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Hello Cleveland!

Deploy Vocal Overdrive 4 times in a single song

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15 Dec 2008
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Do a long song on easy and just blow your overdrive whenever it is available. Good songs to choose from are Hungry Like The Wolf and Everlong. There are plenty of other choices though (Aqualung, Visions, etc).
S1X DEMON BAGYeah - got this on my first try at vocals on Limelight by Rush (Downloadable content). Anything long enough - and if you know the song already - should do the trick.
Posted by S1X DEMON BAG on 05 May 09 at 06:00
AdamRawrryeap, did on "hungry like the wolf"
Posted by AdamRawrr on 23 May 09 at 22:31
Pedle ZelnipPerfect tip, did Hungry Like A Wolf on Medium, and got it my first try. First time singing too. :)
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 04 Dec 09 at 22:33
Brandon oh nofirst try on Hungry Like A Wolf!
Posted by Brandon oh no on 16 May 14 at 23:33
Reabohow to do you activate over drive?
Posted by Reabo on 25 Feb 16 at 17:55
NighthawkJoVJust "woo!" or something during the little glowy sections. In later versions of the game you can also hit the A button on the controller, but I don't recall if it works that way on Rb2.
Posted by NighthawkJoV on 25 Feb 16 at 19:11