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Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah

Surround one piece with six black pearls.

Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah0
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15 Dec 2008
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Definitely one of the hardest achievements around, but if you decide to keep playing Hexic to become good, this should come around in time.

Remember, the game is NOT about matching groups of hexes together. It's about creating starflowers, then pearls. That should be your mindset. Every move should work toward creating a starflower, maneuvering stars together to create a pearl, grouping pearls, or defusing a bomb. Everything else is a bad move.

Things to keep in mind:

1) Defusing bombs is always the top priority. Always.

2) You should always have lots of stars on the board. They allow a lot better maneuvering and piece movement. In fact, until it's hard to move without comboing stars, keep making them. Make the pearl when you pretty much have to do it to clear out some of the stars.

3) The best place to make a starflower is centered on a star. It's easier to move pieces into place, you get more points, and the new star is dropped from up above, where it's less likely to result in comboing stars.

4) Think through your moves before making them. It's not a timed game - make sure you're not going to accidentally make a combo before moving. Accidental combos are the quickest ways to wipe out clusters of stars.

5) Be extremely careful when going for the pearl flower. Use a star as the center, and double and triple check each move once the pearls are nearby. Nothing worse than accidentally comboing three of them when you're close. Don't even move the pearls close together until you have all six to prevent a runaway cascade from comboing them on you.
RRIKERI would like to add that as long as you use the game menus, you can back out to the dash and your current game's state will save so you can get back to it later.
Posted by RRIKER on 30 Dec 08 at 15:44
GibGirlHehe, yes... going for this achievement in one straight play session would take a LONG time. :)
Posted by GibGirl on 30 Dec 08 at 18:19
Planekonomiit's no that hard if you don't waste your moves. i managed to do 9 black pearls in my first try..
Posted by Planekonomi on 16 Feb 09 at 17:34
HuGh1212i just cant stand this game.... no patience for it :P
Posted by HuGh1212 on 06 Apr 09 at 23:45
unholycheeseI'm absolutely addicted to this game, but no matter what i do i cant seem to get this achievement.
Posted by unholycheese on 05 Oct 09 at 03:07
QuarantaneI have tried for this countless times, but I don't have the hexic skill to do annoys me because I have 100% for Luminese, but not this
Posted by Quarantane on 03 Dec 09 at 23:07
SecondHeartbeatI'm not giving up on this achievement but I doubt I'll get it any time soon. I need to practice making a Master Grid.
Posted by SecondHeartbeat on 12 Jan 10 at 23:32
Amon Z88For sure you have to be patiente to have this achievement, but with perseverance you'll understand the way to follow...
8 hours in the same game for me to unlock this achievement!

Look at this video or another one, it could help you!

Posted by Amon Z88 on 09 Mar 10 at 23:12
Alexiel Soli 69i had the center come out of the final star formation and lost all 6 black pearls the last time i tried had to put it away for a long while after that accident
Posted by Alexiel Soli 69 on 03 May 10 at 02:22
CormacI had 5 black pearls and 7 star flowers last night. The plan was to place the 5 black in a flower with the star flowers arranged on top so when they made a new black it was at most one move from completion.

I started moving them all around and within about 30 seconds I had lost 4 star flowers. In hastily trying to recoup my losses I accidentally put 3 blacks together and ended the game. 2 hours wasted.

I'm not done. It rekindled my love of Hexic. I've read up your tips and I'm heading back in. I'll not let this one get the better of me after getting that close!
Posted by Cormac on 08 Aug 10 at 06:40
FirvagorI actually just got it using this video as a guide. Doubtful you'll get it in ~35 minutes, but I found it helpful.

