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Bag Full O' Cache

Find 75% of GPS caches.

Bag Full O' Cache0
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18 Apr 2014 19 Apr 2014
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This guide includes commentary and if followed correctly will net you all collectable achievements without any major backtracking.

First level - Coastal Forest

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All credit goes to Gaming Since Gaming.
MoonLegendFor some reason this achievement won't pop I got all collectibles and the achievement for that one but this ones still locked???
Posted by MoonLegend on 02 Jul 14 at 06:13
ZymoticWOW! That really sucks, man. I saw you have "No Stone Left Unturned" and don't have the one for collecting 75% of the collectibles. If you start up a new game, try to keep your previous save around. Who knows, maybe it will unlock once you collect the first GPS.
Posted by Zymotic on 02 Jul 14 at 14:35
MoonLegendI'll have to give it a shot I gotta go back thru any way to get 10 zip line kills hope it pops
Posted by MoonLegend on 02 Jul 14 at 15:48
Warboy925Just a warning, there are 2 in Mountain Village that CAN be glitched temporarily (they disappear even when its still on your map), the one on the little shack where you sometimes see a statue you have to light (but there is no statue in this one) and DIRECTLY left of it on the slightly raised grassy area.......just like with the "sound loss" glitch, just exit out of the game and restart
Posted by Warboy925 on 07 Jul 17 at 04:04
EmbryonicLegendIs there a fix to this not popping only missing once cache should have popped was hoping it would after picking up more i know moonlegend got his to pop any ideas on how it worked
Posted by EmbryonicLegend on 16 Jun 18 at 00:48
SqueezefanThis achievement popped for me but didn’t registering the gamer score for game. It is also unlocked on true achievements. The next achievement I got on this game unlocked. Anyone else had this happen.
Posted by Squeezefan on 17 Nov 20 at 10:48