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Plasma Chucker

Throw 15 Projectiles in one Match

28 Feb 2014 until 07 Mar 2014

Plasma Chucker
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28 Feb 2014 28 Feb 2014
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Jago and Spinal both have the same command motion input for their projectiles: quarter-circle-forward + any punch. For Jago, this does an Endokuken; for Spinal, this does his Searing Skull.

Likely also possible with Sadira: Widow's Bite can be performed by doing a quarter-circle-forward + any punch while in the air. Might need to perform her double jump (up-up) and use the thumbstick to have enough time to pull off the move.

For Glacius, you'll want to perform its Hail move: quarter-circle-back + any punch.

The challenge unlocks after finishing the match, at the match results screen.
Fizzle ExmortusI did this with Jago's Endokuken against a versus computer opponent on NOOB with INFINITE time and can confirm it unlocked at the end of the battle. I did perform about 2 dozen of them throughout the match just to be sure.
Posted by Fizzle Exmortus on 10 Mar 14 at 16:36