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Defeat Vendrick

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Defeat Vendrick

Vendrick is the giant you walk past to get the King's Ring after defeating Velstadt The Royal Aegis in the Undead Crypt. Don't attempt to fight him though, beat the game first then come back.
(New Game + does not automatically start after beating the final boss)

Vendrick has very high defense so he will take some time to kill, additionally his attacks are likely to kill you in a single hit. However it is possible to lower his defense by having the unique items "Soul of a Giant" in your inventory (DO NOT use Soul of a Giant for the souls). Three Giant souls can be obtained from killing the giants in the giant memories and the one under Black Gulch.

For the fight I highly recommend a fully upgraded weapon and using a 100% block greatshield with high stability. A good shield will allow you to take a hit now and then. Surviving a hit is much better than the damage two handing gives you as this is very long fight.
For reference I used a lightning mastodon greatsword +10, with 40 strength 35 faith and was doing 260 damage a hit while two handing.

Patience is key for this fight so take your time and don't get greedy.
Once the fight starts sprint right to him (you might need to dodge through an attack) and hug the back of his left leg (opposite the side he holds his sword). This sweet spot is where you should stay for the entire fight, if you're lucky. If you strafe counterclockwise he shouldn't be able to hit you. Wait for him to attack then land a few hits and continue strafing. Keep in the middle of the area, stay calm and you should be fine.
In the event he jumps away or starts to hug a wall, sprint away, wait for an opening or for him to get into the middle, then sprint right back

The Achievement unlocks once you beat him.

If you want his soul and armor it's located behind a locked door a bit passed the second bonfire in Shrine of Amana. You have to have beaten him and be in human form for the door to open.
While I wouldn't recommend it, you can obtain a 5th soul by killing the Ancient Dragon.
Posted on 16 Mar 14 at 14:52
SpakonIs this easier on NG + since you can have more Giant Souls?
Posted by Spakon on 18 Mar 14 at 01:45
Bendall 117I'm not sure. I would think the benefit of having more giant souls would be very little in comparison to the difficulty of NG+. I would recommend doing everything possible before NG+.
Posted by Bendall 117 on 18 Mar 14 at 01:50
SpakonNG +, 6 Giant Souls, SL 227 took me 9 casts of Soul Geyser to kill him, damn he's a tough MF
Posted by Spakon on 19 Mar 14 at 07:44
Cower Before meAre you able to summon phantoms for his fight or is it a 1v1?
Posted by Cower Before me on 19 Mar 14 at 21:54
Bendall 117I didn't see any summon signs in any of my human attempts so I'm pretty sure it's a 1v1.
Posted by Bendall 117 on 19 Mar 14 at 22:23
XEHANORT989If you want to get a 5th Giant Soul without fighting the dragon, just use a bonfire ascetic in Black Gultch AFTER you beat the two giants so they spawn again.
Posted by XEHANORT989 on 20 Mar 14 at 07:34
I Ebon Hawk II think it's fine to use a shield for this fight depending on your stats. Make sure the shield has 100% physical resistance. I would recommend the Tower Shield, Gyrm Greatshield or Pursuer's Greatshield. With a shield I was able to survive some of his attacks which would have killed me otherwise. It's extremely difficult to complete the whole fight without getting hit. Sometimes he backs into a wall which makes it difficult to strafe around him. I think it's better to roll to avoid his attacks, personally (though you have to get the timing exactly right).
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 21 Mar 14 at 21:55
ElvenMage95Fuck that guy is annoying i tried everything sorcery,miracles sunlight spear,poromantrics and hexes nothing gives him big damage i have 50 Intelligence and 55 faith nothing worked powerful enough and he kills me in 1 hit.

And i don't get it with that giant souls i have 4 of them in my inventory but i see no difference he still have the same defense.

Does someone know something that can help me?
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 15:21
ElvenMage95I saw he get much damage from very powerful paromantrics ( firestorm,fire tempest,chaos storm) i try this and i almost killed him i have 4 giant souls and from chaos storm he get over 500 damage maybe the best way to kill him
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 16:32
ElvenMage95The only bad thing is it takes very long to use the spells he can already kill you if you use the spell
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 17:31
Bendall 117Try the Clear Bluestone Ring+1(found in a chest in Shaded Woods) it shortens spell casting time by 35%
Posted by Bendall 117 on 22 Mar 14 at 19:02
ElvenMage95What i can do is use a soul vessel and use the points to upgrade my HP to max and the rest to strength and dexterity

Is that maybe a good idea??
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 19:08
ElvenMage95I am now level 167 and started as level 11 i have 156 points to spent
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 19:33
Bendall 117Stick with your build and use your most powerful spells. Keep distance from him and bait his attack, the second he finishes cast a spell and repeat. Make sure your staff or chime are fully upgraded and use the biggest shield with the most stability you can carry.
Posted by Bendall 117 on 22 Mar 14 at 19:33
ElvenMage95thanks bro which spells do you advise?

