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20 Mar 2010
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For this achievement, you'll need to have all roles for all characters at level 5. This requires a LOT of CP (in the tens of millions), since non-innate roles for your characters sometimes cost as much as 120,000 CP for a single node.

There's plenty of back and forth discussion as to where the best place is to grind. There are a lot of variables, which depend on the strength of your party, as well as ease of access to the spot, ease of battle, proximity to save points and chocobos, etc. So what I will do is list three prominent methods for post-game CP grinding as well as some information about them, and then you can decide which is best for you. If you are going for the Treasure Hoarder achievement, and have a plenty strong party already, I will point out a better grinding spot later that will also help tremendously in gaining the gil and items you need to upgrade your weapons.

Spot #1: King Behemoth vs. Mega-whatever method
You can find this in the northern section of the Archylyte Steppe, near the path leading to Mah'haraba. You'll see a King Behemoth and Megisthoterian duking it out. This is always a pre-emptive strike, so if you're strong enough to take out the King Behemoth before he stands up and heals himself, then this battle is a cinch. You can find a video if it here, along with a map of the location:

-My average CP per second: 129.9 CP/sec
-Guaranteed pre-emptive strike makes this a very low-risk battle
-Very easy to get to, and close to a warp stone, a save point, and a chocobo (eventually)
-A great beginner's CP grinding spot, as you can attempt this with a relatively weaker party, even before you've beaten the game.
-Recommended set-up: Lightning, Snow, and Fang as RAV/COM/COM when you're starting out (to stagger the King Behemoth). Eventually you'll get strong enough that you don't need to stagger him to kill him, at which point COM/COM/COM becomes best.

Spot #2: The Western Basin Rangda method
For directions on how to do this, check here:
-My average CP per second: 99.8 CP/sec
-Moderately easy to access, not close to any save points, chocobos, or warp stones
-This isn't my personal favorite, but it could work for you depending on your party strength.
-Recommended set-up: Lightning, Fang, and Snow as COM/COM/COM. Use blitz often, and make sure to target the guys that are summoning, as they can bring a King Behemoth into battle

Spot #3: The Cryohedron x 6 method
To access this, you need to gain access to a secret section of the Mah'haraba caverns. To do this, go back to Mah'haraba and ride Atomos (the big spiky ball Fal'cie) to Sulyya Springs, then ride him back. He'll have parked in a spot that now allows you to jump off of him and access the new part of the tunnels.
Enter this new area and head forward. You'll come a fork where you can jump off to the right..... but don't. Stay left. You'll come to another fork....stay left again. After this last left you'll eventually come to a mechanical tunnel. Kill the dancing birds at the end of this tunnel, then head up the stairs. Here, 6 cryohedrons will come out of the gates. Fight them for 7,140 CP, then go back down the stairs and take a few steps into the mechanical tunnel. Go back to where the cryohedrons were, and they should have spawned again. Rinse and repeat.
-My average CP per second: 145.7 CP/sec
-Moderate to poor access to save point and warpstone
-Heavily depends on having a stronger party in order to wipe them all out quickly
-This is my personal favorite spot. I'd recommend starting first at Spot #1 to strengthen your party a bit, then coming here. Once you can consistently take out the cryohedrons in 17 seconds or less, this becomes the best spot.
-Recommended set-up: Lightning, Fang, and Snow as COM/COM/COM (use lots of blitz!), or Lightning, Fang, and Hope as RAV/COM/RAV (spam fira spells), either works.

I'd HIGHLY suggest testing each of these spots for yourself, because, as I said, results will differ for everyone depending on party strength.

