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Hail of Glass

Shoot a bottle in mid-air with an arrow

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06 Mar 2014 19 Mar 2014
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I found this easiest by setting up the broad blunt arrow to quick select on the right dpad, with the bottle in your hand and looking straight up, save the game. When you throw the bottle into the air turn a little to the right,very slightly, while simultaneuosly pressing right on the dpad to draw out the broad blunt arrow and just barely draw the arrow and release. As previously stated it is trial and error which is my recommendation to save the game while looking up with the bottle in hand, I tried over and over just throwing and shooting but I was noticing my arrow was going left 95% of my shots. However if you turn slightly while drawing and pulling the bow, you should have a better chance of hitting the bottle. Do not change the angle in which you are looking just the angle to which you shoot the arrow. Good luck!

If you are still having trouble with the achievement you could always spend a couple focus points on the marksman ability as this will slow everything down around you while the bottle is in the air, although if you're going for the no focus play through this method would have to wait until the last chapter, but the achievement is extremely easy this way, just push Y, throw the bottle, and fire away. You should be able to fully draw the arrow and release it in time to hit the bottle, althoughI would still recommend using the blunt arrow for the surface area factor. All credit for this method goes to DeutschZuid.
deutschZuidYou mean the broadhead arrow?
Posted by deutschZuid on 10 Mar 14 at 03:03
xWaZZySsiKnEsSxFixed my mistake, I meant the blunt arrow because it has the largest surface area out of all the arrows. Which means a better chance in hitting the bottle.
Posted by xWaZZySsiKnEsSx on 10 Mar 14 at 03:53
buschleagueSimply upgrade the focus marksman ability. Use it before throwing the bottle and you can empty a quiver before it falls.
Posted by buschleague on 17 Mar 14 at 03:53
deutschZuidThanks. I was a little confused by that :). Anyway... you should definitely include what the above me said about the Marksman focus ability. It slows down everything around you when you draw the bow, making this achievement a cakewalk.
Posted by deutschZuid on 19 Mar 14 at 01:05
ChooseMyFateIts about a quarter turn to the right.. If anyone wanted a more specific. Great guide tho. Would have stood there straight the whole time otherwise ;)
Posted by ChooseMyFate on 24 Aug 14 at 07:34
destinee ehgcIt's not just the marksman focus ability that slows the world down, it's the speed upgrade in conjunction with it. Tried it with just marksman and got nowhere. Bought the speed ugprades and slow mo occurred.
Posted by destinee ehgc on 03 Nov 14 at 09:09