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Hail of Glass

Shoot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow

Hail of Glass0
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27 Feb 2014
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Video-guide of Thief to get the achievement/trophy Hail of Glass. For this, once finished the 1st chapter and you get to the city save the game (just in case) and throw a bottle in the air to shoot it.

In this video I talk in Spanish but I can be understood just watching it.
I hope it's usefull, and If anyone vote negative I'd like to know the reason so I can improve in my future videos.
buschleagueSimply upgrade the focus marksman ability. Use it before throwing the bottle and you can empty a quiver before it falls.
Posted by buschleague on 17 Mar 14 at 03:54
AllgorhythmAll 3 guides are great & I gave them all a thumbs up. When I first got the achievement, I quick pulled RT to throw the bottle upwards, D pad rt to switch to rope arrows (slightly better targeting & target reticule), charge RT while using RS to adjust targeting (as xWaZZySsiKnEsSx points out you tend to miss to the left--more on this later), & release RT to fire. I had just spent over 200 hours on Two Worlds playing it multiple times with the bow as my main wpn. The buttons RT, D pad, RS were used the same way so this was not difficult for me.

However, when I saw your video, I realized your technique was much more elegant. You press RT and turn to the left more than 90 degrees. This has the effect of making the bottle's trajectory more vertical than if you throw it straight above you without repositioning. This eliminates the requirement to use RS. Also, because targeting is less important, you don't have to worry about which arrows to use. When you're out of bottles, RT immediately switches to the bow and defaults to the sharp arrow if you have any.

In summary, once your are in position by turning to the left while holding RT, the button sequence is as follows:

Release RT, press & release RT.

The timing is the only hard part of your technique. You have to release RT just before the bottle enters the targeting reticule. Very elegant solution. Using it, I am successful about one out of three times playing on Master Difficulty with no focus. Some of the misses are due to my missing the timing. Most, however, are due to the inaccuracy of the weapon since you do not have time to charge the bow. On Master Difficulty, the bow is very inaccurate when not fully charged.
Posted by Allgorhythm on 23 Mar 14 at 16:12