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Stop ‘n’ Swop

Return a Stop ‘n’ Swop crate to Mumbo’s Motors

Stop ‘n’ Swop0
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Ace GoldstarAce GoldstarThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
14 Dec 2008 03 May 2014
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You need the Xbox Arcade version of Banjo-Kazoooie. The crates do not appear in this game unless you have unlocked the eggs or ice key from the arcade game. Here are the locations of the items in the arcade game:

Purple Egg: Treasure Trove Cove
Ice Key: Freezeezy Peak
Blue Egg: Gobi's Valley
Light Blue Egg: Mad Monster Mansion (cellar)
Green Egg: Mad Monster Mansion (on top of Loggo/toilet)
Red Egg: Rusty Bucket Bay
Yellow Egg: Click Clock Wood

You will hear a sound if you found it.

After you found the item and start up Nuts and Bolts. The game will show you where they are. You only need one to get the achievement.
Blackflame0729More detailed locations???
Posted by Blackflame0729 on 27 Dec 08 at 03:06
Ace GoldstarUpdated with video, Hope that helps.
Posted by Ace Goldstar on 27 Dec 08 at 16:36
CassiopeiaGamesYah, I prefer not to buy yet another game. I'll test it out with the demo, but I don't think so.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 21 Jul 09 at 19:03
CassiopeiaGamesdoesn't seem that the trial demo can open up this one.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 22 Jul 09 at 02:15
SmokiestDadnThis is unbelieveable!!! Surely this achivement should not have been approved.

Dont see why I should pay for achievements.

Posted by SmokiestDadn on 15 Sep 09 at 16:33
MortyDiceThis is a 0G achievement, don't bitch too much about it... And it's an excellent reason to start an old but great game!
Posted by MortyDice on 05 Oct 09 at 09:02
ThaCreepBanjo Kazooie is the best game ever. if u have nuts n bolts u should have nr1 of the game.
Posted by ThaCreep on 26 Mar 10 at 00:32
Brucey B CoolErm... It says this video has been deleted.
Posted by Brucey B Cool on 06 Aug 10 at 10:27
FLM DFLAi already got BK on my N64 so buying it for a again for a 0g achievement is a huge waste of money. Do you unlock anything in the game for getting the stop n swop crate?
Posted by FLM DFLA on 06 Sep 10 at 06:13
NitoriismAh the loop-hole of this achievement. I love it.
Posted by Nitoriism on 27 Feb 11 at 06:50
SmokingBmbr465The Banjo-Kazooie Franchise has cult status BECAUSE of the mysterious stop 'n' swop mechanic--which is about carrying items from one game to another. Stop whining and play the game.
Posted by SmokingBmbr465 on 27 Jul 11 at 13:20
MugenKairoVideo not avaialble but description is sufficient
Posted by MugenKairo on 15 Aug 11 at 06:59
C4myDo you need the Banjo Kazooie arcade game or will they appear if you have the Banjo Tooie arcade game?? Don't wanna have to buy the first one too for a 0point achievement....
Posted by C4my on 15 Oct 11 at 20:27
DaBlackAlbinoYoutube video has been removed, needs updating with a fresh one! :)
Posted by DaBlackAlbino on 17 Oct 11 at 00:52
AngryKamehamehabuying a 1200 point game for a 0 point achievement... what the fuck are the developers thinking? how about dropping the price of banjo kazooie to maybe 800, people might actually buy it then
Posted by AngryKamehameha on 08 May 12 at 18:30
AV8OR ACE1000 gamerscore and an uncompleted game. Disappointing!
Posted by AV8OR ACE on 26 Nov 12 at 18:34
NickHawkeyeguess, what!?!? random sale for this game finally!!!

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Posted by NickHawkeye on 11 Mar 15 at 16:51
ApostolakyGreat random sale.
Posted by Apostolaky on 13 Mar 15 at 16:15