Now that you've settled on a spot and gotten your grind on, I recommend grinding until you have at least 2 of every character's 3 innate roles maxed out. You'll then want to obtain the growth egg as early as possible, which doubles your CP. You can obtain this from Mission 55, from a little bastard called Neochu. Ok, I lied..........he's pretty big, and he's among the hardest and nastiest bosses in the game, but there's a neat trick to beating him which you should be able to pull off at your current level (2 out of 3 innate roles maxed). Set Vanille as party leader, then pick a good Sentinel and Medic (I used Snow and Hope, respectively). Set up a SAB/SEN/MED class as your starting paradigm, then some offensive paradigm of your choice with a medic in them (Ravager/Commando/Medic, for example), as well as an emergency Combat Clinic paradigm (MED/COM/MED). You'll want to equip the Belladonna Wand on Vanille. If you can upgrade it to a Marlboro Wand, great (requires a Mnar Stone), if not, just leave it, either will work. As Vanille, just spam death over and over and over on Neochu. All of the little Pikochu's should target Snow when he provokes them, and Hope will heal Snow as needed. This means that you only need to worry about Neochu's group attacks. They're quite powerful and inflict some nasty status effects, and it's almost certain that you'll die once he uses them. But, before that happens, you should be able to get off a good number of Deaths, and eventually it'll hit. It took me about 7 tries, but it will happen eventually. Once that happens and Neochu bites the dust, (carefully!) switch to a more offensive class when you're fully healed, and take out the Pikochu's one by one. Don't push it here....these little buggers are still pretty powerful, so make sure to ALWAYS have a Medic active in this last phase, and when need be, switch to your Combat Clinic. Once you've taken them out, the growth egg is yours, and chances are you've five star-ed the mission as well! Congrats! Now equip that sucker and get back to leveling at your spot of choice (at this strength, I recommend Spot #3, but it's up to you).

Once you've maxed out all 3 innate roles for all characters, you can now attempt the Adamantortoise battles. They're in the family of mammoth dinosaur looking things that you (probably) have been avoiding while wandering about Gran Pulse. They give 40,000 CP per battle (80,000 with growth egg), AND AND AND they also drop Platinum Ingots as their regular drops (sell for 150,000 gil), and Trapezohedrons as their rare drop (need 6 to upgrade all weapons). If you're going for the Treasure Hunter achievement, this is extremely useful since you'll need a lot of gil as well as trapezohedrons to upgrade all of your weapons (required for the achievement). I will refer to this as Spot #4, only to be attempted by the very strong. I recommend all three innate roles maxed, at minimum, though more than this will certainly help. You will also need to upgrade Vanille's Belladonna Wand to a Marlboro Wand, if you haven't already, and you will need a maxed out Collector's Catalog (increases rate of regular drops) and Connosieur's Catalog (increases rate of rate drops, get this by upgrading a Collector's Catalog). If you're not familiar with upgrading, go here: . You only need one of each, the bonuses do not stack. Additionally, equip accessories that boost HP, protect against physical damage, and reduce earth magic.

Spot #4: Adamantortoises
There are two of them in Gran Pulse. The best one for farming is located in the "Eastern Tors" section of the Archylyte Steppe. You'll notice that there are two paths that encircle a large, inaccessible middle section. One of these paths has a save point at the beginning of it. The adamantortoise you want is located at this path (if this description is still confusing, leave a comment and I'll try to clarify). Create a party of Vanille, Snow, and Hope, and a starting paradigm of SAB/SEN/MED, as well as an emergency paradigm of MED/SEN/MED. Now approach the adamantortoise (assuming you've made the preparations I've listed above).
If your set-up sounds familiar, it's because you're using the exact same strategy as Neochu. Spam death with Vanille. Hope should be able to keep up with adamantortoise's stomps.
The only dangers here are the Quake and Roar attacks. Every so often, a stomp will be followed by a quake spell. Your party SHOULD be strong enough to withstand this double-whammy, although you'll probably be in the red (if not, level up some more until you can survive it). Whenever he casts Quake, immediately switch over to MED/COM/MED and begin spamming Curaja's until you are mostly healed. Then switch back to SAB/SEN/MED and continue spamming death. It might take a bit, but the death will eventually get him. Once you win, head back to the save point, save, then quit out and reload. Adamantortoise will have respawned and you can do it all over again.
In the first fight that you win, take notice of the Target Time and divide that by half. In subsequent battles, if the battles goes longer than that time, just retry the battle. This is because you need five stars to get a decent shot at platinum ingots and trapezohedrons, so any battles that don't result in 5 stars are a waste of your time.
There is an alternative strategy for Adamantortoises (or any similar monster) that involves using shrouds and summoning Hecatoncheir at the beginning of the battle (which will automatically disable his legs), then going to town on him. I tried this and personally didn't like it, because each summon takes 3 TP, so the amount of time spent fighting more battles to regain TP was a lot less efficient than just spamming Death. With the Marlboro Wand and a decent magic stat for Vanille (1500+), I find that Death will most often have succeeded within 6 minutes. Sometimes it won't (at which point you should restart anyway because you've lost your five stars), but either way this is faster than the summon method. But, feel free to try it.

