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100% Completion

Complete all quests from beginning to end.

100% Completion0
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15 Mar 2014 22 Aug 2014
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This achievement is currently unattainable through normal means. It's best for you to wait until this game is patched. The only way to obtain this achievement is through a very rare glitch, which is currently known to occur for Windows Phone.

--------------------------------The Rare Achievement glitch------------------------------

Warning: You will run into many others problems if attempting this glitch. It includes level/story progression reset, game crash, corrupt data, etc. Having a backup data is heavily advised. The chance of this achievement glitch to occur is like winning a lottery.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

----------------------------------------Methods for Backup Data--------------------------------------------

Copying Local Data

This may be the best method as you can make any many save point as possible.

1. Open Your Local disk drive. ( C:/)
2. Open Users Folder and select your Gamertag or the name you first selected when you started Windows 8 (if its tied to your email).
3. Use Search Result and type "LocalState". You should find something like this
C:\Users\I am JeffRay90\AppData\Local\Packages\GAMELOFTSA.Six-Guns_0pp20fcewvvtj
4. Make a Copy of everything in that folder and place it elsewhere (desktop preferred) . It should contain AC , LocalState, Roaming State, Settings, SystemAppData, and TempState.
5. Whenever you want to refer to a specific save point just replace only the LocalState folder. For some people the game may not run so you may need to replace everything listed at step 4..

Cloud Data and Offline Mode

There are some cons to this method. They are the following:

1. Anytime you overwrite your local save with your cloud save , you will reset your killcount and treasure count. Try your best to get 10,000 killed enemies (Genocide achievement) before loading the cloud data.
2. Depending on how far apart your progress is from local and cloud , you may repeats hours of gameplay if hit by a glitch. Make a judgment call. From experience, it is best to save the "Hunting/herbalist" missions for last as the journal glitch will likely occur when obtaining or completing any one of those missions.

Playing offline will only save to your local data , leaving your cloud untouched. When you feel like saving into the cloud just play the game while connected online. In order files to save to the cloud you must do 1 of the following"
1) Complete any mission
2) Unlock an achievement
3) Level up
4) Make any purchase from the store
5) Travel different regions (Arizona to Oregon)

More info on Journal Glitch

More info on Cloud
Credit goes to MickFord

I've listed all the glitches I've run into so far below. If one of the following event occurs, you are pretty much screwed. You will need to start over so make sure to use the cloud data as a backup.

------------------------------1. The Journal Glitches--------------------------------------------------
1) Journal (missing checklist) - The Early Symptoms -

You may be able to complete quests, however, it's guaranteed you will run into problems making the 100% achievement unobtainable.

For every "Hunting/herbalist" mission you START AND COMPLETE make sure to check your journal. If any checklist is left out, reset and go back to your cloud data.
For example if your mission is to collect 5 bear pelts and 5 buffalo meat your journal should show the following:
[ ] Collect 5 Bear Pelts and 5 Buffalo Meat
( 0/ 10 items)

The glitch would show the following.
( 0/ 10 items)

2) Journal Random characters

For me this is usually followed up from the first glitch, however, you may run to this directly. You are bound to get the journal crash.

The random character glitch.(a variety)
( @@.....)

3) Journal Crash - Late Stage

Anytime you check your journal the game will crash . Even if you completed every mission the 100% achievement will not unlock. With many attempts of opening the journal it will show one mission available - either the last one you completed or a mission which you completed when your journal had Random characters.At this point it is too late for you. The best way is to start a new progress or you can attempt to delete local quest files on your user drive, however, I cant guarantee this will solve anything. -(Make sure to do this offline as your cloud data is your only point of recovery)

---------------------------------2. Level/Journal Progression Glitch--------------------------------------------

Traveling to Oregon or Arizona by foot with low hit points may cause this glitch to occur.

