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Demon Hunter IV

Reach level 50.

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**Windows Phone and Windows 8 Users: I loaded my Windows 8 cloud data (level 50) to my phone. After killing 1 enemy all the Demon Hunter (I- IV) achievement unlocked.

Even after completing all the missions, you will still need to grind lots XP. I highly recommend that once you reach level 10 buy the sniper (5k coins) immediately and start farming Eagle-Eye mission. Farm until you reach level 35 and accumulate 500k coins for the Gatling Annihilator. This weapon will save you a lot of time so its best to get this weapon before going through each missions.

**If you are inexperienced with the sniper rifle , I suggest you first practice "The Outlaw Hunter" mission at Assassin's Creek.***

Level Progression

1 to 40 ~ 1.5 to 2 million experience. (rough estimate)

40 - 170k XP to level up to 41
41 - 190k XP to level up to 42
42 - 215k XP to level up to 43
43 - 245k XP to level up to 44
44 - 265k XP to level up to 45
45 - 285k XP to level up to 46
46 - 300k XP to level up to 47
47 - 325k XP to level up to 48
48 - 350k XP to level up to 49
49 - 375K XP to level up to 50

From my calculations you will need to accumulate a total of 4.5 million experience for level 50.

Best Method : Eagle -Eye
Duration: ~3462 rounds (with Double XP) for 4.5 million XP
15-25hrs - (speed and accuracy is very dependent)

Eagle-Eye is the best mission to farm money and experience. The mission takes 10-15 seconds. At the 30th round, you will earn 775 coins and 650 experience (1300 xp with double XP) for each completion. At an hourly rate you can gain 150k-300k XP and 90k-180k coins (this rate includes cutscenes/loading/changing date/ etc despite the mission being 5-15 seconds long). For me, I managed 250k XP hourly on a fully CONCENTRATED session.

Location: Arizona - (West of Red Plains)
Requirement: Level 12 and 5,000 for Revolver Sniper Rifle
In the video my sniper is fully upgraded. It is not necessary but it will definitely help if you are a novice. You will save 4 Sheriff Stars if you decide to keep it at Tier 3 (coin cost) which is definitely more than sufficient.

Double XP : This may not work for all. I've noticed that if you change the date on your PC while playing the game you may be granted double XP. The effect last up to 8,000 gained experience. You can change the date again to replenish the effect.

Auto-Aim - No-Scope Shots :
*Make sure to have auto aim turned on.
For this effect to apply you must successfully snipe (hit) your target once. Once that happens, immediately zoom out. The auto-aim should apply and you can start no scoping your target. Be sure to position your first shot. Obstacles/Wall can temporarily disable auto aim. Also note that killing the wrong target does not necessarily end the mission. You will be given 3 seconds before the mission ends. Watch the video for more details.

Quick Scope/No Scope Combination:
Once you mastered the auto-aim, you are ready to advance on to quick scope. Its the same as above as you must successfully snipe (hit) your target once. After that keep
zooming in and out while shooting. Fire rates increase and auto-aim will refocus regardless. This is much quicker and more consistent. As seen at the last part of the video auto aim/no scope is not always reliable. Applying quick scope shots will guarantee success, if used correctly and timely.

Scenarios for round 1 - 29

Kill the Messenger: Unless you are extremely good, I suggest you take out the horse first. You will be given plenty of time (5s) to take out your target.

Kill both the Delivery Man OR/ And Dealer. This event may be glitchy for you. If it is you will see the dealer floating instead of walking, making him only vulnerable at standstill position. In this case you should take out dealer first. It is possible to snipe the dealer once the deal is done. His head/hat will be sticking out. - Again this may be glitch. In this case you will not be able to kill the dealer.

Delivery Man: At one specific point , after contacting the dealer, the Delivery man will walk towards the horse and stop for 2-3 s. Take him out there . Head shots at not necessary as long as you are consistent with each shot.

With the auto-aim and quick scope trick you should be able to finish rounds 1-29 without problems.

Alternative method : The AFK Method.

Duration: ~708 hours for 4.5mil XP if you are completely afking.
~354 hours if using double XP and monitoring every 7-10minutes.

If you are playing Xbox, split screening, watching a movie, on a road trip with a portable PC/IPhone , etc then this method may be for you. Although it does not net as much XP and money, it is definitely worth doing if you rather do something else while aiming for this achievement. You will net 6k - 12k XP per an hour. "Dead Oak Ambush" (Oregon) is the best choice. With a proper macro you can leave your device without needing to monitor your device every 7-10 minutes.

Step 1:

First step play the one of the following missions until the invincibility glitch occur.

1. Save the Princess - Oregon Pass - Assassin's Creek (Best Choice)
2. Malanoche Assault - Arizona (Alternative Choice)

I do not know the exact cause for this glitch to occur but throughout my play-through I noticed several factors that can increase that chance.

1. Lag- Playing music, watching movies, etc. - Not required. I had several cases where I only did steps 2 and 3.
2. Complete the mission as fast as you can , defeating any enemies at first sight
3. Consistently shooting/moving/rolling

Note: Using the map travel , sign post, or changing region (Arizona to Oregon - vice versa ) will end the invincibility effect. Make sure you travel by foot or horse. So if you plan on staying at Oregon "Save the Princess" would your choice. Malanoche Assault is for Arizona.

Step 2:

Dead Oak Ambush - (20) Oregon ( Best Choice)
Rewards: 845 coins and 775 XP (1550 XP with Double XP)
Duration 7m :30s

King of the Hill (50) - Arizona
Rewards: 795 coins and 905 XP (1810 XP with Double XP)
Duration 10 minutes

(Make sure to change date for every 8k XP gained to refresh the double XP effect.)