Once you're consistently taking out Adamantortoises, the 80k CP per battle should have you well on your way to getting this achievement, as well as the Treasure Hunter achievement as well. It's a long process, so I'd recommend having a laptop or TV handy to occupy your attention. Good luck!
Stokie StallionJust a quick comment on the Growth Egg, i got it while returning to the steppe during chapter 13, did the missions up to gettting the chocobo then attempted this, i used the death technique but my charaters are not exactly top of the line lol, but it worked, all i can say is keep retrying, use shrouds and if he isnt dead before you see screech, pause and retry, saves you a few dissappointing seconds

The hardest part is killing the 5 lil ones, took a while had use the eidlon to wipe out 2 but even thoguh it took 8 minutes i still got 5 stars and my characters have shot up!
Posted by Stokie Stallion on 22 Mar 10 at 17:33
Ashen SeraphThe strategy guide mentions something about the Oretoise line of enemies getting upgraded after completing one of the mark missions with versions that are apparently immune to Death (Long Gui and Shenlong Gui) but doesn't make it very clear when this occurs or if the Adamant's are completely gone. Does anyone have any more info on this?
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 27 Mar 10 at 09:06
Puertoricarious@ Seraphim

If you complete the circle of cie'th stones in the Archylyte Steppe and then reload the map, all admantortoises and adamantoises will have changed into Long Guis, and all adamancheleids will change into Shaolong Guis. These new monsters are much toughter than their prior counterparts and are completely immune to death. However, Long Guis have a 5% trapezohedron drop rate (as opposed to 1% for the admantoises/tortoises), and the Shaolong Guis are the only enemies in the game that drop dark matters (5%). I'd advise farming admantortoises as per this guide, as they drop platinum ingots at the same rate as Long Guis (25%) and are much easier. Plus, you'll be farming for platinum ingots for such a long time that you'll probably have amassed the 6 trapezohedrons that you need to max out one weapon for each character, making the Long Gui's increased drop rate somewhat useless. The only real benefit gained from switching the enemies over is the ability to farm for dark matters. For more information on that, please see my solution for "Treasure Hunter."

In the event that you accidentally completed the circle of Cie'th stones but don't want to fight Long Guis for their drops, there is one remaining adamantoise on Eden. You'll have to back track a good bit and it's a little annoying to get to, but it's the only one left. Additionally, it's an adamantoise, which is slightly stronger than the adamantortoises that I advise you to farm in my solution. However, if your characters are fully maxed (crystarium AND weapons) the difference is minimal, and you can take them down legitimately instead of relying on the death trick. When I have some free time I'll upgrade this guide with some advice on how to kill adamantortoises/adamantoises without the death trick.
Posted by Puertoricarious on 27 Mar 10 at 19:29
Ashen SeraphWow, that was just about everything I think that is important to know about that. Thanks for such a thorough response. Now I know what I'm safe doing and what I'm not.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 28 Mar 10 at 07:36
Ashen SeraphWhat can you say methods like this:

Seems to me like it may be a bit better. You don't have to rely upon having luck with Death. It's fairly quick, should be 5 stars every time. Low level parties can even pull it off. This video is against a toise instead of a tortoise, so he nearly looses, but against tortoises low levels shouldn't have too much of a problem with it (especially if you don't go with barebones equipment like he does). Sure, you have to rebuild the TP gauge, but that really shouldn't be too much of a problem with TP rebuilding equipment and the surplus to easy kill enemies in the area.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 28 Mar 10 at 10:15
Puertoricarious@ Seraphim

as i mention in my solution, i'm not a fan of summon-dependent ways of bringing down adamantortoises/toises. i tried that route initially and was getting kills at a slower rate than i was just spamming death due to having to refresh my TP in between battles. after this video, the player has to go and refresh his TP, which i found took me about 4-5 minutes on average. that's 7 minutes on average per tortoise, and i was usually averaging about 5 per tortoise with death. but, as i also mention in the solution, you're welcome to try different things. just do what i did: test both methods and see how much CP you're getting per battle per second (test from the the time elapsed between the point where you initiate the first battle to the point where you initiate the next battle and divide that into the CP) and compare. i tried that and personally found that using summons was slowing me down, though i also realize that depending on death is entirely based on luck, so results may differ.

