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Sleight of Hand

Pick 100 pockets in a single playthrough

Sleight of Hand0
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03 Mar 2014 03 Mar 2014
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There are two ways to this acheivement

Stealth or Force

Stealth Method

Use focus to see if the target got a pouch (its around their waist). sneak close to them and hold X to pick pocket them.

Force Method

Use your blackjack and force them into kneeling, usally you would just finish them off by holding X but instead be fast and go around their back and hold X to pick their pockets before they stand up again, when you have taken all their loot then finish them off.

This can be done on guards in the city and on any chapter or job. Even after you complete the game you can still go for the acheivment.
Calex dEUSGood tip there about using the blackjack, I didn't think to do that. Missed a fair few by not realising this so now I can get them whether I'm busted or not :D
Posted by Calex dEUS on 06 Mar 14 at 12:03