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Bunker Defense

Awarded for protecting friendly forces from superior enemy numbers.

Bunker Defense+0.1
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Bunker Defense

Once you reach level 11, go to the southeast corner of the map. Waves of 20 enemy soldiers will try to get to the entrances of the compound if you let no more than 20 get in you will unlock this achievement.

When going through this game which I am highly recommending doing is using the Xbox Achievements road map made by CienPR, when you hit each level of the story just hit CTRL+F on the page and type the Mission you are on, and you will find the achievements you need to look out for and how to do them on each mission. There is about 2 each mission, and there aren't any videos which I would be posting if I could find some, but I guess this game isn't popular enough.

Again credit goes to CienPR, good luck and have fun toast

Road Map:
HappyCampersIIAgain?? Seriously?? Are you that hard up to write guides that you write half-assed guides to achievements you don't have?
Posted by HappyCampersII on 05 May 14 at 18:44
Strategy One@HappyCampersII these achievements do not require much to be told how to get the achievements so stop being a baby, I am pointing out where you unlock the achievement, the rest doesn't need to be said. I WILL UNLOCK THE ACHIEVEMENTS WHEN I GET TO WORKING ON THIS GAME. Btw im guessing if you unlock these achievements its because you used my guides.
Posted by Strategy One on 07 May 14 at 05:49