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Use 40,000 gold

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06 Mar 2014
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Once you have around 15,000 - 20,000 gold simply go to one of the 'tradesmen' and just buy untill your inventory is full then sell all of it and repeate the process. But because you recieve less from selling than the cost of buying you will eventually run out of money just after you spend double what you started with e.g if you start the buying/selling process with 15,00 gold once you've spent around 30,000 gold you will run out of money. So make sure you know how much money left you need for the achievement before starting the process.
TheNaughtyDwarfOh well in that case you can get this achievement as soon as you've done chapter 1 as long as you've got atleast 1 gold
Posted by TheNaughtyDwarf on 06 Mar 14 at 23:24
Demon Slayer050Can you confirm or deny that all Skills bought and Money will carry over to the next play through?
Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 11 Mar 14 at 01:18
TheNaughtyDwarfSadly no, all of your money, upgrades and inventory is reset
Posted by TheNaughtyDwarf on 11 Mar 14 at 16:14
FeralKnightBut is the spending cumulative? If I try to get this normally but don't get it on the first playthrough, for example spent 20k, if I spend another 20k on another playthrough will it pop?
Posted by FeralKnight on 17 Mar 14 at 02:07
TheNaughtyDwarfUnfortunately not because i tried that and no achievement popped
Posted by TheNaughtyDwarf on 17 Mar 14 at 12:30
RobG88I'm playing stealth/ghost so I haven't been upgrading any of my gear so I have approximately 25k - I've completed the game and now just cleaning up. I haven't found all loot but obviously a good amount.

What I did was make sure first you buy the 2 discounts, gear and poppies and the inventory expansions -- it all counts toward the 40k mark anyway.

I found that filling my inventory cost me about $2,100 and then selling it off I got back $1,500, so only losing $600 for each round of spending $2,100. I think I ran through my inventory 12-14 times before the the achievement popped and thankfully it does pop as you're buying from a merchant.
Posted by RobG88 on 30 Mar 14 at 23:57
Optimus PhillIs there a way off tracking how much you spent? Or is it a case of just ploughing through? Thanks
Posted by Optimus Phill on 05 Apr 14 at 20:13