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Assassin's Creed III

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There are 64 Assassin's Creed III achievements (50 without DLC) worth 2,607 (1,350)

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Secret Achievement in Assassin's Creed III

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382,691 (182,630)
Achievement won on 26 Mar 14
TA Score for this game: 2,607
Posted on 26 March 14 at 09:41, Edited on 16 November 17 at 07:10
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A solution for those that have an unobtainable Pivot in a building/ rock, etc. (Credit goes to Darsh D on Youtube, playing on a PS3, using a solution developed by Adam Gulch) (THIS WORKS FOR 360!).

I unluckily had a Pivot (my last one) stuck in a building (no way in) in southern New York. For days I tried everything until I saw a video on Youtube of a guy playing AC3 on PS3 solving the problem of the unobtainable Pivot and adapted his solution to this one:

Here are the steps to re-sync that problem Pivot to a different (obtainable) one that worked for me moments ago.
1. Place all remaining pivots (11) in a circle around unobtainable Pivot, making sure every line intersects problem Pivot (on your map there should be no set pivots without a line through them).
2. MOST IMPORTANT: Go into Pivot info screen and HIGHLIGHT problem Pivot with your cursor and LEAVE it there! (for me is was pivot Sigma). STAY IN THIS PIVOT INFO MENU! Do NOT do anything else except the rest of this solution OR this will NOT work!
3. UNPLUG the power to your modem/ router or Ethernet cable (I unplugged modem). (to disconnect with UBISOFT servers).
4. In a few seconds a warning box (disconnected from UBISOFT servers) will pop up. Reconnect internet signal. (I powered back up modem). (forces a resynchronization with UBISOFT servers).
5. You should have the option to hit the Y button to reconnect. Push Y and sign back into your profile.
6. Immediately when you get control of your cursor back, highlight problem Pivot again.
7. This resynchronization should now have rescanned a NEW Pivot for you to find in a new location! (Frontier for me). If this doesn't work the first time keep trying. (This worked for me on the FIRST try).
8. If you followed these steps very carefully you can now go collect your newly scanned last Pivot, Sync To The Cloud, and enjoy your achievement!

I hope this truly helps someone as I have probably never been more mad/happy/relieved all at the same time, which, in turn, prompted me to write this solution. Good luck.
Seamus McLimey I can confirm that this does indeed work. Might want to attach the video to this, as some people might have an easier time following visual instructions. Thank you very much for posting this! Was just above to give up on this game too...
Posted by Seamus McLimey on 27 Mar 14 at 03:30
No Retribution Worked for me....thank the lord for that....was driving me mad
Posted by No Retribution on 31 Mar 14 at 00:13
RedGorilla007 Thumbs up. Worked great. Glad to have this done!!
Posted by RedGorilla007 on 08 Apr 14 at 23:03
heres wolfie Tip if your xbox is wired connection. Just unplug the cable in your xbox . Rather than switching off your modem
Posted by heres wolfie on 06 Jul 14 at 14:39
DivineWind72 For those who are wireless and can't disconnect their modem for whatever reason simply signing out your profile after following Step 2 will also work, the game will go back to the startup/menu screen but when you sign back in and continue you will find the pivot has moved - for me, it was Sigma, stuck inside a building in New York and it moved to the Frontier.
Posted by DivineWind72 on 02 Oct 14 at 23:56
SwelterinBeaver Thumbs up from me, worked a treat. It did take me about 2 hours of doing this but eventually worked, thanks pal!
Posted by SwelterinBeaver on 28 Nov 14 at 21:03
M Scofi3ld I had two stuck. One I got using this method. The second I am unable to make a circle around it with my pivots because it so far north in the frontier.
Posted by M Scofi3ld on 01 Dec 14 at 04:19
Car56 I wish all of you luck on this one. To those that have solved their problem using this guide-congratulations. Keep in mind this guide potentially only solves the problem with pivots that are in an area where you can surround the pivot with your own to form intersecting lines. I'm not sure why this works, only going off the YouTube vid where this gentleman solved his problem on a PS3 version of the game so I came up with an edited format for the 360 to solve mine. Hope this helps. I'll try to help others that still can't seem to make this work jus msg me. Here's to hope!
Posted by Car56 on 02 Dec 14 at 22:28
Skinstakovic Ok, how on earth did you get all the pivots to have intersecting lines? No matter if I place my pivots close or far I can never get them all to contribute lines :(
Posted by Skinstakovic on 06 Jul 15 at 12:11
Mo Shizzy My pivot is stuck in this building and the fix isn't working. Can somebody post a picture of how they planted their pivots to get this to work? Or a video that shows all the steps? This is driving me crazy :(
Posted by Mo Shizzy on 07 Apr 16 at 13:07
Arador Does not work
Posted by Arador on 05 Nov 16 at 12:28
TachikomaShiki I think your solution is great but I believe it may only work for the New York apartment pivot glitch. I happened to have the Boston stuck in a building one and couldn't get any method to work until I came across a forum post over on PSNProfiles that finally got it to reset to somewhere else.