This bug will glitch your journal progression and you will lose everything you purchased from the store. Depending on the case of severity your coins and Sheriff Stars may remain intact (this happened to me). You will not start back at tutorial, instead you will stand at your last save point. All round mission remain as they stand. For example if you completed Fort Malonoche to round 50 it was say 0/50 on your journal but if start the quest it will remain at round 50.

It is possible when you repeat any boss fight quest you will notice the boss will appear dead at arrival. The mission will not complete unless you pay with Sheriff Stars. This is a dead part so you must start over.

Any collectable/hunting/herbalist mission will reset regardless, however, any completed will appear on your journal (with missing item count - Ex it won't show 2/2 items ).
This is a dead part so you must start over.

---------------------------------3. Unresponsive quest giver glitch-------------------------------------------------
Known to occur - Any Hunting/Herbalist Quest giver

I do not know the cause yet but I've run into this plenty of times. Once you've obtained all the necessary items to turn in, the quest giver will refuse to reward you. When you try turning the quest you will perform a different action instead (ex rolling). Dropping the items and obtaining it again will not solve this problem.
This will make the 100% completion impossible to obtain and further progression is halted. There are no work around so you must start over or refer to your cloud data.

Method of Prevention -
** Make sure to ask the quest giver BEFORE and AFTER completing the quest. He/she will tell you whether you still need to collect or you completed everything from him/her. *** If he/she is unresponsive refer to cloud data.

Some people may be a unclear when I say AFTER so I will describe a case that happened to me. After completing everything in the game I decided to repeat all round missions and decided to ask all quest giver. I've noticed "Farmer Judd (Pest Control) did not say anything despite completing all his missions and unlocking "Winter is Coming". In order words the "Pest Control" mission is marked as incomplete despite being listed on the journal .

------------------------------------4. Multiplayer Glitch---------------------------------------------------------

If you play multiplayer , you may run into a few glitches that will affect your single player game.

1) Health reset to 10. This can happen if you level up you character in multiplayer. This is not a major problem as it can be solved by leveling up.

2. Story progression and Journal reset. You will start back at the tutorial , however, every item you own will retain (weapons, stars, coins).

Six-Guns (Win 8)100% CompletionThe 100% Completion achievement in Six-Guns (Win 8) worth 20 pointsComplete all quests from beginning to end.

Okay. If you are still bold enough to attempt to complete this game , I've listed all the tips and hints regarding to 100% achievement down below. Make sure to read everything. Knowing the information below will save you 100+ hrs.

---------------------------Tips and Hints--------------------------------------------------

Try to save as many Sheriff stars as possible. You will want to save (30-40 stars ) for Jama-Jama auto-complete mission.

I highly recommend that once you reach level 10 buy the sniper (5k coins) immediately and start farming Eagle-Eye mission. Farm until you reach level 35 and accumulate 500k coins for the Gatling Annihilator. This weapon will save you a lot of time so its best to get this weapon before going through each missions.

Invincibility and Farming Method: See Demon Hunter IV and Demon Hunter I videos.
Invincibility may not be available to everyone. It is a glitch that you may run into while playing " Malanoche Assasult" or "Save the Princess" missions.

Six-Guns (Win 8)Demon Hunter IVThe Demon Hunter IV achievement in Six-Guns (Win 8) worth 135 pointsReach level 50.

Six-Guns (Win 8)Demon Hunter IThe Demon Hunter I achievement in Six-Guns (Win 8) worth 48 pointsReach level 15.

Infinite Lottery: Change your PC date/time settings while the game is running.
Ammo - Common -- Medicine - Uncommon- Equipments - Rare -Sheriff Stars - Very Rare

Health Regeneration : Change your PC date/time settings while the game is running. You will regain full health as long as you are not in a mission.

Double XP : Change your PC date/time settings while the game is running. You will see a light blue highlight across your experience bar if this works. Once you gain/pass 8,000 XP the double XP effect will be gone. You can change your PC date/time settings again to regain the effect.


Complete description and location of all collectibles.

