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Bling, Bling

Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings

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20 Mar 2010 03 Apr 2010
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This method is the least work for the Most Money. Go to Band Career with your account signed into Vocals (Expert) and guest or another account on Bass (Beginner). Pick No Sleep Till Brooklyn walk away until the Solo then pick up the guitar, hit star power and play until your meter in full in the green again ($1,250) or until the song is over ($1,450). You make about double what you would if you did the solo career No Sleep Till Brooklyn ($760) with virtually no work at all. You can Sit on the Internet or watch a movie or whatever and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Yes I know you could play Dammit (Expert Bass) over and over for $1,220 and less time but you actually have to play it. I Prefer doing a little of Both.
HazeMonsterThis is exactly the method I have been using. I timed no sleep till brooklyn including the song select and loading time to 5min and 21sec, which got me $1475 . This figures out to a virtually effortless $17,400 an hour! It may take a lot of time, just not a lot of mine!!!! Also, i feel iI should mention that you put the vocals on your account on expert(obviously) and the guest can play ANY difficulty. Lastly this can be done on career or quickplay.
Posted by HazeMonster on 01 Apr 10 at 05:04
IveBeenRebootedYes, I failed to mention you can do this method in quickplay also and i change the solution to expert vocals as stated by hazemonster. thanks
Posted by IveBeenRebooted on 03 Apr 10 at 16:27
Trivial FactorThis is the method I am primarily using and I have some tips:

1) As bored as you may get, don't strum before the song starts. You will lose your 'hot start' $25 bonus, and playing until you're in the red (as I myself do once in a while) before the song will lose the hot start AND the never red $25 bonus.

2) Using star power to get 5 stars (because an expert vocal FC and minimal guitar only nets 4) takes away the $10 bonus for never using star power, but nets you an additional $25.

3) A FC of the solo is just one note short of giving you the band unity bonus, which is $200+, depending on how many more notes you tack on to the streak. It will say 'streak' when you have enough.

Depending on how many stars you decide to get.. you'll end up with $1375 to $1390 every time, plus any extended streak bonuses. Every dollar counts on the road to the million.. it's a true grind!
Posted by Trivial Factor on 14 May 10 at 18:33
TheHotBodyI'm doing it this way but I'm playing beginner bass the whole song and getting $1490
Posted by TheHotBody on 28 May 10 at 20:24
GamEfAN29XxxXim playing with my feet!! =D
Posted by GamEfAN29XxxX on 21 Apr 11 at 02:41
Posted by IveBeenRebooted on 19 May 11 at 00:33
SnowyZepThis is the best solution. Wait 3 minutes into the song (when it's at 97,000 score), then just play enough notes to get to 3x multiplier to get the streak going then stop.
Posted by SnowyZep on 11 May 15 at 03:37