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Speed King

Set a Time Road Rule on every road

Speed King0
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16 Dec 2008
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some tips for beating the set times
- Resist the temptation to boost on busy roads. Only boost when you can see a clear path ahead, otherwise you won't be able to slow down and most likely you will crash.
-Don't use a car that can't turn quickly. you'll need it to be able to weave through traffic.
-If you crash once on the road, keep going. If you crash twice, go back to the start.
-If it looks tricky, SLOW DOWN.
A Chill UponYou have to ensure that all Offline Road Rules are done, as the Online times (versus Friends times) don't count towards the Achievement.
Posted by A Chill Upon on 24 Aug 09 at 16:30
Clawed FishIf you have the cops vs robbers pack then using the police pickup is a good bet for road rules.
Posted by Clawed Fish on 04 Feb 13 at 06:40
Uggadunkis this doable with bikes instead of cars?
Posted by Uggadunk on 25 Aug 13 at 07:08
DJ Zibbymanwell TA can thank me for this. I did all the road rules pretty easy with a paradise bike but it does not unlock that way.
Posted by DJ Zibbyman on 06 Oct 19 at 08:37