Story Missions

Melee Fight
The Survivor
Revenge Served Hot
Repel the Attack
A Flower for Her Grave
Grave Robbers
They Came from Malanoche

Witch Hunter Missions

Not Guilty
Magic Herbs
Fight the Demon

Professor Missions
First Piece
Second Piece
Third Piece
Defeat the Professor

Arizona Missions
Cemetery Catacombs Quests (32 rounds) - Shared Mission
Human Larder (33 rounds)
The Granger Gang (50 rounds)
Devil's Garden Race (21 rounds)
Fort Ghost (26 rounds)
King of the Hill (50 rounds)
Malanoche Assault (50 rounds)
Race at Los Arcos (50 rounds)
Jama-Jama (50 rounds)
Eagle-Eye (30 rounds)

Oregon Missions
Cemetery Catacombs Quests (32 rounds) - Shared Mission
Freeman Fort (20 rounds)
Shooting Race (21 rounds)
Pond Dungeon (20 rounds)
The Gates of Hell (15 rounds)
Save the Princess (21 rounds)
Socorro Race (15 rounds)
Dead Oak Ambush (20 rounds)
Shooting Gallery (20 rounds)
The Outlaw Hunter (20 rounds)

Collectable items
Anti-Vampire Tonic (10)
Bandit's Map Pieces (15)
Chicken God Totems (20)
Confederate Dollars (10)
Arizona Dream catcher (30)
Oregon Dream catcher (30)
Mayan Crystal Skulls (7)
Ghosts of the Fallen (10) (Arizona - at Night Only. A single beam of light should appear )

Field Assistant (8)
Liquors (8)
Helping the Florist (8)
They Taste Yummy (9)
Decorations (10)
Pest Control (10)
Winter Is Coming (8) -
Advanced Medicine (8)
Town Supplies (12)
Haute Cuisine (8)
AwooThanks for the solution, that brings a little more clarity to this mess. I've been thinking of starting this game for a while since I wasn't sure if this was unobtainable or not, and now it's even more tempting to try to tame the glitchy beast... laugh
Posted by Awoo on 03 Apr 14 at 10:52
AwooStill, I am interested in your little "dead end". Surely if you back up (so to speak) your save in between every quest, you could just bash your head against the glitch wall until it lets you through?
Posted by Awoo on 03 Apr 14 at 10:55
I am JeffRay90I was caught off guard. Your cloud data will save automatically when you do any of the following

1)Travel to different regions
2) Receive a quest
3) Complete a quest
4) Level up
5) Unlock an achievement
6) Hit by a glitch (level/story progress reset etc)

Number 2 + 6 caught me by surprise. After I received the quest, "Helping the Florist VIII" - (It requires you to collect 4 different flowers) , I looked at my journal to see the checklist missing . I didn't know what flowers to collect. I immediately disconnected and deleted the game. When I loaded my cloud data it saved right at the spot where the glitch happen.

Since I was far into the game I decided to give it a go. I tried many different routes. I've spent a total of 10 hrs. (I've tried starting different quests, completing 1 collection mission in my journal at a time - very painful , etc)No matter what I did it always led to the random characters then journal crash.

As of now there is no way for me to confirm if this achievement is obtainable when the journal is working properly (for windows 8). There is one guy on TA who stated that he completed everything with a properly function journal for windows phone. According to TA there plenty of people who completed the game on that windows phone. - almost all of them achieved through glitch or altering files.
Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 03 Apr 14 at 17:52
I am JeffRay90Recently I started this game on windows phone. I loaded my cloud data. No achievement sync ,however, "demon hunter I - IV and 50k gold achievement came easy. When I opened my journal I was surprised to see the journal checklist re-appear. I proceeded in completing a mission but my journal crashed. I decided to go for the multiplayer achievement. After getting that achievement my local phone data corrupted. Now I am back at tutorial but with a catch, - my character level and equipment still remain. laugh

This ordeal wasn't bad as there were some achievement I could not unlock.