also, this method wouldn't necessarily be easier against an adamantortoises because tortoises have lower stagger bar duration, meaning you would have a shorter time period to inflict damage at 999.9%. personally i think the person in this video was cutting it VERY close, considering how close that toise was to getting up, so i'm not fully convinced that this method is all that consistent, which i think is very important for a good grinding method. but like i said, you're welcome to try it.
Posted by Puertoricarious on 28 Mar 10 at 18:05
Ashen SeraphOnce I got it down (took about 3 times to figure out the nuances), I haven't had anything go wrong since. Every time it will be a pretty close call, but it is consistently a close call. You could almost set a watch by how specific a time frame you'd kill it in.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 28 Mar 10 at 20:21
Ashen SeraphBut I do understand your point. Using the method shown in that video, I have gotten my characters up to the point that I am much less scared to give the death method a try.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 28 Mar 10 at 20:22
Puertoricariouscould you time the period from the beginning of the battle to the beginning of the next battle (including time need to refresh TP)? i'm curious to get a CP/sec to get to the bottom of this.
Posted by Puertoricarious on 28 Mar 10 at 21:00
Ninja ScrollLOL@yall going back and forth at the best method to kill the turtle/elephant guys. I am going to co-sign Puertoicarious with Spamming the Vanille SAB Death move without a doubt the quickest way to kill those guys.
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 29 Mar 10 at 00:33
Ashen SeraphThat may be true, but the death method isn't usable until you've developed your party quite far. The Sazh/Summon method in the video is do-able even with a fresh party on chapter 11. That would easily blow Cryohedron boosting out of the water, even if only because it removes at least some of the sheer boredom of killing the same enemy over and over again.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 00:45
Ashen SeraphIn short, it may be the best solution until you get your party up to the point that you can safely spam death.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 00:46
Ninja Scroll@seraphim needed, the best overall method is to just beat the game 1st and then you can breeze through all the missions fairly quickly except the missions in the 60's, which should be your only challenges.
Why anyone would try to kill the Elephants before completing the game is beyond insane. By the time you beat the game you should have the SAB Death move for Vanille by then.
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 29 Mar 10 at 01:53
Ashen SeraphI have the Champions Badge (Victory TP Charge) and Energy Sash (Kill TP Charge) equipped. The enemies I am using to recharge my TP are a group of 2 and 4 Gorgonopsids directly south (according to the guide) of the save point mentioned in the solution. The 4 is dierctly south beyond a group of goblins (which I avoid) on a slope. The group of 2 would be directly to the east (towards the chocobo spawn). Should take about 5 very quick battles running between the two groups. As soon as those battles start, switch to Cerberus or Aggression immediately and they should fall extremely quickly. After every encounter you will need to return to the save point and save/reload as normal.

Using Admantortoise described in solution:
Battle Time: 1:58 (and I did that one a bit sloppy)
TP Rebuild: 3:47
Return to Battle: 1:50

Total: 7:35 (455 Sec)

Normal Values: [40,000 + 7,040 (Aprox TP rebuilding CP)] / 455 = 103/sec * 2= 206/sec with Growth Egg



If you feel a bit braver and use the Adamantoise that spawns near those TP boosting groups I mentioned (very, very near, it walks within 5 feet of them), you'll likely be able to cut down the time spent running by quite a bit, maybe upwards of 30-45 seconds. Time in the battle should increase by only at most 10-15 seconds if done correctly (you can go a bit more flat out with the Cold Blood because of the higher stagger point, meaning you get to a maxed stagger meter faster, meaning more damage dealt in the same time period).


Either way, it out performs method #2, plus it has the added advantages of not having you stare at the same enemies the entire time and (this is a REALLY big AND) it gets you to boosting platinum ingots much sooner in the crystarium. And then, of course, psychologically you're likely to feel like your making much more progress fighting a giant battle for big points instead of a bunch of small battles for low points (this was certainly true for me).

Once your party starts to fully develop, switching over to Death spamming may be a prudent choice, but I think that the summon method is the best solution before then.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 01:57
Ashen Seraph@Ninja Scroll:
Someone somewhere will want to, and this is a solution for it, besides, I completed most of the marks (mostly just the high 50's and 60's remaining)and came to an impass where the rest were too difficult but my party was not strong enough to handle straight death spamming (barely breaking 10K hp with most of my characters). I would have been forced to farm Cryohedrons for hours before I would have been able to do anything more. I tried to do a bit of that before and was bored to tears and nearly ready to break the game disc in half.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 02:03
Ashen SeraphWow, I am having no luck what so ever with the death method, 3 battles all 10+ minutes. I'll stick with the guaranteed 5 star and 7.5 minutes thank you very much.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 02:43
Ashen SeraphOk, now I feel like a moron, but I can probably cut off another 30-45 seconds of the times I listed if you go after the Adamantoise I mentioned rather than the Adamantortoise. There's a save point right next to that group of 4 Gorgonsids I use to TP boost. Just use that one when you save/reload.

