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The Early Thief…

Be persistent and loot the city.

02 Nov 2013 until 31 Mar 2014

The Early Thief…
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Niku no NioiNiku no Nioi1,895,785
02 Mar 2014
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The quickest way to earn this challenge is to do it on a playthrough where you're going for all collectibles. When you get your last collectible, you earn 30000 gold. Since challenge progress is saved independently of in-game progress, simply make a manual save right before you pick up the last collectible, pick it up, then reload the save and repeat the process a couple more times.
RIVEEI just got this achievement. Has anyone else got this achievement early?
Posted by RIVEE on 06 Mar 14 at 06:45
Marine1TenMy total is 93% with 93,000+ gold. Finished game. Already downloaded & spent booster pack $. Any suggestions? 15 days to go. Missing 7 items in city. Have all collectibles.
Posted by Marine1Ten on 15 Mar 14 at 17:45
Marine1TenJust unlocked. Loaded Bank Heist and went into the outer vault area. Took down the monitors w water arrows. Then unlocked the safes. There are 6 that have about 1,000 gold value. Saved before looting. Then ran around looting everything in room, then reloaded manual save; rinse and repeat. Kept track of total in MS store under games. It is next to the featured challenge w gamer tag. Took under an hour. Did not pick up documents in order to prevent an auto save. smileUnlocks as soon as you get to 100,000 gold. Thanks everyone for posting.
Posted by Marine1Ten on 15 Mar 14 at 19:29
Schniebel AIGHTthats the best and easiest way without spending extra REAL money.
Posted by Schniebel AIGHT on 21 Mar 14 at 07:37
Shadow XBLsays this was time limited and that it's Finished?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 25 Mar 15 at 22:22