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Complete 180 Optional Objectives

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AP E JCAP E JC885,464
02 Mar 2014 14 Aug 2014
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Update: Patch 08/13/14 doesn't void the exploit (Thanks MathGuy42 again), so you can still unlock the achievement with the patch.

Well, there are awesome guides here with tips on how to complete levels, but I want here to give an alternative, avoiding the hard levels.

You can complete the same objective over and over and have it counts toward the achievement. The trick is that the objective must be completed before ending the level.

If you meet the requirements of the level and exit it (by choosing menu > exit). You'll see it completed in the level choice screen. Now, if you dashboard, quit peggle (menu > quit app) and restart you see it is not completed anymore, but it counted for the achievement (you can check on the achievement progress app). Then you can complete it again, exit, dashboard, etc.. several times.

As a matter of fact, you could complete the same objective 180 times and unlock the achievement, although I wouldn't recommend it.

So, my advice is to save an easy objective for later and when you feel the objectives are too hard, simply complete it over and over using this guide.

That's why people are reporting to unlock the achievement before 180 objectives, they must have exited in the middle of some level after completing an objective.
Samarin6confirmed that this works for me aswell! thank you!
Posted by Samarin6 on 02 Mar 14 at 02:36
CampoYep, works like a charm. Nice one.
Posted by Campo on 02 Mar 14 at 16:11
ViaFixIt doesn't work for me.. Right after I finish an objective i press start and quit and start the same level again right after, any idea why?
Posted by ViaFix on 02 Mar 14 at 19:56
ViaFixI see my optinal objects done in the level shoice screen (I have 16 right now) and I quit, my object is gone back to 15 when i start the game why?
Posted by ViaFix on 02 Mar 14 at 23:34
AP E JCViafix, you must kill the game after exiting the level. And yes, the objective counter should always have the same value. You can only see if it is working using the achievements app.
Posted by AP E JC on 03 Mar 14 at 00:55
SmallywoodNow it makes sense on how so many are completing this.
Posted by Smallywood on 03 Mar 14 at 20:58
ViaFixThanks! It works perfect :)
Posted by ViaFix on 04 Mar 14 at 08:08
WOODY2211There is an update for this today, im downloading it now so will post back if this method still works.
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 09:06
WOODY2211I think the update may of fixed this!! Just doaded Peggle, did one objective, dashborded, quit the game and loaded it back up again and it says i have compleated the objective that i got upon compleating the level??

Am i doing this right or have i missed something out?
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 09:45
WOODY2211I think the update may of fixed this!! Just doaded Peggle, did one objective, dashborded, quit the game and loaded it back up again and it says i have compleated the objective that i got upon compleating the level??

Am i doing this right or have i missed something out?
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 11:41
AP E JCIf they patched it, they were quick. I will see if it is still working.
Posted by AP E JC on 04 Mar 14 at 13:12
WOODY2211Great, thank you. Is what i did correct though? They were the steps i took.
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 13:20
wBRYIs this patched now after update?
Posted by wBRY on 04 Mar 14 at 13:29
AP E JCI just tested it, and as far as I can tell by already having the achievement, the exploit is still working. I finished an objective midlevel, exit level, kill the game and it is not showing as completed. If someone can confirm, if the achievement progress tracker is still increasing, i would be happy to share.
Posted by AP E JC on 04 Mar 14 at 14:31
WOODY2211I will try it out now, i finished the level so maybe that's where i went wrong and it saved the objective. I will post an update shortly.
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 18:26
AP E JCYou can't finish the level. You have to press menu and exit.
Posted by AP E JC on 04 Mar 14 at 18:29
WOODY2211So, get the objective, pause the game, quit, press the guide button, quit the game and restart??
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 18:31
AP E JCyes. don't forget to check the achievement progress tracker to see if it is working.
Posted by AP E JC on 04 Mar 14 at 18:33
WOODY2211I can now confirm, as of today(04/03/14) after the patch that this still works. I went from 76% - Objection! achievement popping by following this guide.

Thanks a bunch for this AP EJC!!
Posted by WOODY2211 on 04 Mar 14 at 19:35
DwightKxSchruteLooks like I have to do this from now on. I just hit 90 optional objectives and the cheevo didn't pop. Did one more for a total of 91 and then the achievement popped. Did some reading and people have had the same issue and have no fix for it. I'm assuming if (or when) I complete the final objective for the full 180 the achievement will not pop and I will not be able to complete anymore optional objectives.
Posted by DwightKxSchrute on 05 Mar 14 at 03:49
AH KeithCan I do this with an objective I've already completed?