I have lightning spear,big lightning spear and sunlight spear but that does not much damage to him

Also hexes and sorceries does not much damage against him
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 20:01
ElvenMage95If i am right i can upgrade my spells but i don't know how
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 22 Mar 14 at 20:02
AntonysjYou get an upvote from me sir! Hugging his leg is a very good strategy. Counter clockwise strafing is the best, I found however when he turns right you should strafe clockwise briefly to get back behind him. Might be worth noting, for melee based characters it's worth having at least 2 weapons equipped as my Great Club broke midway through the fight and I had to equip a new weapon mid battle!! But yeah, great strategy. Just for the record I went in with 50Vgr 40End 42Vit 35Str (I used a Soul Vessel) Full Havels, Tower Shield+8 Great Club+10 and Claymore+10. I was 'fat rolling' but I rolled so little it made no difference.

Anyway, thanks again! +1
Posted by Antonysj on 22 Mar 14 at 20:30
ElvenMage95I got the achievement i killed that bitch hell yeeeaaahhhh!!

Thanks for your help bro i killed him with my flame walls
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 23 Mar 14 at 00:55
R3APER 0F G0DSi had to rebuild my caster as a knight to beat this bastard.. hugging his leg def. good strategy.
also agree with ebonhawk about the shield, i carried grym greatshield and it saved my ass blocking a couple times, especially when he gets close to or on a wall and you try to squeeze behind him.
Posted by R3APER 0F G0DS on 24 Mar 14 at 09:10
WodverWizardCONFIRMED: As of version 1.02 you can still get a SECOND 'Soul of a Giant' from the 2 Giants in Black Gulch. It makes the fight against the dragon unnecessary. (Honestly, I don't know why nobody gave any credit to XEHANORT989, since he mentioned this before.)

This trick gave me my fifth soul without fighting the dragon. With 5 souls, I was able to down him quite easily. Just use the aforementioned strategy of staying behind him while hugging his left leg. Just watch out for those distance attacks. They will ruin your day. He usually slashes twice while doing them. I found rolling past his right side to be the safest bet every time. Just don't forget that second slash, get a second roll in there just to be sure.
If you manage to dodge those, the rest of the fight is very straightforward.
Posted by WodverWizard on 24 Mar 14 at 22:48
COWBOYFRMHELL77I just used a bonfire ascetic and did not get another giant soul. Any suggestions? Please message me on xbox
Posted by COWBOYFRMHELL77 on 25 Mar 14 at 03:45
COWBOYFRMHELL77I used it in the forest bonfire to farm souls from memory, but they did redrawn in gulch, no giant soul though
Posted by COWBOYFRMHELL77 on 25 Mar 14 at 03:47
xMANNY FRE5HxI just beat him after obtaining the 5 souls (the dragon was a bitch but the other giant souls where easy) I'm a caster and I just stayed close to him and strafed right. But don't strafe too much behind him or he will jump back to give himself room to hit you. After he missed his attack I would hit him with magic. If he jumped back I would back away from him, give myself quite a bit of distance and wait for his charge attack, then I just timed the roll (or two) and went right to continue the strafing strat. You just REALLY want to avoid getting backed into a wall. Take your time and don't rush, time your estus heals just like your attacks.

I was SL 165 with a tower shield & judgement armor
Posted by xMANNY FRE5Hx on 26 Mar 14 at 15:54
WodverWizardIf it wasn't clear: the bonfire you want to use an ascetic on for the second souls drop from the Giants is the first bonfire in Black Gulch (the one in a cave on your left as you enter.) A small warning though: I've read people say this trick didn't work for them. I merely confirmed it CAN still work, but if it doesn't, you'll end up with nothing but a much harder area in your NG+ playthroughs. Unless someone can confirm that this always works, try this at your own risk.
Posted by WodverWizard on 27 Mar 14 at 00:36
DanTheWhaleI don't know why but no matter what I do to my +10 Broadsword I only end up doing 15-16 damage to him. I have only 1 Giant soul since I thought I had to use them to progress the story. Any help?
Posted by DanTheWhale on 29 Mar 14 at 06:47
Bendall 117A new character or New Game+ are your best bet. There are 5 giant souls, 3 in memories on a giant corpse at the end of each, one on a giant under black gulch and one from defeating the dragon. If you're sure you had and used them it will take a very long time to beat him on your current playthrough.
Posted by Bendall 117 on 29 Mar 14 at 07:04
MalazanI just want to point you don't need Vendrick to be in the middle of the area. I managed to kill him with him camping next to a wall almost the entire fight. As Bendall17 says, the key is patience, learn when to roll and don't bother with your shield. I beat him using a Black Knight Ultra Greatsword +5 and 4 Giant souls. So happy! Thanks Bendall17!
Posted by Malazan on 29 Mar 14 at 12:22
JasoX FINSuper easy in NG+ with numerous giant souls, i just spammed false dawn and great fireball at him.
Posted by JasoX FIN on 30 Mar 14 at 12:50
HashmapUnless my game is glitched, you do not get another giants' soul in Black Gultch when you use a bonfire aesthetic and kill the Giants a second time in NG.
Posted by Hashmap on 30 Mar 14 at 18:37
Vr EnglishIn response to Hashmap, those Giants only drop a giant soul once per playthrough.

