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Score AAA on every mission.

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18 Mar 2010 17 Apr 2010
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So Obviously they are 64 missions on total. They start off easy and gradually get harder. I often get stuck on the Rival race ones, Especially the Amigo V Ai Ai one!

So if you have already completed all the mission but not yet achieved AAA on each mission you'll know they are some missions that sometimes make you wanna throw your xbox out the windows from time to time. Some BIG examples are; Mission 42: Monkey Trouble, Mission 64: Finale and ermm. The Horrible Cup, or the Horror cup or something. I didn't have any trouble with this i just heard from many people that it's hard because of the racer your stuck with. Don't blame them really as the racer has such bad handling on the car :\ I must of got lucky.

On the Amigo Vs Ai Ai Rival race you'll notice you can actually use weapons against the opponent making it easier? Well if the track wasn't such an awkward i'd think it would be easier too? Only tip i can give for this is to time Drifting perfectly round corners, it's never too early before a corner to start drifting. Also when you get towards the end and you'll notice you got to do tight 180Degree Drifts, to sucessfully do some a tight drift you got to let go of the Gas as you turn the corner, as your still drifting you can still turbo boost once round the corners, so your not losing speed at all. I have noticed that on the last 180Degree turn Ai Ai crashes into the wall near enough all the time, because of this i was able to get AAA easily.

I will post mission 42 and mission 64 video on here.

Here is the guy's channel on Youtube, I think he has a video for some other missions on Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing just in case your having trouble with any other mission.