I have 165/180 and have been stuck on this for about a month.

I doubt I'd be able to complete the same objective 15 times from the ones I have left.

Thanks in advance, although I feel a "no" coming along.
Posted by AH Keith on 05 Mar 14 at 10:41
AP E JCDwight, I d take this route in your case asap. Just check if it is working for you
Posted by AP E JC on 05 Mar 14 at 11:28
AP E JCYessir, I don't think so, if you don't have one of the easiest anymore, you should try to ace a level without finishing it, and see if it works also.
Posted by AP E JC on 05 Mar 14 at 11:30
DwightKxSchruteI must be doing something wrong. I'm at 92 optional objectives. I am doing the first level in the gravely grove, where there's a pretty easy objective for getting an extreme slide shot. I do it, I pause the game and go to Exit, it says I am now at 93 optional objectives, I hit the home button, then I hit start on my controller so the menu that says "Pin to home", "Game Details" and "Quit" etc... shows up and I select quit. I start Peggle up again and it says I'm back at 92 objectives completed and the objective I did (Level 1 in Gravely Grove, Extreme Slide shot) is not completed (which is a good thing that it says I didn't complete it but it didn't count towards my optional objective count).
Posted by DwightKxSchrute on 05 Mar 14 at 22:49
DwightKxSchruteOk nevermind I'm just an idiot. I read the other comments hear more carefully and didn't realize that the only place that that your progress is tracked is in the percentage of it in the Achievement tracker in the Achievement App. Complete misunderstanding. It is working for me. My progress just went from 77% to 78% after doing it again.
Posted by DwightKxSchrute on 05 Mar 14 at 22:56
AP E JCYes, the only thing that "works" is the achievement progress tracker, which is a good sign the exploit is working
Posted by AP E JC on 05 Mar 14 at 23:03
DwightKxSchruteYeah I don't like doing this, it's annoying quitting the game and starting it up over and over again but if I got the 90 objective when I got my 91st objective, then I don't want to do all 180 objectives, only to have the achievement not unlock and not have anymore objectives to do.
Posted by DwightKxSchrute on 05 Mar 14 at 23:28
AP E JCJust take my advice and save an easy one. When you think you're done with the hard objectives, use it to complete the game.
Posted by AP E JC on 05 Mar 14 at 23:59
SDREW44So i Started this game today..

Found A really Easy Challenge ( Get 2 Extreme Slides )..

I am Doing the Exploit now..And can Confirm it still does Work..

I will be doing 180 Now in one Sitting..

I will message Back here..Once i have done It all!!!..

Best Solution i Have Seen this Here!!! Positive Vote From Me!!!

Posted by SDREW44 on 07 Mar 14 at 04:30
SDREW44Just Got the Achievement!!!! Awesome Solution!!!!!! smile dance
Posted by SDREW44 on 07 Mar 14 at 09:22
SkrubitsThis solution makes me want to get this game!
Posted by Skrubits on 09 Mar 14 at 15:01
hunterIVThis works so well!
Posted by hunterIV on 09 Mar 14 at 21:08
K4rn4geEasy enough the normal way. Glad I did it the hardcore way :)
Posted by K4rn4ge on 10 Mar 14 at 20:54
Dr JaMiNGreat! Now I know why my hard earned ratio has been plummeting for this game.
Posted by Dr JaMiN on 11 Mar 14 at 23:23
RunSmith14Man I wish I would have seen this earlier...
Posted by RunSmith14 on 14 Mar 14 at 17:52
another DThanks for the help to get my achievement counter synced with my in-game counter (was three behind!).
Posted by another D on 15 Mar 14 at 09:50
RcpimentaFantastic, I was stuck with around 160 objectives and in 20 minutes concluded the achievement after talk with ap e jc. Thanks!!!
Posted by Rcpimenta on 19 Mar 14 at 13:16
SmallywoodWhat's everyone going to do when the DLC comes out and this doesn't work anymore?
Posted by Smallywood on 19 Mar 14 at 14:44
AP E JCAlthough not 100% guaranteed, usually DLC achievements are tied to the DLC only.
Posted by AP E JC on 19 Mar 14 at 16:03
WOODY2211When is the DLC coming out? Does anyone know yet?
Posted by WOODY2211 on 19 Mar 14 at 16:05
EllandRoad DaveJust used this solution to solve my issue where the Achievements app was 5 objectives behind the in-game count.

