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Quantity AND quality

Purchase all upgrades for the Korean light fighter.

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28 Apr 2014
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This achievement can be a pain to get. Purely because I found a glitch where I finished chapter 2 with the starting ship and I could no longer select the ship to use or upgrade even though it was visible on my screen.

So, if you are past this point in the game just finish the lame story to to destroy the ipod powered nazi ship. Reload chapter 2 using the starting ship and collect as much salvage as you can. Make sure to finish chapter 2 in the Korean fighter. Then continue as normal to upgrade this ship.

In short, finish chapter 2 in the Korean fighter.

The achievement itself to unlock is not glitchy, it's the game that is a glitchy mess.
Is the Korean light fighter the 'Xerg'?
Posted on 17 Dec 14 at 20:09
FPSDeathI'm pretty sure it is but its been a while since I played it.
Posted by FPSDeath on 17 Dec 14 at 20:42
I hope it is 'cos I've spent a shit load of cash upgrading it laugh
Posted on 17 Dec 14 at 22:02