Top of the Food Chain - (The yellow rabbit beast only appear once after killing it)
The Bigger They Are... - I tried killing werewolves from various of places . This achievement never unlocked so I assume you can only get this at "Magic Herb" quest
My Lucky Day - Same here. This achievement only unlocks after opening the bronze chest (5 stars) which is given for free when trying the lottery for the first time.

SO this is where I stand
1) PC Local Data 99% complete (glitched)
2) Cloud data 90% complete (glitched)
3) Phone data (progression reset but with all character stats/equipments)

(19/20) achievement is my aim for this game on the windows phone. After that I will wait until a new patch arrive .(The IOS/android version had a new patch that came out on Feb 6 2014. This is no yet available on windows 8)
Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 03 Apr 14 at 17:54
I am JeffRay90Depending on how you proceed in this game, it can potentially take 200+ hrs to complete. That is why I emphasize farming to at least 35 (50 would be best) and accumulate 500k coins for the Gatling Annihilator to anyone willing to start this game.

It took me about 18-20 hrs grinding from level 1 - 50 with the double XP.
Even with the best free to play gear it still takes ~ 50-75hrs to complete all the missions.

It would cost several thousand dollars if one plans to use auto-complete. Even then it would still take 10-20hrs as collectibles/hunting/herbalist missions are unavoidable.
Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 03 Apr 14 at 21:03
I am JeffRay90I unlocked the achievement online , however, I am quite certain the achievement glitch will work offline. It's best to attempt offline if your cloud save is your only backup. I can guarantee you will run into a bug that will corrupt your game files

As for the second set of questions, I used Cemetery Catacombs( Arizona) and Oregon travel to make the treasures respawn back. At that time " What's Inside the Box?" achievement was my aim. I never expected to get 100% completionist achievement.

Here are the steps I followed
* Equip dual gun
step 1 ) Start Cemetery Catacombs mission using the map. Immediately fail the mission ( abandon mission through map).
Step 2) Collect treasures around Prosperidad town. (2-5 treasures)
Step 3) Use map to travel to Oregon. - ( This is where Achievements unlock)
Step 4) Travel back to Arizona using map.
Step 5) Collect treasures at train station. ( 1-4 treasures)
Step 6) Rinse and Repeat steps 1 - 5
*Expect the game to crash every 10 to 30 minutes.

Collecting treasures is not required. This is how I went about. My method attempts to overflow the game with pop up messages below.

Kill all the enemies at the Cemetery Catacombs.
Looted XX Coins
Gun, Sniper, Shoutgun Ammo

Other cases: (Windows phone)

One person on xbox360a stated he bought a dual gun and immediately traveled to Oregon to unlock the 15 achievement.
A few on TA / Xbox360a stated they failed Fort Ghost mission and traveled to Oregon to unlock 15 achievements.

There is a similarity to all who unlocked the 100% achievement through the glitch.
Everyone had at least a pop up message ( shop purchase, failed mission, or loot from treasures) when they traveled from Arizona to Oregon.

Currently I am attempting to complete this game again on Windows 8 (PC) . I've already spent 5hrs . Still no achievement.
Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 08 Apr 14 at 20:04
The GlobalizerHoly shit. Thanks for this PSA. Will avoid.