Of course, it took me about 4 hours and 72 stars. It would've been much shorter if I hadn't kept screwing it up.
I managed to get to the final setup without losing any stars (I did mess up the grid a couple times), then realized that the key pearl was oriented the wrong way. After getting way too many accidental star combos, I finally managed to rebuild and position enough stars and a pearl with the right orientation in the right place. Incredibly satisfying.
Posted by Firvagor on 20 Aug 10 at 04:29
McGubbaloI just had 60 white stars but only managed 3 black pearls from them. I think I lost 8 white stars on one move. My score was over 900,000. :-( I'll get there soon.
Posted by McGubbalo on 08 Jan 11 at 08:01
IQwzCan you dashboard out thought the menus as BRIKER says? This would be so helpful
Posted by IQwz on 20 Jan 11 at 20:31
InigoMontoya80Took me 10 hours in a game. REALLY SLOW MOVING. Had the Pooh-Bah in round 2. Didnt even have to worry about bombs. Trust me take your time on EVERY move and it is possible. I thought I would never get it.
Posted by InigoMontoya80 on 12 Feb 11 at 02:15
NickHawkeyeI set up the Master grid and from there it was a piece of cake. Setting it up is the hard part. Its a very slow and tricky process. I collapsed parts of it a few times so I lost about 20 stars to collapses. but if you go slow and think about every move and get it built row by row bottom up its not too bad. If your here you probably already saw this but check out the link posted by sadelack in his solution for "Big cheese of the South Seas" that page helped me tremendously
Posted by NickHawkeye on 01 Apr 11 at 16:09 is gone, but you can still get there through the wayback machine...
Posted by talkstogod on 23 Apr 11 at 20:08
Zoda iZ CruelMy strategy was like making 6 or more starflowers/maybe 1 black pearl if possible in the first level.
Then looking what works and go on.
All you need for this game is a lot of time,good concentration (maybe good music in background) and a good overview about the things on the screen.
Hopes everybody who tries a lot will get it. :)
Posted by Zoda iZ Cruel on 27 Apr 11 at 19:14
this came actually pretty easy for me as i used to watch my mom play games like this all the time so i always came up with stratagies and stuff for this game way easily. got it within a few rounds but must say it could of been a lot harder.
Posted on 14 May 11 at 09:23
this came actually pretty easy for me as i used to watch my mom play games like this all the time so i always came up with stratagies and stuff for this game way easily. got it within a few rounds but must say it could of been a lot harder.
Posted on 14 May 11 at 09:49
theEVOL1@ChunderDragon-yes, menu out to save your game. Make sure you go back to the main menu. If you push the guide button in the game screen and dashboard out, you will lose your game.

As for the solution, +1. For everyone reading this number 4 is absolutely #1. Patience. Despite what many people think, this is not a game of luck, but a game of strategy. Stop yourself. Stare at the screen for 10 minutes if you must. 1 Wrong move can end a game or ruin your chance at unlocking this coveted achievement.
Posted by theEVOL1 on 20 Aug 11 at 13:13
alpaca777All these guides basically show you the ropes and basics, but they are all based on having some miracle perfect drop right at the beg it seems or at the right moment.
Posted by alpaca777 on 10 Apr 12 at 20:51
ItsRoflzpatience is needed for this achievements guys. i won this when i got suspended for a week and i took my time and it took me about an hour... just get a pair of stars within spinning distance and u should be able to match the colors up good and before u know it youll have six black pearls!
Posted by ItsRoflz on 18 Apr 12 at 23:54
alpaca777I tend to have problems when 2 stars touch each other after creating another one and getting them seperated again. it's frustrated! lol
Posted by alpaca777 on 20 Apr 12 at 01:37
ItsRoflzin order to separate them just rotate them until there is a match then rotate the star and the other colors should line up. sometimes two stars together can be an advantage or disadvantage
Posted by ItsRoflz on 12 May 12 at 22:40
PlayForSariousI've attempted this achievement a few months ago and failed at getting it, however it helps to actually focus on 2 stars together I was able to dance around the board and achieve more stars to pieces that where near completion. I've yet to learn from my mistakes after making a load of stars and all it takes is that one mistake and I lose a majority of them. x.x Im not going to give in till its complete.
Posted by PlayForSarious on 19 May 12 at 09:15
ItsRoflztake your time people!!! i just did this achievement for a friend so i have done this game twice now... luck and skill
Posted by ItsRoflz on 21 Jul 12 at 07:21
MattiasAndersonI made it in my 4th attempt, had one bomb in the entire game. It is easy when you figure out how to do it.
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 02 Aug 12 at 05:13
AV8OR ACEThis is very frustrating. I have gotten five black pearls and had enough stars for the sixth about 3 times. For some reason every time I reach this point a bomb drops that I can't find the solution. Going to put it away for a few days and try again later......Good advice in the solution though.
Posted by AV8OR ACE on 08 Dec 12 at 00:58
Bad Ace BarkerI jumped up and down when I got this achievement! Never thought I'd get it... Definitely one worthy for the trophy case.
Posted by Bad Ace Barker on 23 Feb 13 at 20:47
JonnyBlazin5Came back after a 5 year break and got it second time!

