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Reach the final chapter without using the focus ability

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SKX Sick OneSKX Sick One484,659
02 Mar 2014 03 Mar 2014
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This is self explanatory. Don't use focus. Can be done easily in rogue along with A Moral Victory. It takes either patience or knowledge of the map for previous play throughs. There were a few instances where I said screw it and just sprinted through enemies and hid when I was clear of them so play how you like.

Credit to gomofob You can disable focus by going into options>game>Focus mode off
AKfoy0faceif its self explanatory why did you feel that you needed to write a guide? LMFAO
Posted by AKfoy0face on 01 Jul 14 at 01:00
SKX Sick OneI was offering the tip on turning focus mode off to make it easier. Way to be a troll bruh
Posted by SKX Sick One on 04 Jul 14 at 03:22
SKX Sick OneI would
Posted by SKX Sick One on 19 Oct 14 at 04:26
HyacinthHouse71How do you get through chapter 3? Don't you need to use focus to get the symbols to light up so you know how to align the rings on the thing you put in the podium?
Posted by HyacinthHouse71 on 04 Mar 15 at 20:14
SKX Sick OneIt has been a while. I am pretty sure you can just move things around until you get it. I played it over a year back haha
Posted by SKX Sick One on 17 Mar 15 at 23:23
GodLike499Is it necessary to disable focus mode for this achievement, or is it good enough to just play through the game without using the (y) button? I'm in the middle of a game and haven't used focus yet. I just want to know if I can still pop the achievement of if I need to start over.
Posted by GodLike499 on 24 Jun 15 at 04:33
SKX Sick OneYou don't need to disable it but it does make it easier.
Posted by SKX Sick One on 24 Jun 15 at 13:18