Thanks :) Any problems please comment :)
ShonicTHIs it sad that I beat mission 42 with 5-6ish seconds to spare?
Posted by ShonicTH on 23 Mar 10 at 02:15
SteSteSte91No :) I did that to be honest :) Very well controlled drifting helps for that :D
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 23 Mar 10 at 11:50
Mike LangloisMission 42 is kicking my ass so much :( Just cant seem to handle the bonanza bros well
Posted by Mike Langlois on 25 Mar 10 at 12:12
SteSteSte91I feel your pain :( it's really hard. Following the route in the video takes getting use to. Practise :)
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 25 Mar 10 at 13:59
Extrema22Mission 42 was a true pain but I finally got my AAA today, after countless tries. The controls are great for racing but for missions like this it's awful. If you miss 2 rings you might as well restart. Just be very patient, think of a good route and it will come. The final mission was hard too but nowhere near as bad as this for me.
Posted by Extrema22 on 10 Apr 10 at 18:03
SteSteSte91Well it was a pain :\ i hated it :( congrats on getting it :)
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 10 Apr 10 at 18:09
Extrema22You too! And yes, I never wanna see these missions again hahaha
Posted by Extrema22 on 10 Apr 10 at 19:03
atc2008Got it! didn't realise that you had to have 3 lives remaining on mission 64 to get AAA. 1000G the game and now the stress of those missions is over... the hardest ones for me were mission 64 and mission 62 where you have to beat sonic... I barely got that one. Mission 42 I had the benefit of finding easy which was great! it did take a few tries though. Thanks!
Posted by atc2008 on 12 Apr 10 at 05:48
SteSteSte91I couldnt 1000G this. i had all 49 achievement and i couldnt unlock the "get the rest of the achievements" achievement.
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 12 Apr 10 at 10:50
Razza69I thought mission 42 was a right pain!!! I left it for the night then went back to it and after 3 attempts I did it. The only thing I did different was when I went over the jumps in the middle I did a trick in the air and by doing this I managed to get all 3 gates and the same on the other side.
Posted by Razza69 on 04 May 10 at 18:40
MarioTooI dont know why, but mission 13 is a bitch for me. i hate roulette road, and just cant seem to get far enough ahead of sonic to get AAA. I got AA, but after many attempts, still cant seem to do it.
Posted by MarioToo on 10 May 10 at 04:01
megglzMISSION 42 sucks!!!!! It's the only one I need to get, and I cant get above AA!
Posted by megglz on 05 Jun 10 at 12:45
SteSteSte91You'll feel so happy when you achieve it :P
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 05 Jun 10 at 12:46
megglzAlright! Got it your way, thanks! Final achievement didn't unlock though :( *pissed*
Posted by megglz on 05 Jun 10 at 14:08
SteSteSte91Yeah that happened with me That's why i've only got 900points, stupid glitchy thing :Congrats anyways :D people will know that you've basically completed it all.
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 05 Jun 10 at 14:10
TheBohawkthe route in the youtube video can be changed a little if you find drifting hard like me, you just need to be aware which of the circles are worth the highest values and find the shortest route to them. the two on the ramps on the outside on the grass are worth 50 each and the ramps on the bridge each hold 50 too. i think you can get away with missing 40 points or so... so leave the tens if they arent on the shortest route. boosting on the far outer ramps helps too :)
Posted by TheBohawk on 18 Jun 10 at 22:08
demont101if it glitches like tht look at urachievements in ur license and it will say ur missing 1 it is kind of glitchy like tht
Posted by demont101 on 23 Jul 10 at 15:41
JotaroRaidoMission 42 route here is great. I kept getting an AA, then followed the route in the video and got it my first try with like 6 seconds to spare. Thanks! :)
Posted by JotaroRaido on 04 Aug 10 at 01:18
SteSteSte91Congrats :)
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 04 Aug 10 at 10:45
SashaQmission 42 route was very helpful. for those of you having trouble with the bonanza bros controls (like I was), the only thing I did differently from the video was after collecting the first 50 point gate on the outside I went and collected the other outside 50 point gate, followed by the closest 20 point gate/ramp.. then I finished where I left off in the video's path
Posted by SashaQ on 07 Aug 10 at 00:50
ozbuffinaticthe one I've had most trouble with so far has been the big cat dude and not hitting the pot things. how do you do that one?
Posted by ozbuffinatic on 31 Mar 11 at 06:54
PKThanks for mission 42 video. I achieve AAA on first try after see the video :)
Posted by PK#3042 on 03 May 11 at 13:21
SteSteSte91Your very welcome :)
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 03 May 11 at 21:03
SteSteSte91Wow, some spiteful person voted it down :\
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 28 Jul 11 at 23:15
xArcadeMaster94hi i am woking on this achievement for my friend (edp6000) and i am on the last mission and every other one has a AAA rank on it i have managed to complete mission 64 with 17 seconds on the clock the videolink below shows someone completing it with 15 seconds remaining and they got the AAA rank but i got a AA rank eventhough i completed it in a quicker time could u help please it would be appriciated :)
Posted by xArcadeMaster94 on 04 Sep 11 at 10:20
SteSteSte91I'm sure on the last mission your grade depends on your health, So say you do it flawless (without getting hit by the boss) it's AAA regardless of completion time.
Posted by SteSteSte91 on 04 Sep 11 at 11:14
xArcadeMaster94thanks ill give it a try and try and nt get hit which is annoying bt im sure it can b done
Posted by xArcadeMaster94 on 04 Sep 11 at 11:56
FeudalEraWhy is there even a negative on this?
Thanks for the tips will definitely use them.
Posted by FeudalEra on 08 Jan 12 at 07:10
Stoogiemeister@Mariotoo for mission 13, on the right purple bend, charge up atleast a drift 2 and ram sonic then he'll get hit and do the flashy jump thing and that gets u AAA
Posted by Stoogiemeister on 29 Sep 12 at 16:36
Stoogiemeisterso in otherwords on the 1vs1 battles, do what i did for all and bug it out by ramming them
Posted by Stoogiemeister on 30 Sep 12 at 15:00
CASS190684Couldn't have done mission 42 without this video, thankyou! +1
Posted by CASS190684 on 10 Dec 12 at 07:35
Ranga Dang Dang13 was stupid, only way i could get AAA was to stay behind him, then hit him around one of the last bends after you choose which way to go....
Posted by Ranga Dang Dang on 02 Apr 13 at 07:00
DragoonXxAAA on mission 42 many thanks for the guide!! xxsmile
Posted by DragoonXx on 17 Jul 13 at 15:41
MontyTPFor mission 64 you need too use all of the 3 green shell items, there are 2 in opposite corners of the map and 1 in the middle of the map. After that you just need to hit him with a couple more green shells or mines. You can also drift and then boost into him to do a little bit of damage.
Posted by MontyTP on 07 Aug 14 at 17:37
HedachesFor mission 62 pick up the two +5 right at the start helped me
Posted by Hedaches on 08 Jan 17 at 13:55
Inferno118I did last mission with 26 seconds left and got AA. Was pissed u til I read the above comment, it does in fact only matter about ur health being full
Posted by Inferno118 on 09 Oct 18 at 02:00