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Send Oculi to a friend.

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02 May 2014
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For those of you like me who have over 100+ friends and don't want to delete them.

I finagled my achievement while I used a second account to transfer over Gems to my main account. At one point my gems were not getting sent to main account so I hard reset my xbox by holding the power button on console until it shuts itself off.

I tried transferring more gems with secondary account and having my main account signed on as well while doing this the achievement popped for my main account.

Hope this helps...
CloudCircusgood find! i can confirm that this solution works. make sure your second profile is signed up for Uplay, play the game on the second profile until you get your first gem, sign in your primary profile (stay signed in with secondary account), and then gift the gem from your secondary to your primary profile.
Posted by CloudCircus on 02 May 14 at 13:01
rolobolocothanks for confirming it I thought I was screwed over but the hard reset helped. Although I continued playing with my secondary profile on and I think it screwed me over on some of the other achievements. I got the UPlay reward for them but not the normal achievements so I might have to start a new game.
Posted by roloboloco on 03 May 14 at 04:26
AmymazyJust tried this and it didn't work for me. I didn't hard reset but I did try everything else.
Posted by Amymazy on 03 May 14 at 07:08
rolobolocoit might not happen on your first try but definitely do the hard reset.
Posted by roloboloco on 03 May 14 at 08:09
I tried for about 2 hours today with multiple resets but could not get it to work, looks like i will have to wait till they patch this, may give it another try some other day, thanks for the solution though, worth a try
Posted on 03 May 14 at 09:10
xLil SheWolfxThis method didn't work for me but the removing friends method did I'm just lucky that most of the people I removed weren't active, or were Non-TA friends. When mine unlocked I had 66 friends.
Posted by xLil SheWolfx on 03 May 14 at 09:47
K4rn4geAnyone know if this method also works for the XBLA version?
Posted by K4rn4ge on 03 May 14 at 14:18
Lil Miss CherryWorked perfectly for me, didn't need to hard reset.
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 04 May 14 at 21:52
rolobolocoCool to know its working for some.
Posted by roloboloco on 04 May 14 at 22:26
Maka91I keep trying this, but it doesn't seem to be unlocking. Do you mind listing the exact steps in order?

I've made a secondary profile, and added my main. Played the game until I've got Oculi. Signed in with my main account. Went back into Child of Light (using the 2nd profile, while both are signed in) and gifted my main profile an oculi. I've also done the hard reset multiple times. Did I miss anything?
Posted by Maka91 on 05 May 14 at 01:30
rolobolocoI repeated transferring gems then hard resetting loaded up my profile then logged into second profile. Hard reset then logged into main profile then transferred with secondary account hard reset. About the third time it popped for me. Before all this I looked in Uplay and it showed that I unlocked it there but no achievement. I gave up with this achievement and was transferring gems back and forth with accounts when after doing all the hard resets it just popped.
Posted by roloboloco on 05 May 14 at 03:04
F16戰鬥機It didn't work for me.
So sad...
Posted by F16戰鬥機 on 05 May 14 at 10:12
PointySpredFantastic! Thank you. Took me about 7 hard resets but it finally worked. Start a new game with 2nd profile. Play until you get your wings. Now just search high and low for all the occuli you can find. About 20 min is all it takes to start exploring. You should get at least 10 no problem. Make sure game autosaved. Quit out go to dash and hard reset. Turn on xbone sign in main profile. Hit Y to switch to your 2nd profile. Hit continue, wait a few seconds after your game loads. Go menu, occuli and hit X to gift 1 occuli to your main profile. 2nd profile should pop cheeve immediately. Make sure autosave icon is gone. Quit out to main menu then dashboard and hard reset. Repeat. Like I said took me about 7or so before my main profile popped. Fyi, it took about 10 to 15 seconds to pop for me. So maybe wait a few before quitting out. Good luck and be patient.
Posted by PointySpred on 05 May 14 at 18:52
PointySpred^^ After hard reset, and main profile is logged in start the game and load 2nd profile from the child of light main menu. Not sure if I made that clear
Posted by PointySpred on 05 May 14 at 19:17
Nikke84Do you need a 2nd controller for this?
Posted by Nikke84 on 08 May 14 at 16:45
rolobolocoNo just switch profiles
Posted by roloboloco on 08 May 14 at 22:57
DJLiMiT606Can me every one send an Ocoli ? I don´t have an 2.ent Account and this Achievement is my last one :/ GT: DjLiMiT606
Posted by DJLiMiT606 on 09 May 14 at 17:03
Lil Miss CherryStart playing the game first with main account, exit. Sign in alternate, load game up, send oculi, achievement should pop for main, just done it for my boyfriend too, works for other glitched achievements too, as he couldn't get the crafting achievement crafted as my second account, he got the achievement.
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 09 May 14 at 19:00
I just cant get it to pop, does it matter that i have kept playing or should i restart my playthrough for 2nd account because i have sent about 100 Oculi now? Also when you say exit do you mean menu button then quit or home then quit game?
Posted on 10 May 14 at 07:30
Koi No YokanI don't even get the option to send oculi to a friend. When I select "gift", I'm always met with an annoying popup telling me that I have no Uplay friends available. This is the last achievement that I need :/
Posted by Koi No Yokan on 11 May 14 at 01:38
rolobolocoKoi this is what this whole post is about. People who have over 100 friends are getting this achievement glitched. read through this to figure out how to get this.
Posted by roloboloco on 11 May 14 at 03:37
Koi No YokanCheers. I'll try with a 2nd account tonight. I thought I would still have the option to send oculi to a friend, but it just wouldn't unlock the achievement.
Posted by Koi No Yokan on 11 May 14 at 09:14
Lil Miss CherryI didn't exit completely just pressed guide button while he was playing, signed in second account , loaded it up with second, start new game, sent oculi
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 11 May 14 at 14:02
Koi No YokanSweet. Thank you :) I'll be giving this a go in an hour or so.
Posted by Koi No Yokan on 11 May 14 at 18:04
Koi No YokanStill no luck. I tried this method around 10 times, then the remove friends option. That didn't work either. I'll be waiting for a patch then. If there is one :(
Posted by Koi No Yokan on 11 May 14 at 23:44
Koi No YokanStill no luck. I tried this method around 10 times, then the remove friends option. That didn't work either. I'll be waiting for a patch then. If there is one :(
Posted by Koi No Yokan on 13 May 14 at 16:11
kingrich06trying it now
Posted by kingrich06 on 13 May 14 at 22:58
Devil InsideNothing yet
Posted by Devil Inside on 19 May 14 at 18:52
SuperTigerWoodsWorks! +1 from me! toast
Posted by SuperTigerWoods on 24 May 14 at 00:25
ReaboWorked for me! +1, Made a video for anyone who wants a visual too. Gave you credit,

feel free to include in the guide. :)
Posted by Reabo on 01 Apr 15 at 23:37