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Incapacitate 25 enemies with dodge counter.

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27 Apr 2014
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If like me you maxed out your skills before getting this achievement, i found a way so that Lara always incapacitates before killing the enemies.

I would stand still and wait for a melee enemies to rush me, then dodge when the animation of them swinging their weapon starts (B without a direction, its not needed) then the quick time event appears, if you can press y as soon as the two circles meet and i do mean as soon as she will stick an arrow in their knee or incapacitate them.

if you let the QTE go on for too long Lara will go for the insta-kill move.

p.s you can make bow wielding enemies use melee if you rush them, helps to get more melee enemies further in the game.

hope this helps!
DarKenshin13Thanks for the solution, it helped as I was in the same boat with you upon finishing the game. However, even though I was aware of this achievement and I was trying my best while playing the game, it hadn't unlocked when I finished it. Then I read in another forum that weapon stuns sometimes don't register but If you use the bow it always does. Low and behold 3 stuns with the bow in shantytown after finishing the game with maximum bow and skills and I unlocked it. I mention this because you may want to add it to your solution as well. Regards
Posted by DarKenshin13 on 29 Mar 15 at 11:40