Big thumbs up from me!
Posted by EllandRoad Dave on 19 Mar 14 at 17:14
AP E JCYes, I think this solution is specially useful to people that have the in-game counter bigger than the achievement one. If you're in this case and don't have more objectives to complete, I'd recommend erasing everything and try over.
Posted by AP E JC on 19 Mar 14 at 20:33
WirelessYoshistill working as of 20/3/14 :P
Posted by WirelessYoshi on 20 Mar 14 at 14:01
CTM AudiRS6I was at 14x and only had ace scores and clear all pegs left. I deleted the save game off my HDD, and restarted the game up. It said it was going to sync save, and I clicked on cancel. Now I can play though again and every objective I get adds to my achievement counter. So if you got too far before seeing this, you can just restart and only have a few to do.
Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 22 Mar 14 at 09:47
AStarfoxSuch a win, I'll give this a shot.
Posted by AStarfox on 25 Mar 14 at 11:11
phrozanHey CTM AudiR56 can you then sync your previous save after you get the achievement or do you lose all your previous progress?
Posted by phrozan on 26 Mar 14 at 11:43
AP E JCAs stated in another guide, you will lose progress, but every objective will count again.
Posted by AP E JC on 26 Mar 14 at 12:12
CTM AudiRS6If you get the achievement while offline, when you go back online it should say something like there is a newer/older save and lets you pick which to do.
Posted by CTM AudiRS6 on 01 Apr 14 at 12:52
noth1ngness69I had to delete my save as i had no challenge. But it still works although i tried getting an in round challenge and quitting but it didn't work
Posted by noth1ngness69 on 10 Apr 14 at 07:42
Samarin6the new dlc achieves are on the xbox one app, and even though the dlc isnt out yet, this will increase the counter towards 210 objectives complete
Posted by Samarin6 on 11 Apr 14 at 20:30
AP E JCIt is still working before the dlc and it is The probably way the people unlocked it before it's available
Posted by AP E JC on 11 Apr 14 at 23:30
Nod NolanBe careful not to increase your position on the leaderboard too much if youre doing this...
Posted by Nod Nolan on 12 Apr 14 at 07:45
Evenger OstroSo I've done 77 challenges "legit" (it says 77/180 in-game) and I unlocked the 90 ones yesterday because I started getting a few this way to have better chances of completing this if I encounter really hard ones later. But now the percentage for 120 objectives is only at 30% which is less than 40 completed!? It can't be counting from 90 to 120 as well because it only increases one point for each objective and 150 and 180 show less than 40 completed accordingly. So all this does is being a negative bug after all? ;) Now I need to complete more objectives than I am able to lol
Posted by Evenger Ostro on 15 Apr 14 at 16:35
Evenger OstroYeah ok, after scanning I just went from 75 completed objectives to 38. The whole objectives thing seems to be one single bug.
Posted by Evenger Ostro on 15 Apr 14 at 16:50
AP E JCWell, that's unusual, but you can always start fresh offline and see if the counter increases again.
Posted by AP E JC on 15 Apr 14 at 16:56
Evenger OstroI will try that, should work. Just odd what's happening with this game and some other games on the One. At least all these solutions work while the game doesn't :)
Posted by Evenger Ostro on 15 Apr 14 at 17:03
SneakyStabbalotdoing it now - works as of today!! doing Mountain, level 2, long shot bonus with Bjorn - really easy; just hit a green; get the powerup that shows you where the ball goes, and then hit two reds that are far apart. rinse and repeat :) +1
Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 15 Apr 14 at 21:08
MathGuy42This still works after the 4-22-14 update.
Posted by MathGuy42 on 22 Apr 14 at 14:45
TheIrishBeastThanks for clearing that up mathguy!

