome. Thanks for helping me get this!
Posted by angelsk on 18 May 16 at 19:49
SONofGIANTS610Man the load times in this game SUCK, awesome guide it helped out a lot!
Posted by SONofGIANTS610 on 12 May 18 at 01:53