Good guide!
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 28 May 13 at 11:26
Robster80I can't do this - i don't have the brains or the patience to do this achievement. I'd rather find somebody who can actually do this achievement for me, because I have had it.
Posted by Robster80 on 30 Sep 13 at 00:08
Jorge TrajanoWhy did i play this game when i bought my 360, i will never perfect this game, and it will bug me forever. cry
Posted by Jorge Trajano on 12 Dec 13 at 05:56
LAFTAPatience seems to be the key here, of which I have very little...
Posted by LAFTA on 05 Jan 14 at 22:37
ItsRoflzThis achievement will come with time and experience. i got banned from xbox live for a week for swearing at a younger kid in a message. (my bad) but anyway during that week, hexic was the only game i had that didnt have online achievements i needed. i played this non stop for a week to learn the ins and outs. eventually it became much easier to strategize and predict the outcomes
Posted by ItsRoflz on 19 Jan 15 at 01:26
herbal1stgood guide. it only misses the tutorial for the mastergrid as someone mentioned before. with use of the grid it should become much easier;

i played this excessive a few years ago and went for insane highscores, i'm still in top 100 with this little trick, enjoy^^;
Posted by herbal1st on 20 Jan 15 at 06:36
DAN5KI97Fuck this game and it's shitty achievement all going smoothly til a fucking bomb comes along that was literally impossible to take out!
Posted by DAN5KI97 on 08 Mar 15 at 04:03
herbal1sthey dan5ki, if decide to go for it again here's a little guide for bomb defense if you play with the mastergrid;
also the bombs drop in periodically pattern, all 12 combos you do or something around that. if you do the combos at the same place all the time you can pretty good predict when and where the next bomb will drop.. wink
Posted by herbal1st on 08 Mar 15 at 04:35
Plasma TeardropI just did this today in 55 minutes and 56 seconds! Fucking finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Plasma Teardrop on 07 Feb 16 at 02:47
VoragaJust got it a while ago today and I have 2 things to say:

1 The hardest part of this achievement is making the master grid because you can get undefusable bombs before its done. Once the master grid is made then a Pooh Bah is easy. What I did was set up the bomb defense of 3 star pieces in the top left corner and make all my stars on the second flower from the left making it pretty much bomb proof. I followed Hokiebird428's how to video on some techniques on making the grid and then the pearls.

Even after you start making pearls always make them on the same flower, the second from the right. A tip I can give is if after you make a black pearl and you don't remember how long ago a bomb was, keep making flowers at the mentioned spot until a bomb appears. Then count how many combos it takes for another appear for the level you are on. Bombs get smaller fuses as the levels get higher but I was on level 7 when I got my Pooh Bah and the fuses were 6 or 5.

2. This achievement is a product of the devil. Think about it. You need 6 black pearls around a piece. A pearl needs 6 flower pieces around a piece. A flower piece needs 6 same colored pieces around a different color piece. That makes 666. If you get this achievement (which congrats less than 2% of 238k TA members have it) then you will have beaten the devil and he will most likely set his sights on you for revenge. He doesn't like losing.
Posted by Voraga on 11 Apr 16 at 08:07
laserbearnsharkIt’s hard, it sucks but it’s doable. 2nd attempt, took me 1,5 hours and a lot patience and concentration. Don’t give up people!
Posted by laserbearnshark on 17 Aug 20 at 16:16