Posted by TheIrishBeast on 22 Apr 14 at 18:47
AP E JCThanks. Updated.
Posted by AP E JC on 22 Apr 14 at 21:17
AradorWhat is this menu then exit and menu then quit app talk? I can't find these options
Posted by Arador on 26 Apr 14 at 03:38
MathGuy42Press the Menu button on your controller. Choose Exit. Press Guide button to go to the Home screen. Press Menu while Peggle 2 is highlighted. Choose Quit.
Posted by MathGuy42 on 26 Apr 14 at 11:15
oO Twanger Ooexcellent, starting to get hard lucky i missed easy one on my way to 210 (y)
Posted by oO Twanger Oo on 04 May 14 at 17:30
PendiRulzstill working!
Posted by PendiRulz on 18 May 14 at 09:47
HeresWallyMofosDoes anyone know if this works on the 360?
Posted by HeresWallyMofos on 18 Jul 14 at 18:26
AP E JCNo, it doesn't.
Posted by AP E JC on 18 Jul 14 at 19:59
HeresWallyMofosfuck, thanks anyway!
Posted by HeresWallyMofos on 19 Jul 14 at 16:06
PecorleoneIs it still working on the One though?
Posted by Pecorleone on 13 Aug 14 at 01:50
AP E JCdid they update the game? I will test.
Posted by AP E JC on 13 Aug 14 at 08:39
qDirtyBryanpI really don't get why people use exploits and glitches to pop achievements just play the damn game the normal way guys cmon. I understand if a glitch occurs and you didn't do it on purpose but you guys are all technically not earning the achievement as this is basically cheating
Posted by qDirtyBryanp on 13 Aug 14 at 23:45
AP E JCThis discussion is pointless and is recurring. You don't need to use this and you should not be bothered how other people earn achievements. This guide has been revised and is not against TA rules. You can show your opinion by negative voting it which you probably already did.
Posted by AP E JC on 14 Aug 14 at 01:12
Law RamCan anyone confirm this works as there was an update a couple days ago
Posted by Law Ram on 14 Aug 14 at 14:51
Law RamCan anyone confirm this works as there was an update a couple days ago
Posted by Law Ram on 14 Aug 14 at 14:59
AP E JCI will try it today to report this.
Posted by AP E JC on 14 Aug 14 at 16:48
MathGuy42I just tested with a 2nd account. The glitch still works.
Posted by MathGuy42 on 14 Aug 14 at 17:49
AP E JCNice. I will update
Posted by AP E JC on 14 Aug 14 at 18:08
Sejeste RejeDoes this work while being offline?
Posted by Sejeste Reje on 18 Aug 14 at 01:31
AP E JCI'm not sure. The achievement app doesn't work while offline, so I wouldn't risk it now, that it is working online. Is there a reason why you want to do this offline?
Posted by AP E JC on 18 Aug 14 at 10:06
MathGuy42It may be a reference to this solution, which should also still work. While you can't unlock an achievement offline, progress is still tracked. When you go back online, you'll see a percentage increase or an unlocked achievement if you hit 100%. (Assuming you don't experience the glitch of reaching 100% and yet not getting an unlock, which can happen in any game, online or offline.)

To merge the two ideas, you could try this:
1. Leave several easy objectives. Let's say 10.
2. Quit Peggle 2.
3. Delete Local Save only.
4. Disconnect Internet. (This can be done in Settings. No physical disconnect required.)
5. Start Peggle 2.
6. Play the 10 easy objectives.
7. Quit Peggle 2.
8. Reconnect Internet. You should see progress on your counters.
9. Start Peggle 2.
10. While syncing saves, choose the Cloud Save. Those 10 objectives should now be uncompleted again.
11. Go to Step 2.
Posted by MathGuy42 on 18 Aug 14 at 12:11
mcass23...damn... just saw in above posts that this does not work on the 360... oh well.... here is to years trying to get 2 ghost shots... {sigh}

...thumbs up guide though...
Posted by mcass23 on 28 Aug 14 at 03:56
RogStill works on Xbox one :D
Posted by Rog on 14 Nov 14 at 11:00
Still working?
Posted on 12 Dec 14 at 03:51
A BatwomanYes still works level 1-3 is great one at a time but still if there is an optional challenge for two and one go that'd be amazing if someone could share.
Posted by A Batwoman on 13 Dec 14 at 11:36
AP E JCMissJaded, thanks for the confirmation
Posted by AP E JC on 13 Dec 14 at 11:40
FullMoonBeaverStill working just fine February 2nd 2015. Happy days.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 02 Feb 15 at 22:43
Dabigamcstill working as of 23/03/15
Posted by Dabigamc on 24 Mar 15 at 00:20
FuzzedUpCookiestill works on 05/072015 :)
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 05 Jul 15 at 19:12
AlonsoFiveStill works
Posted by AlonsoFive on 20 Jan 16 at 00:20
FF7 BryanStill works May 2017. I used the Unicorn on Lunas first level to get an extreme slide - pretty easy if you need something later on in the game like me.
Posted by FF7 Bryan on 04 May 17 at 05:00
ChiveTheLizardStill works as of 17/05/2020. Also works towards the achievements in the dlc and without owning the dlc you can net both of the achievements for the same objective (210 and 240)
Posted by ChiveTheLizard on 17 May 20 at 11:52
HellAlex92still working as of 12/31/2020.

you sir saved me a lot of headache. thank you! <3
Posted by HellAlex92 on 01 Jan at 01:46