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MP - World War II Victory Medal

Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches

MP - World War II Victory Medal0
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Eric FiltroEric Filtro438,891
01 May 2014 14 May 2014
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This achievement is possible to get. I just got it tonight. I believe you need to unlock both World War II Victory Medal and American Campaign Medal at the same time. This will work if you haven't already unlocked American Campaign Medal. When boosting this, make sure you use a different profile/account when you are not going for the achievements yourself. You will need a 48 hour pass or something similar. When it is your turn, use your profile/account, play Ranked Matches, Objective Airborne, and go through all 6 maps. Capture 2 flags and then capture the bigger one that needs 2 people to capture. Make sure nobody does anything that might put their score above yours.

After all 6 maps, you will unlock World War II Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, and EAM Campaign Medal.

If you already unlocked American Campaign Medal, chances are you won't be able to unlock World War II Victory Medal.

Also, if you have already played some MP, figure out which map you haven't played on, and play that map last when doing your map rotation. Chances are that if you played on a map before, your team may have won, and if that's the case, you may unlock American Campaign sooner than expected, which will ruin Victory Medal.

Hope it helps.
NonKosherSaltI can attest to the fact that the achievements popped for Eric Filtro as he says. It did not for the three other players in the session who had obtained the some online achievements prior.

I am going to stop trying. A glitched Zero GamerScore achievement, indeed!
Posted by NonKosherSalt on 12 May 14 at 17:23
Eric FiltroRegardless of the negative, it is how it is. I've helped 3 people get it after I did. Worked every time.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 07 Jun 14 at 14:45