Gameloft, when will you learn?
Posted by The Globalizer on 24 Apr 14 at 13:42
Senior ChuponFYI we've applied the Unobtainable flag to this achievement, so if this becomes obtainable in the future please let us know!
Posted by Senior Chupon on 12 May 14 at 22:47
SwearySeanI've been pestering Gameloft all week, over on Twitter. Haven't had a response yet but I'll just keep doing it until I get one. Please do the same until we get this patched.
Posted by SwearySean on 04 Jul 14 at 12:24
So is this actually Unobtainable? or has it just been set to that cause a select few people who put the time in have not been able to get or had it glitch on them? as I doubt that many people actually put the full grind time into this.
Posted on 07 Dec 14 at 05:44
AwooAll you have to do is read the solution and the comments, that'll answer your question. If you somehow get past all the glitches, I have no doubt the achievement would unlock. People used to think I Am Arthur Clark in The War of the Worlds was impossible because of glitches (and its difficutly), but now three of us have done that one.
Posted by Awoo on 07 Dec 14 at 13:51
well I have not been hit with a glitch yet and I don't have many quests left to do. So hopefully I can get this. Saying that tho, im up to 20/40 armadillos and they have stopped spawning, I haven't seen one for days now lol
Posted on 01 Mar 15 at 00:04
scratch that, pest control V messed up for me, I accepted pest control I and V showed up in journal, I did I-IV with no probs, but now can't do V due to it showing up early.
Posted on 01 Mar 15 at 16:13
AP E JCHow do you travel to other regions through the map? I dont have this option. It must be unlocked?
Posted by AP E JC on 08 May 15 at 12:34
CosminiionJust finished ALL of the missions in the game, all rounds, stages, etc. and.... nothing. The journal glitch is unavoidable and I'm pretty sure it has to do with the game's inability to store this much data about so many missions, because it was programmed horribly. I encountered everything along the way: game freezing in-between regions and resetting my whole quest progress, collectables showing back up after all being collected, falling through the map, in Arizona all of the animals were spawning dead for a while, shooting gallery round 12 was unplayable after finishing round 11, but it showed up on the map later on and much more that I'm glad I can't recall. I tried many things to "fix" the journal glitch, but there's just no way. In conclusion, DO NOT GO FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT. It's a guaranteed waste of time.
Posted by Cosminiion on 23 May 15 at 18:05
K4rn4geThere is a new update/patch for this game that I just noticed today but not sure what it does. MAYBE it fixes the glitched achievement? I haven't done a lot in this game but maybe someone who has can give it a shot :)
Posted by K4rn4ge on 26 Sep 15 at 16:17
K4rn4geBtw, I'm seeing the update on Windows 8.1
Posted by K4rn4ge on 26 Sep 15 at 16:18
TanukiVI got the "Journal Random characters" long time ago on an old machine. Recently started this one again on a new machine and on the phone, and the random characters are gone. I got all good journal entries so far.
Posted by TanukiV on 11 Jan 16 at 12:31
CosminiionThe journal random characters bug seems to happen around 70% completion and the game crashing from opening up the journal seems to begin around 75%. Very rough percentages from my memory.
Posted by Cosminiion on 12 Jan 16 at 03:18
TanukiVAs I mentioned earlier, I did have that random long time ago, probably near completion but now it does not seems to exist when i load my cloud save. I just have a numbers of round based missions left and just did not bother much since it is currently flagged unobtainable. Anyone interested in testing it further since the September update?
Posted by TanukiV on 12 Jan 16 at 14:34
Marx0rHow long would it take to do this?
Posted by Marx0r on 19 Jan 16 at 20:51
Cosminiion@Marx0r to do it all? More than 2 weeks if you play a lot each day. It would be too excruciatingly boring to do it in a shorter period.
Posted by Cosminiion on 23 Jan 16 at 02:05
Marx0rWhat exactly would I be looking for to confirm if the glitch is still there or not?
Posted by Marx0r on 25 Jan 16 at 15:36
CosminiionI started up the game again and recovered my save from cloud and the very same thing happens as before, when the journal is opened, the game crashes right away. I recompleted one of the round-based missions and still nothing. Do not bother with this achievement is my opinion, all the rest are fine. As for you, Marx0, check the Journal Glitches section from this guide, if you're very curious.
Posted by Cosminiion on 01 Feb 16 at 02:45
Marx0rI'm a completionist, I'm not starting the game on my tag unless it's completeable. I was going to try it on a dummy account. It's very possible that the patch only fixed new players' information and didn't help retroactively.
Posted by Marx0r on 09 Feb 16 at 19:55