I just beat this as a Faith user, Emit force does more damage than the lightning spears, as stated in the wiki and its true.

If you went faith I'd recommend a dragon chime +5 or for hexes a Caitha's chime or Chime of Want.
Posted by Vr English on 08 Apr 14 at 10:35
JadedJontyThe Old Whip does good damage, if you can get it (random Smooth & Silky trade). With 4 Souls, wielded 2H, it did around 200 damage. Still a long fight though...
Posted by JadedJonty on 11 Apr 14 at 00:50
ImaginaryRuins+5 Black Knight Halberd and +5 Black Dragon Shield. Beat him around lv.170
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 15 Apr 14 at 11:32
ElvenMage95I killed vendrick very easy on my 3rd playtrough with 2 zweilanders both +10
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 18 Apr 14 at 11:43
ElvenMage951 shock and 1 fire enchantment
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 18 Apr 14 at 11:45
LordRex172vendrick is actually pretty easy to beat if you fight him immediately after Velstadt. None of his attacks were OHKO and all of my attacks were doing about 400 damage (one handed using a lightning +10 bastard sword)
Posted by LordRex172 on 09 May 14 at 18:07
LordRex172vendrick is actually pretty easy to beat if you fight him immediately after Velstadt. None of his attacks were OHKO and all of my attacks were doing about 400 damage (one handed using a lightning +10 bastard sword)
Posted by LordRex172 on 09 May 14 at 19:22
LordRex172vendrick is actually pretty easy to beat if you fight him immediately after Velstadt. None of his attacks were OHKO and all of my attacks were doing about 400 damage (one handed using a lightning +10 bastard sword)
Posted by LordRex172 on 09 May 14 at 19:55
LordRex172vendrick is actually pretty easy to beat if you fight him immediately after Velstadt. None of his attacks were OHKO and all of my attacks were doing about 400 damage (one handed using a lightning +10 bastard sword)
Posted by LordRex172 on 10 May 14 at 01:08
Drofdel NomadMy fog gate wont appear but I've beaten the game?
Posted by Drofdel Nomad on 10 Jul 14 at 23:26
ElvenMage95So if you hit vendrick a few times there comes no fog wall??
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 11 Jul 14 at 01:44
Bendall 117There's no fog wall the first time you meet him. Once you attack him he becomes hostile and if he kills you there will be a fog wall the next time you go back.
Posted by Bendall 117 on 11 Jul 14 at 02:39
ElvenMage95That's true
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 11 Jul 14 at 14:06
ElvenMage95There comes a fog wall if you hit him a few times
Posted by ElvenMage95 on 11 Jul 14 at 14:06
JasonsOkayJust to confirm as of today using an astetic on the Black Gulch Giants can net you that 5th Giant soul easy. Make sure it's the FIRST bonfire for that area that you use it on though. The second one pretty much just respawns the Pharro's Lockstone next to the bonfire and The Rotten again.
Posted by JasonsOkay on 06 Aug 14 at 23:25
danwood11Good tactic. Spells were taking too long so switched to +10 Enchanted Falchion with 40 Faith. Took 5 to 10 minutes of hitting him in the back and dodging. Beat him with 1 more hit left on my Falchion before it would have broken :)
Posted by danwood11 on 20 Aug 14 at 19:23
LegionOblivionJust did this last night - best strategy for me was to equip the red tearstone ring, get hit by the knights before his fog door so the ring activated, double hand my +10 lighting longsword (he has low lighting resist) and hug his legs. When you are in close combat his attacks are limited and easy to predict. If he wanders close to a wall and doesnt jump back start rolling back towards the middle of the area while keeping a lock on him so he walks towards you (he might throw a spell at you, just roll left or right then run in close to his legs again) . Goodluck all!!
Posted by LegionOblivion on 03 Nov 14 at 17:30
EdOrAm05An easy way to finish him is always stay behind him, then he will attack with his sword to the front, once he does you hit him with attacks of mele or magic
Posted by EdOrAm05 on 12 Sep 19 at 15:10