Following your solution, after planting your other pivots in a circle (doesn't matter how dumb it may look, 3 or 4 of my pivots were way out of the circle and not touching any lines), bring up the Xbox guide and disconnect from Live like you said but do it during gamplay, don't enter the pause screen or the map or anything, do all this during gameplay. When you reconnect to Live and then exit the guide back on to the game, the pivot should be moved elsewhere... at least it did for me. Keep in mind I did this on PS3 but thought I'll mention it here in case anyone has this same problem with the Boston building pivot.
Posted by TachikomaShiki on 03 Apr 17 at 03:13
StK JR I just got this achievement a few days ago. I tried to restart it and reset the sync as suggested in the video and above, did not work. At this point it said scanned 2 hours ago. It briefly said something about time left but when I checked it again it was in the same spot. So I left the tags all around it, and turned off my console. I didn't play for 24 hours, and logged back in and it had moved itself.
Posted by StK JR on 23 May 17 at 19:52
elephantastique I'm stuck on my last pivot - it's above a cave in the northern section of the Frontier (just at the edge of Black Creek). I can see it but I've no idea how to get up on top of the cave... if anyone has any advice I'd be grateful!
Posted by elephantastique on 02 Jun 17 at 05:53
GIERMOL94 OK Guys, after several tries and painful time I managed to get it working. My problem was Sigma in southern NY inside Shoemaker building - pretty much the same as in case of solution author I guess.
I combined both the method mentioned in solution (2 ways: with clicking "exit" on message with reconnection info and then cn_Y in pivots submenu and with clicking "reconnect" straight from that message) and also method mentioned by @TachikomaShiki: logging out and in while ingame (not in any menu).
Then, I reinstalled all DLCs (I got Season Pass).
Then, reduced my friends list to below 30.
And, at the and and it is a real solution I think, I had to wait for the pivot to be over 24 hours in that bugged place. It solved itself and I noticed it while doing Homestead mission where you had to go to NY general store and buy some tools for Big Dave. Sigma moved to Frontier.
So, make sure you not lose any nerves and first of all just wait 24 hours.
And here I put my photo of pivots planting to get them all on lines:
I hope no one no more will struggle with that shit.
For me, no more Ubi games ever. EVER.
Posted by GIERMOL94 on 06 Jul 17 at 15:35
DirtyGlashoop Just wait until the 24 hours have ticked away (see info screen) and it will appear somewhere else
Posted by DirtyGlashoop on 15 Nov 17 at 15:42
CaptDreadnought I had a pivot in a building in New York followed this to the letter, it then put it in a building in Boston LoL. So I tried this solution again after a few tries it moved to the Frontier.
Great explanation on what to do and 100% result clap
Many Thanks
Posted by CaptDreadnought on 16 Nov 17 at 18:48
Car56 Sorry for not following up guys. The reason is I really don't have much else to offer to my... already...gimmicky solution. Sounds like most of you were able to resolve your problem with this gimmick (or without). I was in a flounder like you with this problem and when I looked up YouTube and saw someone on a PS3 give this solution, I felt a strong need to share that info with you, quickly. For me it resolved itself "straight away" after following these steps. Who knows if any of these steps really helped or in the end it just simply rescanned itself to a retrievable location. Whether or not ALL your lines intersect...or if it's not in a room but in a rock...or anything else really is...probably irrelevant. Good luck. Oh and also...I didn't have to whittle my friends list down to 30.
Posted by Car56 on 17 Nov 17 at 09:34
B Scrizzle21 Ok sigma pivot was stuck in Boston building so I waiting 24 hrs and tryed again. Then it was stuck in NY building so I waiting again until the next day and it’s stuck in a rock on the frontier! Lol WTF is wrong with this game?
Posted by B Scrizzle21 on 04 Dec 17 at 14:04
Car56 B Scrizzle Hang in there. Keep trying the solution and hopefully your pivot will move to a location that is conducive to collecting it.
Posted by Car56 on 04 Dec 17 at 17:39
B Scrizzle21 Ok sigma pivot was stuck in Boston building so I waiting 24 hrs and tryed again. Then it was stuck in NY building so I waiting again until the next day and it’s stuck in a rock on the frontier! Lol WTF is wrong with this game?
Posted by B Scrizzle21 on 04 Dec 17 at 17:58
PralineMantis Worked like a charm. Moved it from Boston into the open in New York. Thanks for the solution!! smile
Posted by PralineMantis on 25 Apr 18 at 10:06
N7 Tigger I keep getting the message that I can't plant the pivot because it is is to close to another pivot. I swear these French dickheads have patched the workaround.
Posted by N7 Tigger on 04 May 18 at 10:14
Car56 N7 interesting. What is sad though is Ubisoft hasn't repaired the problem to my knowledge. Companies need to know that 100% games are very important to us. It's like we share some sort of a "completionist" gene. At any rate good luck all. Patience is a virtue.
Posted by Car56 on 08 May 18 at 22:56
LGS I Hitman Worked for me, only put 3 pivots around it and it moved to new york from boston
Posted by LGS I Hitman on 01 Jun 18 at 18:11
Desi Shinobi I’ve got 0 pivots to place and pivoted are undefined locations.. please help!
Posted by Desi Shinobi on 18 Sep 18 at 20:20
OldDriverXu worked for me ,thanks very very very much ,this problem has been bothering me for one year,thanks again!
Posted by OldDriverXu on 14 Jan at 16:34