If I find any other ways of speeding it up any more, it's going to out perform that 5 min estimate for the death spamming (which it has fully failed to live up to in my experience).
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 03:20
Ninja Scrolllol, dude, why do you post like 3 or 4 times in a row and not just 1? LOL! It's all good. ;) Look, I can understand the Death SAB frustration because you can get it on the 1st or 2nd try or the 50th. lol! It is very annoying no doubt.
My problem now is now that I have completed all 64 mission all I see are the strongest Elephants (Long Gui & his the other one that is almost as strong as him) and can't boost against the weakest ones because they are no longer on the map. Seems as though, those damn Long Gui replaced them completely and can't even get that achievement because I used all my Exile to will a couple of those hard ass missions. I have no more Doctor's Codes to disable so I seem to be screwed unless anyone knows any other way. Damn. =/
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 29 Mar 10 at 03:31
Ashen Seraph@NS:
Because there isn't an edit button on comments. If you look at the times, they're all spaced about 30 min apart.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 29 Mar 10 at 03:41
Puertoricarious@ Ninja Scroll:

There are legitimate ways to beat Long Gui, though you'll definitely need a fully maxed party.

Also, there is one adamantoise left in Eden.
Posted by Puertoricarious on 29 Mar 10 at 03:53
Ninja Scroll@Puertoricarious, thanks dude, granted I did manage to find just 1 left in the main field of Chapter 11, I just been SAB Death'ing him with Vanille, saving, exit game, and reload save file. Shit is boring as can be, but that's what achievement whores do, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!
What I am doing is using only 1 paradigm to kill him and that is Vanille SAB, Lighting, & Hope as Medics and thus far that has helped me kill him without any summons.
As for beating Long Gui, I assumed my only option was to attempt again once I max all my characters out which is not much more than a couple hrs doing this 80k stuff over and over.
Damn I wish I had an Exile and there was some way to get another, but I guess I am S.O.L. till I max out and try again.
@Seraphim Needed, don't take it personal bro, I was just making an observation, it's all good. ;)
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 29 Mar 10 at 04:47
Puertoricariousuh...can you guys please delete some of your double posts? there's a lot of them.
Posted by Puertoricarious on 29 Mar 10 at 16:36
Ninja Scrolllol, my bad. Must be something with the servers on this site that caused that. Anyways, my farming with the Death SAB w/ Vanille is going by really quickly. I'll get this achievement in no time. No need to even use Haste before the battles.
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 29 Mar 10 at 19:22
Shinerbock88Does the magic stat help Death stick? I've got Vanille at 2200+ magic, a * level Malboro Wand and I've yet to have Death stick to the Adamantortoise. I've been at it since 3pm (it's 10:29pm right now) and I even fought an Adamantortoise for over an hour just to see how long it would take and I've yet to win using Death. Every 6 minutes I am selecting retry. I would really like to do it this way because I am tired of farming for TP after every Adamantortoise battle using the summon method... however, the summon method is a guaranteed 5 star battle every single time.
Posted by Shinerbock88 on 03 Apr 10 at 03:38
Puertoricarious@ Shinerbock

magic stat does influence the effectiveness of death, but with a stat that high you should have no problem getting deaths to stick. your magic stat is actually a good bit higher than mine was when i started grinding. death partially relies on luck, but if you really haven't gotten a single spell to hit in over 7 hours, then you are extremely unlucky..........unfathomably unlucky, even. my deaths usually hit within 4-5 minutes on average, i can't even imagine not getting a single hit for that long. part of me wonders if you're glitched, but i've never heard of this before so i can't really say.

someone else has posted a solution that might allow you to kill them if you are strong enough. i have no idea where you are on your crystarium/weapons, but it's worth a shot, since death doesn't seem to be working out for you.
Posted by Puertoricarious on 04 Apr 10 at 16:55
Ashen Seraph@Puertoricarious, that was about where my magic stat was when I attempted the death method and hated it. I honestly think you were just extremely lucky.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 24 Apr 10 at 00:23
TJ2012Okay so i Finished all the Ceith stone missions meaning i have the Long Gui in the place but i wont my Adamantortoises back is it possible to git them back or am i screwed?
Posted by TJ2012 on 25 Apr 10 at 07:18
GriffadeDeath's success rate is not affected by Vanille's Mag stat. People's opinions on the subject are pretty widely varied, but here's what I know/have heard:

Definitely helps:
- Vanille's SAB role level
- role levels of other SABs in your paradigm

Might help:
- debuffs currently on your target
- buffs on Vanille

Probably doesn't help:
- Belladonna/Malboro Wand

Definitely doesn't help:
- SAB role levels of characters not currently being SABs
- Vanille's Mag
- failure from previous attempt
- burnt offerings
Posted by Griffade on 24 May 10 at 18:38
W4RW01FIf someone is a lower level and still has problems with spot #1 not to long after that spot is another place to get points easy. you will be going through a tunnel with a lot of Hoplite's. The spot is right after a save point you will run into 3 separate groups of them, after the 1st group there will be a item on the left then a large metal cylinder on the right side. If you walk just past that, but just before the group of 2, you will see the first group of 3 hoplites flash back on to the mini map, this is the respawn point, as long as you come at them from this point you will almost always get the initiative. Each of these battles is worth 2310cp and took me an average of 8 seconds per battle so its an easy way to gain cp for lower levels.
Posted by W4RW01F on 25 Jun 10 at 18:14
Leo AscendentGonna throw my method in, which is for those who can't beat the toise yet.

Mission 34 , which can only be reached with a chocobo, Is a very easy fight against a Tonberry and will net you 15k (with GE) and 7 bomb cores in a minute. Takes about 30 seconds to reaccept the mission. Rinse and repeat.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 10 Jul 10 at 00:22
ALollzI think the behemoth is my favorite spot. Definitely the easiest one to multitask / watch a movie during. With a growth egg I'm netting about 600-700k in 30 minutes. Fight takes me 6 seconds with Cerebus paradigm.
Posted by ALollz on 22 Jul 10 at 18:49
Solario32the bomb cores and tonberry definitely seemed the fastest and most efficient way to level up equipped with a growth egg.
Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 23:11
Holy Murderer5ok that adamantortoise crap is annoying - ive done about 20+ battles all 5 star death spam but he never drops anything- is there a way to increase the trapowhatevertheyarecalled drop rate?
Posted by Holy Murderer5 on 02 Oct 11 at 21:16
TotolarikoI got one on my first try, and next something like 6 or 8 hour spamming for nothing... then 2 in 5 minutes.... and nothing in 5+ hours

The duplicate method is perfect ˆˆ

Nice solution! coupling xp + loot is perfect, I've done the tresure hunter cheavo in(almost) no time :D
Posted by Totolariko on 02 Nov 12 at 17:45
a Fi1thy CasualNice solution. In the end I went with Spot #1 with the growth egg. It was a pain, but it was a guaranteed 13.2k cp instead of taking on a Adamantoise or a Long Gui for an extended period of time wasting all your tp. Long Gui's do give awesome cp with the growth egg (400k) but with those bastards immune to the death spam method it takes two summons in order to make it manageable. I did that quite a few times before I ran out of ethers and elixers.
Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 17 Apr 13 at 13:34
RhyoliticWith a RL3 party (PL'd to their limit during the airship) of Fang, Light, and Hope, it takes about 1.5 minutes for the King Behemoth/Megiwhatever fight. Really easy to do. Preemptive fight w/ Relentless Assault paradigm to get King staggered and then Launched. Once he's dead, switch to Mystic Tower for Fang to get the Megi's attention (with Mediguard she can easily hold off his attacks) and Light/Hope tossing out Fire attacks to build up Stagger. Switch back to Relentless Assault once Staggered and Fang will Launch him some more.

1.5-2 minutes tops for 6.6k CP at an early level. Run to the canyon to Mah harabanana and at the first bump on the map, turn around and run back to a respawned pair.
Posted by Rhyolitic on 21 Apr 13 at 04:10
TyrannoJesusRexYou say to use the Malboro wand to increase chances of Death, but the wiki says that the Death spell cannot be made more frequent through item use. You should check that.
Posted by TyrannoJesusRex on 23 Jan 14 at 15:22
Iceberg082006how do you get the Malboro wand?
Posted by Iceberg082006 on 11 Feb 14 at 05:58
Darzu84I am on 5th lvl with every role on every char i got 999999CP on every char but still don;t got this achievement, what can be wrong?

Posted by Darzu84 on 21 Sep 14 at 16:25
Yeah this can get to 100 votes smile
Posted on 16 Mar 17 at 15:41